Ye on Alex Jones - watch the full show here

this show was fucking awesome LOL

i absolutely recommend it to everybody

I love Hitler

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Interesting…never knew of this relationship.

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It was…incredible.
Poor Alex was out of his skull!
And Ye is…well – Ye.

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I have to say more.
The Jew thing is: I am chosen, hence superior to all you non-Jews.
So the Jew who says I am human too is called self-hating.
And why not? He rejects godhood to identify with the cattle?

And naturally it is “anti-semitic” to speak ill of your masters.

So Kanye says love. No…he shouts love.
He says love everybody…Hitler, Dahmer, Ari, my cancellers, etc. so I can criticise them from that place of love.
I can say what I want just so long as it is from that place of love.

We are chosen vs. Love everyone.

He is a genius.

Ye is essentially positioning himself as the second coming of Jesus …

If he is, then he is all but EXPECTED to criticize Jews, while still being beyond reproach …

the problem is that now he has to continue to live up to this lofty image for the rest of his life …

the moment it comes into question that he really has no hate in his heart …

so this is like walking a tight rope without safety net …

most people choose not talk about Jews or Blacks that way even if they get caught stealing billions and / or raping children they can always say " at least i’m not racist " LOL

in other words the game Ye is playing is a fascinating one, but not one i would want to play myself …

Yeah…but…that is the price of going up against the Jews. It’s that or being broken down like Kyrie.

i agree, as Jesus said “let he who is without sin cast the first stone”

Ye is casting that stone and claiming that he is without guilt

or at least that he repents for all the wrong he has done.