World Cup

this is a picture of Buenos Aires celebrating Argentina win:

imagine if people were so passionate about something that actually matters ?

i can’t imagine it, because people are THE PERFECT CATTLE.

on upside Messi is a fan of Kanye West.

Incredible! A national holiday no doubt.


Alas! The butchers are coming…

The butchers are already at work - Argentina has 90% inflation

but who cares - they won the world cup !


It would be nice if Americans had enough national pride to celebrate in the streets like that. Most Americans don’t even watch the World Cup. Even when we win most Americans still don’t care. In countries like Italy and Brazil their top athletes are treated like gods. It’s a level of celebrity that doesn’t even exist here.

Argentina is a country made up of Spaniards and Italians. Mediterraneans are lazy bums. They live their lives for pleasure and relaxation. That means working hard enough to make a decent living and spending the rest of your time focusing on the good life. I can’t exactly blame them. Italy, Spain, and Argentina are paradise in terms of climate. Who wouldn’t want to take it easy in such places and enjoy oneself? Anyway, that also means that the economy is always on the verge of collapse. People only work hard enough to keep it from doing so.

only nation Americans are allowed to be proud of is Israel.

reminds me of a student who was suspended because he wore US flag T-Shirt to school on Cinco de Mayo.

I wonder if any students get suspended in Israel for wearing Israeli flag on some Palestinian holidays.

nah most likely they celebrate those holidays by killing Palestinians.

that’s a good thing. i never watch sports, and i used to compete.

American Economy was built by Scientists who are descendants of Nazis that were imported after the end of WW2.

NASA etc.