Word of caution regarding NOSTR

messages on nostr CANNOT BE DELETED

this is probably why New York Times promotes it

it’s a permanent record that NOBODY can delete

my very first post was dunking on some boomer which i did as a joke then a minute later i was like OK that was funny now time to delete it … but you can’t delete it :slight_smile:

this retarded boomer said he found a good monitor for $100 and i told him you can pick up monitors like this on the garbage because that’s the type of monitor people used to buy 20 years ago. what i said was 100% true but a minute later i thought it was too harsh but i couldn’t delete it.

so then i just doubled down and called him a boomer.


shit son … this NOSTR shit is no joke …

beware !

So what happens if someone posts CP?

i don’t know !

technically you post to relays which are privately owned and they can remove your note as well as block you but only from their relay.

relays work in parallel so you can use any relay and even run your own relay.

supposedly you can even code your own relay if you want to.

so it’s sort of like Twitter has freedom of speech not freedom of reach but in reverse. in the sense that limiting reach on NOSTR would be very hard but possible. while deleting something completely is impossible.

at least that’s how i understand it.

actually regarding CP i don’t think you can upload media to NOSTR so if you wanted to post CP you would have to post a link to some other site, which would itself be taken out by the FEDs.

when i signed up the rules did say “no porn or anything illegal”

in 2 days i been on there i haven’t seen any porn and only a small amount of spam

there doesn’t seem to be a way to retweet either.

but when you reply to somebody the thread shows up on your profile.

this may actually be a good thing as it basically encourages you to contribute content rather than just mindlessly repost memes like boomers do on facebook.

if you can’t contribute original content - what purpose do you serve ?

on Twitter, Facebook etc. you’re a cash cow for advertisement money - they don’t care if all you do is clog up the network with your retarded reposts of Drumpf memes as long as they can advertise to you …

but on NOSTR there are no advertisements - useless boomers who think they will win the war with their “maximum repost” zombie poasting would simply clog up the relays.

i read somewhere that you CAN repost but i don’t see the button and i also don’t see anybody reposting anything.

quirky to say the least …

now that i think of it without repost functionality the network will always stay niche since 90% of network users are only able to lurk. about 9% are able to repost. only about 1% contribute original content.

NOSTR is squarely targeting that 1% as their base.

they have about 700,000 uses now and i doubt it will ever be over 5 million or so.

it will always be about 1% of Twitter in size.

which is fine by me because the other 99% is useless.

OK so i was wrong. there IS a file attachment button.

i attached an image. it asked me to confirm there is no porn or anything illegal in it and said the host reserves the right to remove it. i then posted it and …

nothing happened.

it doesn’t show up in my timeline.

make of that what you will …

( this is using Coracle client )

No CP on my end either

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our friend @kanyewest is on NOSTR - are you ?