Somebody has to fetch the coffee.
Somebody has to kiss the bosses’ ass.

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the boss can’t get a blow job from his secretary working remotely !

Yes!! :+1:
Why else did we go from male secretaries (who would start their own businesses competing with you) to female secretaries?

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i wish a world was possible in which people weren’t in denial about absolutely everything

but this doesn’t appear to be that world

jokes aside we need to undergo a new paradigm shift and we are undergoing it

it’s called the great rest - you may have heard about it :wink:

great reset isn’t just about eating bugs - it’s about a completely new way to live

the boss will have to find some other way to get the sex he’s after for example

everything will change completely - how could it not ?

has there ever been a massive technological shift that wasn’t accompanied by changes in society down the line ?

a hunter gatherer society vs agricultural society vs industrial society vs boomer society and now “the great reset” …

fighting to preserve the old way is so incredibly idiotic that honestly i wouldn’t shed a tear if all the conservatives went into a wood chipper because there isn’t a single living brain cell between them …

the future will be different. we can take part in trying to shape it or we can stubbornly oppose it. it’s going to come either way. by opposing it we merely make ourselves irrelevant. those who champion the transition ( like Elon Musk ) rise to the top even if they’re idiots.

because it doesn’t matter how smart you are if you are always on the losing side.

and vice versa you can be an idiot like Nancy Pelosi but always be on the winning side through inside connections.

Elon Musk is somewhere between me and Nancy Pelosi.

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Very very true.

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