Wifey Material on Twitter

as @kanyewest pointed out Onlyfans hoes aren’t wifey material, so we need a new thread !

so apparently


isn’t only a financial analyst on TikTok but also in real life

smart, funny, fit and rich - 10/10 would wife !


She takes pure Aryan blood only though. Hands off, Jew.

maybe you’re not as hopeless as i thought after all


i think the way men and women evaluate each other is we go down a list of things we’re looking for and only if an item on the list is met / passed then we evaluate the next list item.

if a higher priority list item is failed there is no need to evaluate further.

i think my list for a woman would maybe look like this:

1 - young
2 - fit / nice ass
3 - cute / pretty
4 - nice tits
5 - smart / funny
6 - feminine / submissive
7 - accomplished
8 - from a good family

( other guys probably assign higher priority to nice tits and feminininty and maybe lower priority to being young and fit - my sexual preference seem to be tainted by some sort of homosexual and / or pedophile inclinations - i am a Jew after all ! )

for a woman evaluating a man it’s probably:

1 - dominant / alpha / masculine
2 - rich / successful / powerful
3 - big dick / good in bed
4 - handsome / fit
5 - smart / funny
6 - not too old
7 - from a good family

so whether somebody is “high value” is a matter of how far down the list of attributes they make it …