Why you're going to die ( hint: it's the Jews )

what a fucking graphic:

so Israel has the most efficient health care system on earth

and America the least efficient

Israel spends 1/4 as much per capita on Health Care versus US but people there live 4 years longer on average

why ?

because Israeli system is run FOR the Jews and American system is run BY the Jews …

Didn’t Israel force all their Jews to take the jab?

yes, i think so.

but we don’t know if their Jab was the same as ours.

also it is possible ( even likely ) that Elite Jews do not give a shit about regular Jews - sort of how Republicans do not care about white men.

also one of the main side effects of the Jab is infertility, but Israel offers free fertility treatment anyway.

i will admit this Israeli Jab question is confusing and doesn’t make a lot of sense to me, just like how it doesn’t make a lot of sense that Russia supports Iran even though most if not all of Russia’s oligarchs are Jews.

maybe that’s why i’m posting about this is because i find it interesting.

all that stuff about banning cars and eating bugs isn’t interesting to me - it’s too obvious - i just post it to educate people like you who struggle there.

hehehe yep

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My belief…its the same jab.
They don’t care about the ordinary Jew.
As for fertility treatments, the jab simply brings in more customers.

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