Why Skin Color is correlated with Intelligence

blacks in US are 13% of population yet responsible for 90% of violent crime

no black society in history except fictional “wakanda” has ever developed what could be considered a civilization or invented anything as advanced as a wheel

but what about the Pyramids ? well the Pharaohs were white - the slaves were black.

in India the lighter skin castes are the ruling castes and darker skin castes are the lower castes.

In all countries where blacks and whites shared the land there were ever only two outcomes - either whites ruled blacks or blacks killed off the whites. usually both - first the former then the latter.

there is simply no evidence that blacks are capable of governing themselves nor is there any evidence that they are able to live among whites without eventually slaughtering them all.

but blacks are just one race, and this thread isn’t about race - it’s about skin color.

the fact is that the world map of average IQs and the world map of average skin color … is the same map. IQ and skin color are mostly the same thing when looked at on a society level. obviously there is variation among individuals.

this is not debatable - it’s a fact.

what is debatable is why this is the case ? the chance that this is a coincidence is roughly zero. what is the mechanism ?

well many years ago i developed a theory that can explain this phenomenon, and so far nobody has been able to ( or in fact even tried ) to falsify it. maybe you can be the first to prove me wrong !

basically skin color is an indication of average latitude at which the race evolved

closer to equator means hotter climate means darker skin. so does hot climate cause stupidity ?


have you ever heard of heat stroke ? that’s when the body overheats and brain is turned off to avoid death. why does this happen ?

it happens because the brain is the hottest running organ in the body. nerve cells are the most energy hungry cells in the body - this is why when circulation is poor you get nerve pain - because nerves are the first cells to run out of energy when blood flow is restricted and energy supply is limited.

brain being an area of concentrated nerve cells is not only the most energy hungry organ in the body but also the hottest organ requiring the most cooling.

in cold climates like those of Scandinavia the heat generated by the brain is a bonus that allows you to avoid freezing to death. in hot climates like Africa the heat generated by the brain can be a death sentence. this is why races with lighter skin have bigger brains and higher IQs than races with darker skin.

dark skin races not only have smaller brains but their brains also run in energy saving mode to avoid overheating. light skin races not only have larger brains but their brains are hyper-active because the excess heat generated by them is actually beneficial for keeping warm.

just like walruses etc are bubbly fat to keep warm in cold water

it may be tempting to move down to Florida to enjoy that DeSantis freedom, year round good weather etc … but keep in mind - Florida is not that far from Caribbean … as in CARIBBEAN GENOCIDE.

( see video below )

the smart money is on staying in a climate as cold as you can stand without it adversely affecting your health. if a climate is so cold that you stay indoors instead of being outdoors and active then you should move south.

of course it will take a while for the Caribbean to swallow Florida and if you have the financial means of moving often you could move to Florida now and then move somewhere else just before the shit hits the fan …

but moving isn’t cheap …

of course Biden and company will continue to load up Mexicans into planes at the border and fly them to Northern states like New York to try to even things out but their nature will compel them to want to move back south if they can …

and the Caribbeans will want to stay closer to their families on the islands etc …

in other words the mixing will continue but also the trend of IQs dropping towards the equator will remain …

good luck !

You could run tests with whites and blacks in cold and hot climates to see how it affects reaction time, shape recognition etc.

Plus, there are confounding factors such as the presence of melanin itself, which also varies within race. You could run such tests with lighter-skinned blacks versus darker-skinned blacks. And look at outliers - high IQ dark skinned blacks vs. low IQ light-skinned blacks (low IQ whites).

Better yet, one could see if it is possible to analyse data that already exists through the lens of race.

it’s not just intelligence but also physical build as well.

blacks are thinner to stay cool and run fast.

whites are thicker to conserve heat and carry building materials.

this is why track and field is dominated by blacks

but powerlifting by whites.

there is nothing to test - this isn’t astrophysics.

blacks are proud to claim they have bigger dicks. whites banned from stating they have bigger brains.

all the sports in which blacks do well like Basketball are all over TV. the sports in which whites do best ( almost every sport in Olympics ) are never shown on TV.

we can’t even discuss the science of Vaccines in the open anymore do you really think anybody would be allowed to study the IQ gap between races ?

if you keep waiting for authorities to admit that they are lying you will be waiting for a long time.

at some point just have to think for yourself.

i think the official science says that whites come from neanderthals and blacks from “modern humans” … so blacks are superior to whites basically … so much so that half of them can’t graduate from high school but of course it’s because math is racist and so on …

if you only knew how much higher education standards are in light skin countries like Ukraine or China compared to multicultural countries like US where everything has to be dumbed down to the level which low-IQ negros can understand …

a 12 year old in China is better at math than an adult American because if we taught math at the same level as they do in China 9 out of 10 blacks would never graduate from high school and then we would have to pay welfare for all of them - instead we push them through using affirmative action and diversity quotas and then the employer is stuck paying their salary which is politically more palatable than doing it through taxes …

The physical and intellectual differences are obvious and need no study, regardless of reasons.

But you have hypothesised a particular cause.

So it would be good to test your hypothesis linking climate directly with IQ with existing data. If one could get a hold of that data and break it down by climate and skin colour, that would be useful.

Is this possible? To get a hold of such data…unlikely.

I once read that scientists hooked up the pleasure centres of a homo’s brain in the 70s to make him attracted to women. They did readings with the prostitute they hired before stimulating his pleasure centres, and after, and concluded the experiment was a success. They wouldn’t allow that today.

funny you mention that because Fauci actually did this …

except instead of turning a gay man straight he tried to turn monkeys Trans …

did you know that offices deliberately run air conditioning uncomfortably cold to make workers more productive ?

feminists actually tried to fight this saying it discriminates against women because men being larger can withstand the cold better.

this isn’t really all that theoretical …

of course the other reason women in the office don’t tolerate the cold is because they want to dress like whores …

No…interesting. It would be good to see studies on that. Is it the cold, or the slight discomfort, akin to a hard chair, that makes them more productive?

it’s seeing the hard nipples of their female coworkers.


i don’t know.

but they do 3 things basically:

1 - run AC cold
2 - offer free coffee
3 - use cold blue lighting

the blue lighting makes it impossible to sleep.

i never really considered the possibility that chairs are uncomfortable on purpose … it’s possible i suppose.

regardless, work is going remote so it’s sort of irrelevant now …

Not too bright :laughing: :laughing:

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from my GAB:

in the US there is an average of about 500 deaths per year due to cold and 1,300 due to heat stroke. cold may cost you nose, ears and fingers but heat will straight up KILL you. because cold attacks the extremities ( where most of our senses are ) but heat attacks the brain and other vital organs ( where we feel relatively little ). this is why intuitively people assume cold is the bigger threat ( because they can feel it ) … they are wrong.

i almost died once by holding my breath underwater. in fact it was a miracle i was resuscitated. when you hold your breath underwater everything is fine until suddenly you realize that you’re dead. it is instant - your mind just suddenly switches off. heat stroke has got to be similar. cold is very different - you will realize you can’t feel your nose, fingers and ears hours before you actually die because when it comes to cold your vital organs fail last. when it comes to heat they fail first. and when it comes to holding your breath your consciousness is the first thing to go - then you suddenly find yourself in a sort of a nightmare where you realize what happened ( you drowned ) but there is nothing you can do about it. i will have the unfortunate distinction of dying twice in this life because i have already been dead once but i’m still going to have to do it again someday.

Never tried the holding the breath underwater thing…
But drowning is intensely painful…it is though Arnold Schwarzenegger is in your chest trying to break out of your ribs.
You breathe…water…the pain urges you up and forward, and this cycle continues.
Like a ball bouncing less and less and less, you weaken…
bit by burning bit…inexorably…until you are at the bottom looking up.
And then…then the pain stops.

As for heat, you can acclimatise…the cold is…different.
You can be so cold, you feel it inside you…ice in your bones…
You feel your thoughts slowing, your movement sluggish, your body obeying reluctantly.

i wonder how exactly one acclimatizes to heat … perhaps by giving up some IQ points by enabling low power mode in the brain …