Why Sex with Minors is Demonized

Part 1:

a year from now Anti-Pedophiles ( whose world view goes largely unchallenged ) will head to the polls with the option of voting for one of two 80 year old Pedophiles - Joe Biden ( who used to shower with his daughter Ashley ) and Donald Trump ( a close friend of Jeffrey Epstein )

how can this be ? everybody seems to agree that pedophilia is very very bad, and yet both candidates for president are NOTORIOUS pedophiles.

there are COUNTLESS videos of Joe Biden being inappropriate with children including fondling both tits of his 13 year old granddaughter Finnegan while kissing her on the lips … this while being about 80 years old himself …

sorry i don’t have that video, instead enjoy this picture of Biden and his granddaughters ( his wife can be seen looking on in the back )

and there is no shortage of evidence of Trump having a boner for Ivanka not just from his body language with her but him literally referring to her as “piece of ass” on Howard Stern. this in addition to Trump PRAISING Jeffrey Epstein for loving young women.

it seems as if humanity is collectively in denial about how Men feel about Young Girls.

Officially we are supposed to pretend that we only get a boner for a girl after she has celebrated her 18th birthday and that that we are only attracted to women our own age or slightly younger, and we make a great deal about so called “age gap” between man and woman …

in reality men of all ages are attracted to teenage girls … and PREFER them to “adult” ( old ) women … i have spoken to enough men about this in private to know that 100% of men who would deny this are lying. if you’re one of these liars here is your time to huff and puff in indignation and fuck off.

if on other hand you’re a person who is interested in facts and are still with us we have to ask the question WHY and HOW we have arrived at such a disconnect between narrative and reality.

Part 2

To understand how / why the disconnect exists we have to ask Cui Bono ? ( Who Benefits ? )

The answer is, unsurprisingly, THE JEWS.

Let me ask you - who benefits from the prohibition of drugs ? The answer is of course the Drug Cartels. If drugs were to be legalized Drug Cartels would be literally wiped out - everybody else would be fine. And what is the biggest drug cartel on earth ? The CIA ( Central Intelligence Agency ). The reason drugs are illegal is because CIA likes to make money.

Now let me ask you - what is the sex trafficking capital of the world ? It is of course Israel.

Jeffrey Epstein was a Mossad agent, Ghislaine Maxwell was a daughter of a Mossad Agent and the judge in her case was an Israeli Citizen. When it comes to child sex trafficking it’s Jews and Israelis all the way down.

People live for pleasure and the ultimate sources of pleasure are Sex and Drugs, thus both are criminalized, allowing the corrupt state to wield power by selectively deciding who will be prosecuted and who will be protected.

Isn’t it funny how conservatives are somehow smart enough to understand that so-called “gun control” only disarms the law abiding victims of crime without disarming criminals ? that “gun control” only benefits Criminal Gangs and Totalitarian Regimes ?

yet these same conservatives aren’t bright enough to understand that ALL prohibition works the same way … namely that prohibition of drugs only makes drug trade more profitable or that prohibition of sex work only makes sex trafficking more profitable.

the government has two options - it can tax something ( gas, cigarettes ) or ban it and try to control the trade ( drugs, sex ) … some things like Alcohol and Firearms have been on both sides of that divide. through trial and error government determines which of the two is of more value to them.

in case of sex with Minors they have decided that it is most beneficial to them when Criminalized, Demonized and used as part of the carrot and stick model. if you’re a good boy and do everything Israel tells you to do - you get the carrot ( sex with Minors on Epstein Island ) and if you’re a bad boy you get blackmailed … until you are a good boy again.

but you can only blackmail somebody for having sex with minors if there is sufficient stigma in society associated with it. if it was socially acceptable to have sex with 15 year old girls there would be no way for Israel to blackmail our politicians.

the power of the state comes from their ability to force people to commit crimes and then beg for forgiveness, but for that everything people need to live their lives to the fullest must be made illegal and stigmatized.

recall also that this is nothing new. the Bible starts with “original sin” ( sex ) … why is sex a sin ? every person alive is a result of sex. clearly G-d designed us to have sex, so why is it wrong ? the answer is very simple - we must be guilty of SOMETHING otherwise the rulers can’t guilt trip us into obedience. the game of abusers ( government, church ) is to gas light you into believing that totally natural behavior that doesn’t hurt anybody is a sin or a crime. to control you they need the moral upper ground and because they are evil the only way they can do it is by setting up religions, morals and laws that INVERT the natural order of things.

and this is where useful idiot Conservatives come in. day and night these “based” cretins “poast” about how they will stuff all Minor Attracted Persons into the wood chipper …

NEWSFLASH ! every single man is a “minor attracted person” ! this is science and not debatable.

your job as the useful idiot for the state is to stigmatize this totally natural and healthy attraction to make sure that only criminals engage in it and to make sure that Israel has total power over America.

Part 3:

I can already hear anti-pedophile subhuman rat bastards screech " NOOO ! ! ! we must protect the CHILDRENZ ! ! ! will anybody thin of the CHILDRENZ ! ! ! "

let me tell you what happens when children actually ask for your protection. YOU LAUGH AND CELEBRATE THEIR SUFFERING AND DEATH. i have seen it countless times. over and over and over. most recently about 10 minutes before i started writing this.

the same “based” Christians whose bleeding hearts demand we “protect” minors from being loved have most recently been posting that “anybody who feels anything but sheer glee at Israeli babies being decapitated and burned alive is a traitor” …

and THESE SAME people were also arguing that Palestinian children being killed by the thousands don’t matter because Palestinians are sand-niggers.

and THE SAME people are again celebrating the suicides of trans children, mocking them, tormenting and laughing at their pleas for help … ( as i said the last time i saw this was literally minutes ago )

sorry “frens” but you DO NOT CARE about children. you are RETARDED SADISTS and USEFUL IDIOTS and you are simply IN-GROUP VIRTUE SIGNALING when you talk about how much you hate Minor Attracted People same as how Boomers signal when they show support for Israel or how Shit-Libs signal their support for Niggers.

It’s all moral posturing and virtue signaling.

We all know you masturbate to 12 year old Anime Girls while “poasting” about how Porn is Evil creation of the Jews and how anybody who looks at a girl under the age of 17 should be woodchippered

you aren’t fooling anybody. you Anti-Pedophiles are the lowest form of moral posturing, virtue signaling filth currently existing on this planet - lower than Boomers and Shit Libs.

you Christian pieces of shit pretend to worship Jesus who ostensibly advocated for Love and Forgiveness yet we all know you are Sadists who find joy only in fantasizing about hurting others, children included, because that’s literally all you “poast” about.

you either post about how you will woodchipper somebody “after we win” or you gloat over somebody’s suffering, children included.

i never fucking EVER seen a Christian actually DO GOOD of any kind ! all i see you do is celebrate other people’s suffering and fantasizing about harming others. all the while telling everybody that you are this way out of the goodness of your heart and anybody who is different from you is a spawn of satan.

Part 4:

if you look at poa.st social network for Based Christian Edgelords ( who promised to torture me to death for not being a Christian ) they have a list of all the other Fediverse instances they are blocking … and it is a LONG list … like 100 other instances.

these are the people who who pretend to be “based” and pretend to believe in “freedom of speech” and like to say things like “facts don’t care about your feelings” and so on …

yet nobody is easier to trigger than these bunch of crybabies and nobody blocks more aggressively than they do.

hopefully by now you’re starting to understand why … it’s because cognitive dissonance is strong with these shitheads …

I agree with just about everything you’ve written here but I also advise to avoid any illegal actions either online or IRL. We live in a totalitarian society, and you don’t want to make it worse for yourself by doing anything to get locked up. It’s best to just understand that this is for the elites, and it’s allowed for them for very specific reasons, which also tie into the social demonization practices in society at large. Yes, I find the moral indignation about this ridiculous, and so do the plebs, or they wouldn’t go out every few years and vote for people who are notorious offenders.

Thanks for bringing up Trump by the way. Sure, he didn’t visit Epstein isle but once, but he was a friend of Epstein and he was rumored to have attended parties with underage prostitutes in Florida since a long time. He was also involved in earlier blackmail rings before Epstein, run by his mentor in New York, Roy Cohn. Trump was also rumored to have been involved in the Clinton’s cocaine rings, and one of the (Jewish) employees of one of his NJ casinos was caught selling large weight out of the casino. Trump personally intervened to get him off. Trump is very likely a CIA asset specializing in vice money himself.

As for prohibition, well, just look at what happened with weed. Liberals thought legalizing it would mean big tax revenues for the state. Instead, when they did that, the prices collapsed and many grow ops went out of business recently. The constraint of supply and sending people to jail is required to keep these things profitable rackets.

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don’t worry bro - my sex drive isn’t what it used to be - i have no problem controlling it.

whether they find it ridiculous or not they keep doing it.

interesting theory.

yeah it was pretty well known that once a drug is legalized the demand collapses. even when there are legal research substances in parallel with illegal drugs nobody wants the legal stuff simply because it’s legal. i have personally witnessed this with both steroids and hallucinogens. people literally told me shit like if it was good it would be illegal so since it’s legal it can’t be good.

anyway my goal, as always, is simply to expose people who are full of shit, regardless of “whose side” they are on.

for example even your run of the mill Anti-Tranny, Anti-Porn, Christ-Cuck on GAB and Fediverse acknowledges that support for Israel actually comes from the CONSERVATIVE side … 80% of Republican Seniors support Israel … while only something like 20% Liberal Zoomers do, or something like that.

in other words so-called “our side” isn’t always right. and Demonization of sex with Minors is one such area in which “our side” is wrong.

my goal, again, is to simply expose people who are garbage - no matter “which side” they are on.

i don’t believe in supporting “our side” even when it is wrong. or rather i don’t believe in unequivocal support for a “side” which is defined for me by my enemy. after all it is the powers that be that define what both democrats and republicans stand for. they are the ones who decided that republicans are to support Israel and Age of Consent and oppose Trannies and Porn. republicans themselves simply chant the slogans they are given like retards.

now if we define “our side” as WHITES ( which is certainly NOT what our enemy wants us to define our side as ) THEN it is in fact optimal strategy to support our side EVEN IF WE ARE WRONG.

it really is a matter of whether “our side” is something that is REAL ( like skin color ) or a CONSTRUCT ( like a political party )

even though people on GAB / Fediverse are able to distance themselves from republican party on SOME positions they are still overall SLAVES who crawl on their knees to Tucker Carlson and beg him to lead them …

they CAN NOT think for themselves. they must constantly bleat whatever is the latest CURRENT THING for the “Conservatives” which right now is hating Trannies and Pedophiles.

I didn’t actually have you in mind when I wrote that. It was more for the benefit of someone who might come over from NOSTR, Gab or elsewhere. Some of these younger guys do dumb things. It’s like when Trump said “grab 'em by the pussy” and some young right wingers actually went out and did it.

It basically came from studying his actions and social network over time, and the more you look into it, the more suspicious it becomes. Actually there are several presidents in my lifetime that I would rate as likely CIA: Bush I (for sure, he was the director of it before he was VP), Clinton (both of them), Obama, and Trump. I’m not as sure about Bush II and Biden but they are definitely “insiders” in other ways.


I wonder about this myself. Sometimes it seems that white liberals in action, if not in words, are closer to white nationalism: they move away from diversity as soon as they have money, they support policies that harm minorities under the guise of helping them, they support policies that render sexual deviants sterile, they support black separatism and segregation, etc.

we are conditioned to see politics as a sportsball game between two teams - red and blue. they literally condition us from early childhood to think in these terms. somebody has made the rules of the game and somebody has picked the two teams and your job as a player is simply to do everything you can to make your team win - you want to be a team player !

except this is literally retarded.

your goal should be to BUILD YOUR TEAM and MAKE THE RULES. basically the OPPOSITE of what people are brainwashed into doing.

what are the odds that the two teams are always almost perfectly matched at every single election unless it’s all part of a larger franchise that specifically made it that way for maximum entertainment value as a DISTRACTION from the fact that you’re a slave NEO.

would anybody watch the game if one team always won because it was stronger than all other teams ? in fact that happened in Formula 1 a few seasons ago when Mercedes was winning and it was killing the sport … then F1 changed ownership and the new ownership found a way to hold Hamilton back in such a way that he was virtually tied with Verstappen the entire season … the entire season was decided in the final minutes of final race when F1 stopped the race to clean up debris at just the right time to make Verstappen win, thus giving fans what they wanted - somebody other than a Mercedes driver as the Champion.

the entire 2-party system as well as the last election followed this exact pattern. two teams are kept exactly matched the entire season then at the last moment a rabbit is pulled out of the hat and the “right” team wins.

then funny part is when F1 did it - there was IMMEDIATELY talk of the race and the season as a whole as being fixed … and nobody was called a “conspiracy theorist” because of course F1 doesn’t control social media the way FBI does. Also Mercedes got the memo and stopped trying because they realized they wouldn’t be allowed to win anyway, as it was deemed they already won too many times.

but it isn’t just the party that is controlled. the “based” TRAD reactionaries are controlled as well. the most obvious example of this is how “Wrath of Gnon” convinced TRAD-Tards to go along with WEF’s 15-Minute Cities agenda by reposting “just one more lane bro” memes.

likewise the Elites managed to get Christ-Cucks to fight for Age of Consent laws even though these laws are what is keeping them as Incels and ensuring they will never have a Wife while also giving Israel infinite power over American politicians.

because at the end of the day it isn’t that hard to manipulate emotions of dumb kids.

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oh no doubt - don’t do it kids ! or you will be like Peter Schiff’s father who was ideologically opposed to paying Taxes and is doing life in prison for Tax evasion.

principles is one thing and law is another. and if you are public about opposing an unjust law you will be the the first one to have the book thrown at you.

meanwhile all the guys who break the law will always be the loudest PROPONENTS of said law. that’s just how it is. i don’t make the rules.

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liberals are individualistic while pretending to be collectivist. they simply say whatever will get them PERSONALLY ON INDIVIDUAL LEVEL ahead ( Niggers are Equal etc. ) and then they move to the whitest neighborhoods because “we wanted our kids to go to a good school” … which just so happens to also be the whitest school …

conservatives always yap about how much they hate socialism … but they are fundamentally collectivist. they sabotage themselves on individual level by speaking the obvious facts in order to try to save their country as a whole.

NAZIS are perhaps more consistent in that some of them admit they are in fact socialists … but NATIONAL socialists ( for whites only ).

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so i had an argument about this on NOSTR and this point came up:

basically the age at which women begin to menstruate has almost HALVED in the last 200 years

this is because pregnancy is only possible under certain conditions, namely high calorie and nutrient availability, low stress and low levels of physical exertion. these conditions used to be hard to meet and so women didn’t begin menstruating until later in life when they have had the time to build up some fat stores in their hips.

think of how a chicken hatches from an egg - what is an egg ? an egg is a store of calories and nutrients ( and water ). without such a reserve of nutrients there can be no chicken. in case of a woman her hips are the store of nutrients without which there can be no baby in an environment where food is scarce.

if you’re a 13 year old girl in the middle ages you may be old enough to have kids but you are so thin and so hungry that there is simply nowhere for the nutrients to have the baby to come from, thus it makes no biological sense to menstruate wasting further nutrients if any pregnancy is going to be doomed anyway.

fast forward to present - all the hard manual labor is done by machines and all the food is processed with concentrated calories. girls begin menstruating as early as age 9.

so quick recap - Prophet Muhammad married Aisha ( his favorite wife ) when she was 9 in a time when girls started menstruating at 18 …

today the age of consent is 18 in a time when girls begin menstruating at 9 …

makes perfect sense … NOT

but i probably alluded to this earlier. the real reason i am adding this post to the thread now is because i was reminded that it isn’t just the Mossad that benefits from age of consent and not just the jealous cock-blocking fathers with blue balls whose logic is " if i can’t fuck my daughter then nobody can " …

it is also MIDDLE-AGED, OVERWEIGHT WOMEN who can’t compete with beautiful young girls. these women DEMAND that sex with young girls be illegal …

when i was younger fat girls called me gay for not wanting to have sex with them … and now middle-aged, overweight women call me a pedophile for not wanting to have sex with them …

these women CELEBRATE whenever a man goes to prison for having sex with a girl that is actually hot and tell me that i must have sex with somebody my age ( which would be them ).

what they’re saying is literally " fuck me or go to prison " … nice huh ?

so in the end it’s this unholy trinity of Mossad’s need to blackmail Politicians, Blue-Balls Fathers Jealous cock-blocking of their daughters, and Middle-Aged women’s inability to compete with younger girls that all combine into this insane culture where it is illegal for girls to have sex until they are TWICE the age at which they had their first period …

ask yourself - why would nature waste the resources on a menstruation cycle unless it was intending for the girl to have sex ? OLD ENOUGH TO BLEED - OLD ENOUGH TO BREED.

these overweight, middle-aged women attempted to gaslight me into thinking that young girls do not want me it’s only i who wants them. yet these young girls look at me and i don’t look at middle aged women. it’s pretty obvious that what is really happening here is this:

the reason they keep getting away with this is two-fold:

1 - children are powerless, so their needs are totally ignored.
2 - Jews are all-powerful, so whatever Mossad says - goes.

and somehow men like me get blamed for everything because we live in a Christian society and in the bible Sex is the original sin, which allows all the scum to ride the moral high horse trampling anybody who is merely trying to live in accordance to the laws of nature.

as a side note this is why Religion is dogshit. G-d has no religion. our human nature IS what G-d intended whereas the Bible is simply what a bunch of Kikes have written.

if G-d didn’t want girls to have sex at 13 he wouldn’t make them menstruate at 9.