Why New Zealand

all the guys on NOSTR that have been software developers for a long time or on a high level seem to be moving to New Zealand …

when i asked them why they refuse to answer …

but i have figured it out … New Zealand is 0.3% Black.


in addition to this the weather is comfortable all year at around 60F never getting hot or cold. you pretty much couldn’t ask for better weather. i can’t even think of any other place on earth with weather this on point.


so what’s the catch ?

the catch is NZ population is only 5 mil. so you will find yourself traveling to other parts of the world often and you will be about 8,000 miles from US and 11,000 miles from Europe. by comparison long range passenger jets have about 10,000 miles range. so you can just barely make it from NZ to US in one flight but you have to stop to refuel to make it to Europe. either way though you will be spending $$$ for all that fuel, because even though Auckland to NYC is a nonstop flight it’s a 16 hour flight that will deplete ALL of the fuel in the jet’s tanks and you will be paying for that.

so basically you need to have thick wallets.

if you’re a well heeled software developer who can work from home, New Zealand may be perfect for you - you can afford the massive amount of air travel, the weather is perfect all year and you never have to deal with Niggers ( except when visiting US or Europe ).

if you’re not rich all that air travel is probably going to catch up with your wallet. i mean you will be twice as far from US and Europe as US and Europe are from each other. you will also be further from Asia than US and Europe are from each other. the ONLY thing you will be close to is Australia, but Australia only has 25 mil population itself.

so the combined population of New Zealand and Australia is less than the population of Tokyo Metro area for example. if you want to meet anybody outside of that 30 million you’re looking at 12 hours to Asia, 15 hours to US and 25 hours ( two flights ) to Europe.

so basically you must REALLY REALLY REALLY fucking hate niggers plus have PRETTY FUCKING THICK wallet and / or just have a requirement of being able to stay outdoors all year comfortably, which no other place on earth realistically offers.

HOWEVER if weather is your only holdup what you can do is spend Summers in the north ( for example Boston ) and Winters in the south ( for example Miami ). A lot of people do this though it will be even more expensive than living in New Zealand as you will need two homes ! On the upside you will not be as isolated.

almost forgot Peter Thiel has also either moved to New Zealand or tried to move there but was denied the permit to build a “bunker-like” mega-mansion there.

i remember when i originally heard about it the journalists were framing this as Thiel building a WW3 nuclear bunker there …

but let’s face it he’s just trying to escape from NIGGERS.

population stats:

That sounds about right. Rich people are moving to Australia and New Zealand for the same reason they moved to California back in the day. Now California is a hellhole so they need to find somewhere that has California’s weather without having to live in California.

Australians and New Zealanders are insufferable faggots, so it’s only a matter of time until they ruin their countries as well. If you want to talk about White liberal faggots who take WEF cock with maximum pleasure, you won’t find a better example than the people of New Zealand and Australia.


Conspiracy theorists come up with these ridiculous explanations for why billionaires are moving there, like billionaires are anticipating the apocalypse and they are preparing to live in bunkers. Maybe Peter Thiel is thinking that way, but that’s not the reason people are moving there. It’s obviously because it’s just a nice place that hasn’t been ruined yet. Rich people will always seek those places out.

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yeah Conspiracy Theorists like Alex Jones or David Icke can talk about Soros, Rothschilds, Klaus Schwab or the Mossad …

but they can never talk about Niggers and Jews … in other words the real problems.

the listeners assume that Mossad doesn’t represent the Jews the same way CIA doesn’t represent Americans … and there may be some truth to that.

however “the Jews” overall ARE a thing, whereas, even according to the Jews themselves there is no such thing as “the White people” and yet they still manage to blame “the White people” for everything under the sun …

yeah yeah @kanyewest we know you love the Jews i was just making a point about cuckspiracy theorists …

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I definitely do not love the Jews

you’re making progress then.

Seems like you don’t read my posts. I have been consistent about the Jews since day 1

you definitely said you loved Jews but you may have been sarcastic.