Why i will never get a Tesla

you may wonder why does somebody need to break a window to get out of a car instead of just opening the door ?

well because Teslas do not have door handles - inside or outside. Elon calls this “innovation”

you’re supposed to electronically open the doors, but of course when your battery is on fire ( which is when you need to get out fast ) you lose power and the doors don’t open so you slowly burn to death as many Tesla owners did.

this one managed to break the window and get out.

you might wonder - how could a genius like Elon not foresee the need to be able to get out of the car ? the answer is Elon knew very well how this will pan out, but he doesn’t care. he has lawyers to take care of this.

the reason he can get away with this is because there is a secret backup method of opening the doors, though you would have to read through like 500 pages of manual to find it and you would have about 5 seconds to do it before you were engulfed in flames and suffocated by smoke.

but that doesn’t matter. the car theoretically has a method of opening the doors in a situation of power loss and from a legal perspective it doesn’t matter that nobody actually knows what that method is. you have to literally disassemble the door and there is a hidden cable that can be pulled to open the door.

it’s the same as how when Autopilot is about to kill you - you press the brakes which disengages the Autopilot and the black box reads that “autopilot was not engaged at the time of the crash” so Elon is off the hook

Elon doesn’t do shit without consulting his lawyers first ( except when he’s high on drugs ). You will burn to death and his lawyers will prove in court it was your own fault.

these are just two examples but the same mindset permeates the design of the entire car as well as the philosophy of the company when it comes to things like service and so on.

If you get a Tesla you are a fucking idiot. It’s that simple.

i not only refuse to get Tesla i refuse to even get cars that were partially inspired by it, of which there are many.

Many cars have copied Tesla’s door handles and other idiotic design touches. To me the value of a car is measured pretty much by how far away the design is from whatever Tesla is doing. The further - the better.

I want my car to have things like:

  • a combustion engine
  • door handles
  • instrument cluster
  • shade on the sunroof
  • physical controls and sensors for windshield wipers

and other things Elon has eliminated in his infinite wisdom …

for example it is common for Teslas to suddenly turn on windshield wipers on a sunny day and you can’t turn them off. why ? because Elon has eliminated rain sensors from the car and instead the car uses AI to determine whether it is raining or not. Elon has also eliminated physical controls for windshield wipers.

what happened is Elon read in some book that great design is about minimalism and started throwing out parts he thought were not absolutely necessary. the problem is Elon didn’t read the other half of Einstein’s quote where he said " everything should be as simple as possible … but not simpler "

Tesla is absolute trash. Literally anything else is better. Tesla is lower than Hyundai.

I do not even talk to people who drive Tesla ( i also don’t talk to people who drive Jeep ). When you drive a Tesla ( or Jeep ) it says a lot more about you than you realize and it isn’t saying what you think.

what Tesla owners think their car says about them: " i am young, successful, cool and tech savvy "

what it actually says: " i am an insecure prick who fell for a giant scam in a desperate attention whoring attempt to signal what an amazing person i am "

what Jeep drivers think their car says about them: " i am young and adventurous, successful and cool "

what it actually says: " i am a stupid, fat American dumb fuck who works a job i hate to buy useless garbage i do not need in order to appear somebody i am not "

by contrast a Hyundai just says that you are a nobody, which is actually better than what Tesla or Jeep says about their owners.

Good thing the windows in the Cybertruck are unbreakable

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that is pretty funny LOL

Billionaire Dies After Accidentally Backing Tesla Into Pond

I get it - Asian Women can’t drive - she backed into a pond by shifting into reverse instead of forward …

but understand that some Tesla models ( like the one @OldFriendSaysHello has ) have no physical shifter - instead you have to go to the touch screen to select gears !

and of course they don’t have normal physical door handles … inside or outside ( depending on model )

and as @kanyewest pointed out the new cars have unbreakable windows …

imagine working your ass off your entire life to get to the top only to be killed by your own car at zero miles per hour because you fell for your own Green Environmentalist bullshit …

and of course “Tesla denied request for comment” - but of course they would. a billionaire relative of one of the most important politicians in America is killed by their car and they’re like “not our problem” …

imagine how much YOUR life means to them ! to say less than nothing is an understatement.

now i can’t say for sure this wouldn’t have happened in a Volvo but at least Volvo has a shifter and physical door handles on both inside and outside. it also has normal windows instead of frameless ones.

frameless windows partially lock the doors when power is cut because an electric motor pushes the window up into a groove in the body of the car when you close the door. it has to pull the window back down before you can open it. in case of power loss ( which is certainly possible when you are underwater ! ) you would have to physically bend the window to open the door, which may be hard for an elderly Asian woman ( the picture used in the video is an older one ).

of course if the car is under water it will be mainly the pressure / weight of the water that blocks the door from being opened, but in some circumstances such as if the car was on the side while sinking or if the car is completely filled with water and pressure of water is equal on both sides of the door - that frameless door window being stuck could be the difference between life and death.

the fact is from everything i have seen Elon Musk has ZERO consideration for safety. he just teaches his followers to repeat that Tesla is the safest car and then twists logic to rationalize that. in one case IIRC he claimed NHTSA tests proved Tesla was the safest car and NHTSA said that was not the case. in another case he showed a video of Tesla crash test compared to Volvo and again claimed it proved Tesla was safer, when actual crash dummy measurements showed Volvo performed better, even though it was a previous generation model.

look Elon is going to Elon. why should he stop when it’s working for him ? it’s on you to see through his BS.

Elon will always do whatever makes his cars either more profitable or more interesting at the expense of what is responsible.

For example when Elon announced the Cybertruck it was without mirrors to make it look cool. Later mirrors were added because he couldn’t legally sell it without mirrors, but Elon was quick to point out that the mirrors can be easily removed.

This is how much Elon really cares about safety - he advertises the fact that legally required ( for obvious safety reasons ) mirrors can be easily removed from his car … now tell me … would any person who actually cares about people dying in his cars do this ?

of course everything Elon has ever done has been consistent with this. like originally releasing the Plaid before the proper brakes for a 1,000 hp car were available. by contrast Porsche puts $20,000 carbon ceramic brakes as STANDARD on Panamera Turbo E-Hybrid. Why ? because Porsche understands that after you accelerate you need to then slow back down. Elon ? Doesn’t care. He sells you the acceleration. Slowing back down is your own problem.

in fact on the Panamera E-Hybrid the minimum wheel size ( 19", 20" or 21" ) is dictated by brake size. the Panamera comes as standard with the smallest wheel that fits around the brake. on the Turbo E-Hybrid they couldn’t even fit a 21" wheel around a big enough brake so they had to go to 10 caliper pistons and carbon ceramic rotors. because Porsche understands that braking performance must match acceleration performance.

in my Volvo the brake rotors pretty much fill up the entire wheel even though it only has 4 cylinders, because Volvo knows that braking is more important than acceleration.

Elon ? He literally released Model 3 with defective brakes which Consumer Reports caught and Elon fixed them with Over The Air Update and this was heralded as a breakthrough because brakes had never been fixed by OTA before … whereas the real question should have been - how the fuck do you release a vehicle with broken brakes ? The OTA IIRC cut the braking distance by like 20 feet. Before the update Model 3 had braking distance of a truck - but at least it had acceleration of a Ferrari !

personally i would rather have braking of a Ferrari and acceleration of a Truck than the other way.

PS: i apologize if i had repeated some points that were already mentioned in older posts.

wait a minute - how could i forget ! Elon literally said that Teslas can be used as boats !

Tesla Fanboys used videos like this:

to promote Tesla’s purported Aquatic Supremacy and Elon himself has chimed in and said that Tesla is so well insulated against water that it can be used as a boat for short periods of time.

Tell that to that woman who died by accidentally backing into a pond.

the entire Tesla brand is one giant scam where both planet’s resources and people’s lives are thrown under a bus to prop up a gigantic Ponzi scheme to enrich Elon.

unless you really need to do 0-60 in 2 seconds and you can’t afford a Rimac you shouldn’t be supporting this abomination of a company.

Lyn Alden, who was an Electrical Engineer ( like me ) before pivoting to finance said that Elon is a “Meme-Momentum player”

a very apt description.

Elon basically used WEF propaganda, Government Loans, “Techno King” memes, and an army of hysterical fanboys / Evangelists to generate enough momentum to where for every problem his products ran into he always had some new lie to overshadow the old scandal …

he created a Ponzi scheme on multiple levels, not just financially but also in terms of lies, memes and everything else …

Elon’s momentum game is that as long as he doesn’t relent in pursuing new scams the old scams are forgotten as no longer relevant …

unless they kill you first …