Why i might never cycle ( ride a bike ) again

I always imagined when i stop it will be due to old age, some injury or honestly just fear of getting hit by a car but instead it will be this:

When i started cycling it was the ultimate way to burn calories and building cardiovascular fitness plus dodging cars in Manhattan traffic was a Matrix-like superpower and something you could be proud of …

Now cyclists just get on their bikes to follow cars around and record on video when drivers are texting, which is apparently illegal even when the car is fully stopped. the cyclists then report these drivers for a sport. the shit-head in the screen shot above is proud for example that he had 800 drivers prosecuted based on his snitching.

it’s like those feminists who brag about how many abortions they had and the more abortions you had the higher your cred among the other soul-less witches.

needless to say i don’t want to be associated with these people. i want to make sure whatever i do i can be proud of. i can still be proud of swimming butterfly and Olympic Weightlifting but i’m not sure i can be proud of cycling anymore.

it’s a shame because i was really bullish on cycling at one time - it was a great way to exercise while breathing fresh and and taking in the scenery - and even a semi-practical way to commute. unfortunately the WEF has weaponized the movement in their war on cars and i don’t think i can be a part of it anymore.

before WEF cycling was almost as good as sex - blood pumping, runner’s high but with scenery flying by instead of just jumping up and down in place like joggers who relatively don’t get to see nearly as much scenery changes as they usually only run maybe 3, 5 or at most 10 miles whereas a cyclist can do 20, 50 even 100 mile workouts because a bike is not only about 3 times faster but you can ride about 3 times longer before your body gives out. a 1 hour jog is a long jog but a 1 hour ride is a short ride.

WEF took all that away because now cycling is just abortion or gender affirming surgery or MRNA injection on two wheels …

when you cycle today all you’re really saying is that you’re a good Klaus Schwab Slave like @kanyewest

Cycling is dead to me i am afraid. I’m sorry.

When i used to see cyclists in the real world in the past i wanted to come up to them and talk about their bike, what their favorite trails are and so on … today when i see cyclists on the Internet i just want to press S to spit.

The WEF isn’t just trying to take cars from me - they have already succeeded in taking away the pleasure of cycling from me even as there are more bike lanes than ever. They did this in the same way as Feminists have taken from some of us the pleasure of dating women, even as it is easier than ever to get laid.

I mean isn’t it ironic ? Today you can just pick up girls off of Tinder and fuck them the same day, today you have Viagra for men and plastic surgery for women … and yet people are having less sex than ever. Because the Globalists have managed to make it repulsive by constantly trying to shove it down our throats.

Same as what they have done to cycling.