Why going Off Grid is a suicide

do you fancy having your family burned alive ?

then going off-grid may be for you !

grow a fucking brain. all these off-grid motherfuckers are grifters.

i used to be friends with one of them who turned out to be a criminal in hiding. he was constantly scheming how to get money from suckers and promoting his off-grid lifestyle.

don’t fall for this shit it’s all a scam.

the entire Russia is unable to go “off-grid” despite being the most resource rich nation on earth and a nuclear military superpower …

no they had to screw with Russia by first blowing up Russian airliners, then banning Russia from Olympics, then starting that shit in Ukraine with the color revolutions until eventually we got to where we are now and Russia is losing thousands of troops fighting a proxy war against US and NATO in its backyard of Ukraine …

they will NEVER leave ANYBODY alone. they will come to your off-grid house and tell you that it isn’t built up to code and demolish it. and if you defend yourself well, you know what will happen.

they will burn your house with your family inside and say it was an accident.

guns won’t help you.

there will be no investigation.

grow a brain. don’t fall into the trap.

What of isolated communities?
Same fate?

To track somebody, they must use the cell, computer, car, be seen on camera or use credit cards - the 5Cs.

If you are not isolated, but in some rural community, staying away from those from the most part , wouldn’t you be able to blend in and hide away?

As for Russia, it can’t hide - the West has hated it for decades, and hoped Stalin and Hitler would have just wiped out each other.

Now? The US intends to fight Russia down to the last Ukrainian; we’ll see what happens.

well the Amish are surviving somehow also the Native American reservations are left alone …

maybe because they actually WANT people living that way. they WANT people deindustrialized and living like animals.

if you’re OK living without heat or plumbing and in a fixed footprint with a population that isn’t increasing and with no plans to affect any outcomes in society outside of some perimeter or to contribute to global economy in any way … maybe they will leave you alone.

but if you build a cabin in the woods, install Space-X starlink and run a conspiracy site from there well … you’re going to be turned into fertilizer.

what exactly are you trying to accomplish ?

the problem is that humanity is under a siege by globalists who are going to be starving us all to death by cutting off our access to things like food, water, gas, electricity and so on.

why are you worried about getting tracked ? we are ALL fucked. they’re not coming after dissidents they are going to starve EVERYBODY.

if some of these off-gridders will be left alone it’s only because they are imposing on themselves the very restrictions globalists want to impose on them anyway.

you don’t have to disconnect from the grid. they will disconnect the grid from you !

it is likely that all this off-grid stuff is pushed directly by the WEF dressed up as dissent to make it viral.

i mean all these off-grid videos get MILLIONS of views on YouTube so they’re clearly promoted while MY youtube videos get taken down. so what is dissent and what is agenda ?

you hit the nail on the head.

a friend of mine went back to Ukraine about a decade ago …

some other people i know were also thinking about going back …

well that isn’t going to happen now, instead more Ukrainians will come here …

so that’s actually good news for me since i wasn’t planning on going back there myself and i would rather my people come here than go back there …

but Ukraine is done. they will not recover in my lifetime.

Yup. The de-platforming of Torba, Anglin, even Alex Jones are proof of that.

it is likely that all this off-grid stuff is pushed directly by the WEF dressed up as dissent to make it viral.

I wonder…you made me reconsider the small house push…and this off-grid push is also probably from them too.

Destroying Ukraine will earn massive profits for the re-building by the IMF and World Bank crew…minus whatever little edges Russia will take.

Destroying Ukraine is also good bitch management as it keeps the Europeans in line (particularly Germany & France, who were getting uppity).

that’s not what i meant though.

i meant that utilities you take for granted like water, electricity and so on will increasingly be experiencing “shortages” and get rationed …

everybody will get smart meters and you will let’s say only be allowed to flush the toilet once a day or only set your thermostat in winter to a max of 50 degrees F for example or to a minimum of 85 degrees in summer.

the moron off gridders are imposing the very lifestyle on themselves that the elites are going to impose on them anyway in 10-20 years. they’re just doing the job of the elites for them.

off gridders be like why enjoy the comforts of civilization when you can live without HVAC, plumbing, electricity etc … well no worries mate - we’re getting there !

back in Soviet Union it was common to have no water for 2 weeks or no gas for 2 weeks or things like that. and even when you did have heating it only got up to barely above freezing temperature indoors in winter and that’s if you taped off all the windows so no cold air would leak in and basically lived without oxygen in the air.

my EX went to a private university in a luxury part of Long Island, New York and i would hang out with her at her dorm there … it was so cold there in winter you could see the vapor from your mouth when breathing INDOORS IN HER ROOM. that’s of course because universities are run by socialists even here in US, even the private ones.

of course she also had a refrigerator in her room that was the size of a microwave and she was not allowed to bring her own bigger refrigerator and on and on.

eventually we will all live this way when socialism spreads from the universities to the rest of society. no need to go off grid to experience this kind of deprivation.

the elites want DENSITY above everything else. the more densely people are packed the lower their carbon footprint. a person living in a ship container has a bigger carbon footprint than a person living in a NYC apartment. you need more energy to heat a ship container than a NYC apartment. you need more energy to deliver food and water to it. and on and on.

and of course elites are notorious for running all the opposition. for example both Christianity and Islam are run by Jews. they make Christians and Muslims fight each other to the death all around Israel while Israel itself never gets attacked by anybody for some magic reason.

Jews control not just all centers of power but also all centers of resistance as well. Case in point Trump who ran on the promise to “drain the swamp” ended up having an embassy named after him in Jerusalem.

So yeah when you have a viral sensation trend taking over JewTube with all this off-grid living you have to at least consider the possibility the Jews are behind that one too, though i haven’t given it much thought - only that it is completely absurd on basically every level.

maybe but i don’t think they’re doing this for money …

that’s a good point. send a message to all the states that are wary of joining NATO or EU etc - this is what will happen to you unless you join. make Ukraine into an example.

A private university?!! Abusing students like that?
You are joking!

i think it was Marx who said that child abuse is the foundation of all societies … well regardless of who it was it is true … and “education” is child abuse.

private or not doesn’t matter. the Federal Reserve is private. WEF is private.

one way in which they love to abuse kids in school is fire drills. that’s when they kick everybody out and make them freeze outside for absolutely no reason …

i read a story once about when it was was extremely cold and the “educators” had a fire drill in school and took children from a swimming class and marched them outside into the the freezing cold WET AND WEARING ONLY SWIMSUITS and the kids ended up getting frost bite.

i also remember a story where an obese teacher disciplined a student by sitting on top of him / her … the student died.

in fact, i was a captain of the swimming team in my high school and our pool had no working heating and we still practiced in winter in NYC … you could barely feel your balls but my mentality back then was to be tough because that was the mentality in Soviet Union …

the education system in America is really a glimpse into Soviet Union / North Korea type of future ahead of us …

That is sick.
Why do people send their kids there?
Are private schools so expensive?

nobody cares about children …

there is zero evidence that anybody ever cared …

only reason anybody thinks otherwise is they were brainwashed into believing their parents care about them from the day they were born …

same as with government … only reason anybody thinks government cares about them is because they were taught that in government run education system …

and only reason anybody thinks education is important is because the first thing they teach you in school is the importance of education …

as parents dump their kids on schools these schools eventually teach kids to hate their parents and to demand more government and more education …

it’s all so tiresome …

Some parents do care…especially if the child is very attractive or very talented. If you aren’t, well…

Why people believe government cares astounds me.
And surely we all know education is largely about keeping the labour force to adults, and daycare. By around 12, one could be educated/trained/apprenticed for a given trade or profession.

not sure i follow … why would it matter if the child is attractive or talented ?

the way we treat people is not a reflection on them but on us.

The prettier or more talented child gets better treatment from the parents.
This shows up the lie of “We love you all equally”.

ah OK

logically the parents must focus on the child most likely to leave offspring, which would be the most attractive child.

but i think the personality of the parent is a much bigger factor than looks, intelligence or even personality of the child.

when i read stories about Black Women murdering their children i never think to myself “well that’s probably because the child was stupid or ugly” … basically, i’m not much into victim blaming …

i see a lot of kids that really should be killed because they are worthless little shits but their parents baby them anyway simply because they are good parents. and vice versa for those kids who do get killed i assume that it had very little if anything to do with the kid itself …

in my experience people treat others based on their own personality and character NOT based on what others actually deserve …

i used to treat people based on what they deserve until i realized none of them deserve anything and then i just stopped associating with them completely …

That is very true…

i used to treat people based on what they deserve until i realized none of them deserve anything and then i just stopped associating with them completely …

Harsh…no one (or next to no one) you’ve met deserved anything worthwhile!!!..

As for looks and children, listen to a disappointed mother:


yeah i’m not looking to start a family but when i was younger i assumed that like everybody else it would be something i would do …

and i used to wonder what would my kids come out like …

zero concern about it now, for a number of reasons.

Import a Ukrainian and make little dissidents…or that goes against your ZPG goals?

it goes against basically all of my reasoning …