Why do Christ Cucks love Whores so much?

take Emerald Robinson for example:

she is a conservative commentator who has a Christian Cross prominently displayed in her Twitter profile and ( probably, haven’t been to Twitter in a while ) the word “Christian” as well.

let’s see some of her previous work:


when i first followed her on Twitter way back i remember thinking that she is remarkably intelligent for a whore, and thought that only made her hotter. then as she was getting older and nobody wants aging whores she has rebranded herself into a “Christian” and so has every other whore on the right.

whether it is Lauren Boebert or Sarah Palin etc. what is it that draws Christ Cucks to whores so much ?

you know what we Jews say about Jesus - that his mother was a whore.

now tell me, what is more likely - that Jesus was of virgin birth or that his mother was a whore like all the other “conservative” women that Christ Cucks drool over ?

and then in their effort to fight pedophilia Christian Conservatives organize … beauty pageants for kids.

and then these people tell me that i’m a degenerate Jew …

i’m sorry, but who is the degenerate here ?

and while we’re at it - my Christian mother was a whore as well - otherwise how would my kike father be able to knock her up ? my mother told me that my older sister was an accident, but i was not. of course she told me this after my sister was already dead. my mother also told me the reason she denied, for 30 years, that my father was a sadist is because she thought it was so obvious ( that he was a sadist ).

so yeah … mentally ill Christian Whores … stupid, lying cunts.

again i ask you, what are the odds Jesus was of virgin birth just because his whore mother said so ?


look there is nothing ( except mental illness ) wrong with Whores. i love Whores. i have dated an actual ( Jewish ) whore ( an escort ) - we met when she was 19, and by her late 20s she has transitioned from prostitute to a school teacher.

what i don’t understand, instead, is how can a person be as disgusting as a Christian Conservative ?

do they wake up in the morning and be like " ah yes it’s great to be a stupid, fat, ugly, disgusting, retarded Boomer - another day, another chance to be vile and disgusting ! "

pop a few pills of viagra, masturbate to pictures of the latest “Christian Conservative” woman on Fox News, finish off with some pictures of your 6 year old grand-daughter at a beauty pageant, then log onto Facebook and yap about godless Liberals and blah blah blah …

and if their old, fat, ugly wife catches them masturbating to the 6 year old grand-daughter she will go and have a talk … with the grand-daughter to teach her the values of chastity, the importance of loving Jesus and whatever fuck-tarded shit Christians teach their children …

blech …

Christ Cucks simultaneously worship Whores and demonize female sexuality. The “Virgin” Mary epitomizes this larger trend.

I was banned from twitter MORE THAN ONCE for talking about whores and you know what ? i deserved it. i understand it now. i was acting like a disgusting Christ Cuck who simultaneously jerks off to whores and bashes them for being what G_d made them.

Christ Fags to me are as disgusting as those Swedish women who get raped halfway to death by a Nigger from Somalia and then go on TV and talk about how important it is not to be racist.

except at least those Swedish girls can be raped again, so they still have some utility while Christ Fags have none

Christ Cucks, Boomers and Incels are the predominant demographics moralizing about women and sexuality on the internet … and you know what ? Twitter is right to ban them all.

Freedom of speech only applies to PEOPLE. It doesn’t apply to REFUSE.

Boomers, Incels and Christians are REFUSE.

One third of the world’s population (2.6 billion people) is Christian.

The “Christ Cucks” you love to hate are low-IQ Bible thumping evangelical Protestant retards mainly from the Southern United States. They are annoying and give Christianity a bad name, but they are a minority of the Christian population.

Most of the Christian world is very conservative in a true sense. If they catch you engaging in this kind of sexually degenerate behavior they will beat you to death.

If you are seriously considering moving to a place like Georgia or Texas, be prepared to be surrounded by these kinds of people wherever you go.

you can’t win.

you can choose liberals who will not judge you for whatever kind of sex you want to have but will call the police if they find out you have read the constitution.

or you can have conservatives who will dress their 15 year old daughter like a prostitute then shoot you dead if you actually have sex with her.

i am not conservative. i am transhumanist like Yuval Harari.

i don’t oppose the agenda of the Elites, i simply bring it to light.

i believe in discussing things rather than pretending they don’t exist.

for example, the average person ( and you @kanyewest ) doesn’t want to recognize the fact that Urbanism is a movement 100% run by Klaus Schwab with only one goal - to ban cars. i seek to open the eyes of FOOLS who think that blocking streets with giant concrete blocks is done to benefit anybody at all. you may as well believe that when the government comes and breaks your legs with a lead pipe it is for your own benefit because food is getting expensive and if you don’t walk you will need less calories. this is literally how stupid somebody has to be to believe ANYTHING that Urbanists say.

but the fact that i call BS on Urbanism doesn’t mean that i am conservative, let alone Christian.

from now on i will call BS on Christians and Conservatives the same way.

This wouldn’t have worked on Christian Conservative GAB but now that i have relocated to NOSTR i can finally do what i always wanted.

two years ago i didn’t have either this site or NOSTR and was completely at the mercy of Christians on GAB. if they kicked me to the curb i would only have Big-Tech platforms left where you can’t say anything AT ALL.

even this site is something i always knew i could lose. it didn’t give me the confidence i needed.

it’s only this site PLUS nostr that TOGETHER make me feel like i no longer have to act like a slave ideologically.

besides, nothing interesting or original can be said from the perspective of a Christian.

it has all been said already - the Elites are the Synagogue of Satan blah blah blah.

can any nuanced discussion of Tranny-Ism be had with a Christian Conservative ? NO.

nor can it be had with a Progressive.

in fact it probably cannot be had at all.

but i can certainly write intelligent blog posts on the subject so long as i don’t have to pretend to believe in Christian nonsense.

I don’t know what you mean when you say “Christian.”

Like I said, there are 2.6 billion Christians in the world and countless sects of Christianity. There aren’t a lot of generalizations that can be made about them except that they all believe in Christ.

It sounds like you are talking about a certain type of evangelical Christian who lives in the United States.

in this particular thread i guess i am talking about Fox News viewers and GAB platform users when i say “Christian”

but my larger problem is with all religious people and especially people pretending to be religious.

if i had undeniable proof somebody actually believed in Jesus i wouldn’t have a problem with them. it’s OK to be retarded. but i can never have such a proof.

my mother always pretended to believe in G_d saying things like “you can’t judge me only G_d can judge me” … eventually she admitted she doesn’t actually believe in G_d …

getting those kinds of admissions is not easy and usually isn’t possible. you need to get a person to “lose it” during an argument while simultaneously logically cornering them into a position where they only have two options - to say “this conversation is over” or to spill the beans … if they have truly “lost it” they will spill the beans ( or kill you ).

i can’t risk getting myself killed in every conversation trying to extract an admission from random strangers so i simply assume they are lying like my mother. they don’t actually believe. and if they do believe then they are retarded and are irrelevant anyway.

for most American “Christians” it’s just a way to feel superior to others while simultaneously abusing them. you get to abuse women, children and young people while also feeling righteous about it.

Muslims are no better. they will rape a woman and then be like “she was a whore, because she didn’t cover her face up, thus she was asking for it”

and Jewish newspapers openly wrote that Harvey Weinstein raping girls was no big deal since they were non-Jewish. ( Talmud allows Jews to rape non-Jewish women ).

all religion is - is moral cover for being a vile, disgusting person.

all religions are like this. Christianity is simply the most prevalent religion where i am ( in America and on GAB ).