Why Antinatalism

Introduction …

i’m writing this for my NOSTR Antinatalism Community, specifically i received two questions:

1 - why i created the Antinatalism Community
2 - how can i reconcile Antinatalism with Eugenics

First of all …

Yes i know like most other famous quotes it is misattributed and Aristotle didn’t say it - but who give a fuck - it is still true.

The point is that if you refuse to entertain a thought because you can tell it is going to lead you somewhere you don’t want to be going - then you are an INTELLECTUAL PEASANT.

A real philosopher like myself DOES NOT CARE where the train of thought is going - i follow it to the bitter end wherever it may take me, then i take note of any observations made along the way while remaining open to other interpretations.

A simple mind like yours must always have certainty and demands everything is morally unambiguous and that is why you’re always agitated like a rabid rat - because you can never make the complexity of reality conform to the simplicity of your mind.

Instead a genius like myself ( or Nietzsche or Voltaire or any great philosopher ) accepts that reality is absurd and is at peace with this fact. We savor the absurdity by shining light at it and watching it refract with brilliant colors.

If your model of reality is nice and neat - it is false. Reality is not nice or neat. Reality is messy and ugly. You’re literally asking me how can i go down the path that is clearly going to get messy and ugly if i am to have any hope of getting some place nice and neat - YOU’RE RIGHT ! we are NOT going to get anywhere nice or neat ! DEAL WITH IT.

all we are after is the truth.

And the truth is that nobody has ever consented to life.

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Part 1

Think about this - why is rape wrong ? Because a person who was raped might be sad about it - we give people 20 years prison time for making a person sad. Yet for many if not most people being born is all they need to be sad … their entire life … and nobody is ever punished for this … why ?

The answer is simple - we need people to be born in order for them to pay taxes. On other hand if rape is legalized society will descend into chaos. So it has nothing to do with morality and is purely a practical consideration.

To give you another example - there are people doing LIFE IN PRISON for killing a police dog - but you can kill farm animals and eat them no problem. or you can eat dogs if you’re in Asia. what is the difference ?

The difference is we can’t allow people to kill police dogs for obvious practical reasons. At the same time we also can’t criminalize eating animals for equally obvious practical reasons. It’s all about what is and isn’t practical - it isn’t about ethics.

Morality, in general, is a total farce. Just like religion. It is literally pure bullshit.

The reality is that giving birth to somebody is a BIGGER offense than RAPE. We simply pretend that it isn’t because it is more convenient for us to ignore reality than face it.

Part 2

So what is the problem ? So it’s a necessary evil - there is nothing we can do - no reason to talk about it, right ?


The problem is that to rationalize this necessary evil within the framework of morality we need an entire bullshit ideology where Life is deemed GOOD and everything else is derived from that …

One of the first things, if not the first thing my mother told me was that life was a gift, that i was incredibly fortunate to be alive and so on. I never bought that. I remember thinking even as a small child that it doesn’t feel like a gift or a fortune and that it’s not something i would have ever asked for. I kept trying to understand why my mother kept insisting that life was a gift and it just didn’t make any sense.

It was only when i was no longer a child when i understood the obvious reason - my mother was covering her ass. She had to pretend that she believes that life is a gift because life is what she has given me. If life was a punishment she would have to answer what i was being punished for, so she simply UNILATERALLY declared that it was a gift, without asking me if it was a gift or a punishment FOR ME.

this is literally like raping somebody and declaring that the victim wanted it, which is literally what all rapists say.

Part 3

The rape of birth then leads to the abuse of parenting.

Since we as a society have accepted that life is the greatest gift ( mind you there was never any debate about this, it was simply something we were forced to accept whether we agree with it or we think it is a punishment ) it logically follows that parents, who bestow this gift upon us, are the best people in the world !

If parents are the best people in the world then they may only want what is best for us and must be given complete freedom to enslave us ( for our own good ) and we may never resist them and we can never feel anything but love and gratitude towards them.

furthermore if we fail in life it is NEVER the fault of our parents - it is always our own fault - because, we are told, our parents love us more than we love ourselves - so our parents can never let us down, only we can let ourselves down ! we are told anybody who blames their parents for ANYTHING is a loser. the parents can never EVER be blamed for anything ever. they are always perfect and they are nothing but love and wisdom.

like Jesus.

Part 4

So let’s say a 40 year old man has a fat 40 year old wife and a hot 15 year old daughter … he secretly masturbates to his daughter but he is a “good man” so he never touches her …

when the daughter asks to go out on Saturday night the father quickly realizes that she might be having sex at the party … and why should anybody have sex with his little princess when HE is the one who should be having sex with her ?

so of course he tells her that she can’t go, because reasons. it is for her own good. as always.

this is abuse. we accept it because we have accepted the myth that life is a gift and that we are forever indebted for it to our parents. it is absurd on its face.

Part 5 / 5

As for Eugenics there is no contradiction. Yes in order to perfect humans they would have to be born - i realize that. But i am not asking that we stop having children. I am asking that we stop pretending that Life is a Gift or that Children owe their parents ANYTHING.

We can still have Children but we must accept that we are indebted to our children not the other way around.

A rape victim doesn’t owe anything to the rapist - it’s the other way around.

Children shouldn’t be required to love their parents - it is the parents that should be required to love their children.