Who are the best looking girls on Twitter?

i will start:



who else ?

Those both look like trannies


This is what a hot chick looks like

tits too big. not proportional.

i also think Kanye’s women have wrong proportions as well.

women like that are fun to look at but i can’t take them seriously - they look like some kind of circus freaks.

i mean - do you think “Big Ramy” is a sexy man ?

looks like a circus freak to me.

that girl you posted is for the most part a pretty girl, except the tits, which look freaky like this …

whereas Kim Kardashian looks like a female Big Ramy head to toe … unpleasant.

on the upside in the picture where your girl covered up her tits she actually looks very pleasing:

so maybe her tits aren’t the problem … maybe the problem is that she’s just a filthy whore and can’t help shoving them into the camera LOL

Bingo. These are Twitter whores here, not wife material. I want something to look at.

i’m not sure if it is realistic to find wife material.

wife material used to be forged by the stigma attached to sex before marriage.

today Jewish Feminist journalists write in women’s magazines how a woman needs to sleep with at least 30 men before Marriage or something like that …

and of course women are like you - they believe everything they are told without questioning

they don’t understand that they’re told to sleep with 30 men before marriage because in fact they are being prepared for a future in which no man will ever marry them because of what whores they are …

if you told them the truth they would probably call you a conspiracy theory who went down the rabbit hole …

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in some parts of the world even today if a husband finds his wife isn’t a virgin she gets stoned to death.

those are the only places i am afraid where wife material still exists.

I think you missed my point. I just said that Twitter whores are fap material. You’re not supposed to think about them as partners.

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i don’t fap to twitter whores - i just randomly admire their cuteness :slight_smile:

i fap using networkerotic.com and adulttime.com sites both of which are paid subscription

Twitter isn’t the first platform on a hoe’s mind and i like to reward the few hoes who choose to be on Twitter by following them

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