What's going on in Ukraine?

well i’m glad you asked i was actually born in Kiev and half of my family is Russian so i may have some perspective here …

basically it’s simple. the west was using Ukraine as a pressure point to screw with Putin just as they were using Olympics where they banned Russians from competing.

they pushed too far and Putin decided he had nothing left to lose because they already took everything away from him ( from sanctions to being banned from Olympics etc ) so he just said fuck it and went to crush Ukraine …

fucking idiots in Ukraine screwed themselves by allowing themselves to be used by Americans in the cold war 2 against Russia … they basically set the stage for themselves becoming another Vietnam, Afghanistan or Syria … just a battlefield where Russians and Americans duke it out …

very very dumb …

i’m not taking sides on Ukraine and it’s not because i was born in a Russian family … in Ukraine …

it’s because Ukraine is a victim of Russia but Russia is a victim of the West so really both sides in that war are victims …

the only real aggressor in that war ( US / NATO ) isn’t in any danger whatsoever and therefore the only position i can take in this war is that i wish it would end …

there is no winning this war - there is nothing to win

i’m not going to wave around a Ukrainian flag like a faggot just because the media tells me to or because i was born in Kiev … i am not a puppet

war between Russia and Ukraine is like the US civil war between North and South - of course you were all taught that North were the good guys because they wanted to free the slaves - except that is a lie. freeing the slaves was just their moral cover. nobody has EVER attacked a foreign country to improve the living conditions of a foreign ethnicity in that country EVER. only a complete retard could fall for such BS.

the North were actually the bad guys - they were the aggressors. what you were taught was the opposite of the truth - which is usually the case in history. they wouldn’t teach history in school if it wasn’t a lie. free cheese is only found in the mousetrap and free education is the same.

in case of war with Russia and Ukraine you are taught Ukraine are the good guys … but Russia isn’t fighting Ukraine in there - they are fighting US and NATO.

if you believe this is about Ukraine you are a fucking retard.

do you really think Afghanistan or Vietnam was about those countries ? it’s about US and Russia dividing their spheres of influence. the people on the ground can only lose. there is nothing to win for them.

If US / NATO gave two shits about Ukraine this war never would have happened in the first place. US / NATO are the parties that caused this war by attempting to turn Ukraine into their military base in Russian backyard.

US / NATO care as much about Ukraine as they did about Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Libya - all of which they have reduced to ruins as they will with Ukraine as well, while blaming Russia.

If you can’t see the obvious you’re a fucking retard and i’m not sure i can help you.

look it is simple - you will never understand anything if you keep watching television and reading corporate press. you need to stop doing that and wait 10 years, after 10 years if you’re smart you may begin to understand things.

it takes about 10 years to un-brainwash yourself, however once you’re unbrainwashed you may discover you never had your own brain to begin with and it was all for nothing.

thinking for yourself may only really of value to people like me who have a brain to think with. maybe watching TV and believing all the lies is really what is best for you. maybe you were simply not meant to ever understand anything or be anything more than a visitor ( a Non Player Character ) in this world.

yeah i seen this. LOL

hey i promise i will look into your “humans as pets” thing but i can’t open that can of worms until i finalize the TV buying situation.

about to make a very expensive mistake as it is - i can’t allow myself to get distracted.

need to be able to think clearly so i’m blocking everything out until i have a TV in the living room.

i literally keep thinking about TVs in my sleep right now.

i never believed in multi-tasking. i believe the brain only has room for one problem at a time. the brain is analog not digital. our ability to switch from task to task is only an illusion. actually all the tasks overlap in the brain.

if i have to think about anything at all while i’m in the process of selecting a TV i will not perform at my best when it really counts and then i will regret it for the next 5 - 10 years.

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Putin with tough talk.

“Today we hear that they want to defeat us on the battlefield, well, what can I say, let them try. We have heard many times that the West wants to fight us to the last Ukrainian – this is a tragedy for the Ukrainian people. But it looks like it’s all coming to this. But everyone should know that, by and large, we haven’t really started anything yet.”

somebody on GAB was trying to tell me that Putin is a Shabbos Goy ( well technically he’s a Jew but you know what i mean ) whereas the Chinese are real deal opposition to USrael / Globohomo …

i still can’t make sense out of it …

Putin never called out 911 as Israeli Inside Job … that bothers me.

Nobody is going to win this war. Few wars are actually won. But this is going to be one of those that everybody loses.

Well…there is no profit in him doing so…whether he is a Shabbos Goy or not…

If Russia “wins” the world will be officially multipolar…yet the same depopulation unification agenda occurring so…we are the losers so to speak.

The sure losers are Western Europe (especially a manufacturing powerhouse like Germany)…their rising fuel costs make their lives more austere, and shift manufacturing dominance even more to China and the US.

If there is a winner, it will be China…they just have to relax and keep moving forward…Taiwan being bitchy? No problem…wait them out…continue to colonise Africa and slowly build/upgrade your own semi-conductor fab plants.

yes the winner in any war is whoever doesn’t partake in it.

that said your post doesn’t really explain why this war needed to happen in the first place.

unless Putin literally has brain cancer ( which is possible ) a decision like that would not be taken lightly so there would have to be some good reasons for it. what are they ?

what does a multipolar world mean if there is no difference between the poles ? if it’s a question of who gets to run the plantation then a war of attrition that destroys said plantation doesn’t make a lot of sense …

i just don’t understand this war.

i understand that Ukraine was a pressure point used by the west and that Putin attacked it to signal that he is not going to back down without a fight …

but what are they fighting over ? it’s Jews on all sides. US, EU, Russia and Ukraine are all Jew-Run.

If Ukraine joined NATO or became too friendly, there would be missile systems and troops pointed at Russia’s border.

That is ostensibly the reason.
I think there is more to it than that but am yet to uncover more of the true cause.

And of course, the billions in rebuilding.

Putin’s invasion all but ensures this exact outcome.

I don’t blame Putin for attacking by the way. I blame him for not winning quickly.

He fucked up bigly. This will be very bad for common folk across the entire Eurasia.

But perhaps Putin doesn’t care about them - only about himself. Maybe he needed to start a war to maintain a grip on power in a time when there were rumors about his health.

Of course the war is even better for Zelensky - he will be stealing BILLIONS.

Donetsk and Luhansk are being recognized as independent republics by China etc. so perhaps Putin will claim some Ukrainian territory to prevent missiles at the border.

that makes no sense. increasing Russia’s territory by 1% at the expense of turning the entire world against Russia ?

Reading Putin’s speeches, he sees the West against him and Russia no matter what. He once referred to Clinton laughing and walking away from Gorbachev when he asked to join NATO. He also said Gorby was given a verbal promise NATO would stop eastward expansion.

Hence, he is just going for broke now.

ok i can’t think right now i’m watching a pretty good movie.

and even when i’m done watching i am still not going to understand why Putin is doing this.

i know what you’re saying but these aren’t reasons enough IMO.

anyway talk to you later !


A theory:

As far as “shock and awe”… note that we’ve still not seen Russia’s best soldiers and weaponry, just mostly newbies and obsolete or semi-obsolete equipment.

The Russians have drones, and satellites, and, if the SVD has been doing its job, they’ve thoroughly pwned the Ukrainian civilian and military communications systems. Unless the Ukes are moving hand-written messages by courier, the Russians know everything that’s going on.

It’s looking like Vlad is deliberately marking time until General Winter comes to Russia’s aid again. Europe has already been weakened, economically and politically, by Russia’s return sanction of cutting gas supplies; several EU members are starting to look like they may go Sri Lanka’s route. All Vlad needs to do is wait until the rioting and coup attempts start, then roll in and set up new Russian puppet governments, just like Uncle Joe (Stalin, not Biden) did in 1945/6. And instead of an “iron curtain” from Stetting to Trieste, the Russian Bloc would extend all the way to the Atlantic.

With no actual war being declared by Russia, NATO would be powerless, plus the majority of NATO members would be part of the Russian Bloc. Britain+the Commonwealth doesn’t have the horsepower to oppose them, and now, neither does the United States. China is unlikely to get involved.

Unless Vlad dies or goes nuts, I don’t see how Russia can lose. All they have to do is keep Ukraine at a low boil and wait.

i am officially diagnosing whoever wrote this with MAGA-Q-TARD syndrome

he has all the symptoms of this horrific affliction

4D Chess ! Trust the Plan !

people who don’t wear adult diapers and don’t remove their teeth when they go to bed at night have no business following whoever wrote this.

just my opinion.

“anonymous conservative” … LOL … sounds like “masculine millenial” … who completely shaves his body and would beg to suck my dick if he thought he had the chance.

our “scene” truly is disgusting. neckbeards with sweaty balls masturbating to pictures of Trump and the Pope.

never forget “our side” is at least as bad as progressive liberals. in my estimate it is worse.

yes i know i’m a Kike preaching to “fellow white people” …

our moral superiority lies entirely in our being lied to … but that’s where it ends. if progressive liberal establishment ever stopped abusing us we would have no leg to stand on in terms of morality, philosophy etc. our entire argument is pointing our finger at the other side and calling them pedophiles and so on. as long as we can avoid looking inwards we’re good … “Tirza” ( 2010 ) explains this …

“Tirza” is essentially a critique of conservatism … disguised as a tragic love story … disguised as searching for a missing daughter in Africa …

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I read some more of his stuff and I have to agree with that. :grinning:

As I said earlier, there is something we aren’t seeing.
Perhaps, the simplest theory is the best:
Putin as an agent of the NWO is doing his job, the job the Communists, Hitler and the Cold War, couldn’t finish: the transformation of Russia into a vassal state of China and/or the West.

The question you asked troubled me: Why a long war?
Go hard, go quickly, establish some sort of buffer zone around the autonomous republics of Donetsk and Luhansk and declare victory.
Why this Russian Vietnam? Why repeat Afghanistan?

Unless…that is the plan. Bleed Russia so it depends on China, isolated from the West, while smashing Ukraine. The war also puts Europe in full supplicant mode to the US.

However, with oil prices up, and deals with India, Iran, and perhaps black market smuggling to Europe, Russia is actually making money so this analysis does have holes in it.

Russian “economy” seems based on Oligarchs making billions selling natural resources while everybody starves.

Chinese economy is based on countless millions of slave laborers doing 100 hour work weeks and living in a dorm behind the factory.

African “economy” is everybody just starving to death.

US and EU economy is government trying to figure out a way to lower the standard of living of everybody by any means they can think of such as lockdowns, restrictions, closing down pipelines, banning imports, burning down processing plants and so on …

so we have a few distinct economic models here which can’t be directly integrated … but ultimately will be somehow

even though most of the power in the world is with Jewish Transhumanist Billionaires from Team WEF that doesn’t mean any given oligarch and billionaire directly answers to Klaus Schwab …

WEF is a club. membership is voluntary. most are happy to belong but perhaps if you’re a Russian Oligarch who makes his billions selling oil and gas and WEF tells you to stop producing oil and gas you will tell them to GO FUCK THEMSELVES.

likewise if you’re a Chinese Billionaire who makes money by employing a million people in manufacturing and WEF tells you to stop manufacturing things you may tell them to fuck of as well.

Essentially Russia and China are about 50 years behind the west economically … let’s call them 2nd world.

US, EU, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong etc. = 1st world
Russia, China, Middle East, Brazil = 2nd world
Africa etc = 3rd world

everybody is on the same page in the 1st world - it’s all team WEF

the 3rd world is irrelevant, it’s just a jungle where resources can be mined as necessary

2nd world is a problem because it has some power yet it’s so far behind the 1st world that the power structures are rather distinct …

as 2nd world is moving towards the future it is getting closer to the 1st world and this creates instability …

pieces of 2nd world are breaking off and switching sides to the 1st world … you get places like Taiwan that China is trying to hang on to and places like Ukraine that Russia is trying to hang on to …

it’s kind of like when the South tried to secede from the US and Lincoln went and slaughtered them all …

that’s what Putin is doing - he’s slaughtering everybody literally to “preserve the union” …

“preserve the union” is another way of saying “maintain grip on power” …

besides war is good for politicians in power - they get to kill everybody who opposes them

but don’t tell this to your MAGA-Q-TARD friend who calls Putin by his first name as if they are FRENS.

Putin would have no reservations slipping some radioactive substances into lunch of your MAGA-Q-TARD friend … just like Trump has no reservations vaxxing the entire US population.

i struggle to imagine how disgusting these MAGA-Q-TARDS must be in real life. do they ever shower ? i highly doubt it. do they ever leave their room ? do they ever eat anything other than stale junk food ? are they physically capable of enjoying anything except lying and being disgusting ? i highly doubt it.

my father is one of these people. he watches TV all day just to come up with ideas on what kind of disgusting bullshit he could post online in order to get off on the fact that people actually take it seriously. he always tries to think of the stupidest and most disgusting things to say both in real life and on the internet except of course nobody speaks to him in real life anymore but he still has Twitter.

before the internet he used to abuse children and animals and also indulge in vandalism. now he just abuses people like you on the internet. you don’t understand the sick pleasure these people feel when people like you read the shit they post and actually believe it.

perhaps Putin is dying from Brain Cancer or something and thought he would get an easy victory like he did when he annexed Crimea. but this time the west was prepared and Putin walked into a trap.

WEF doesn’t want vassal states. it wants one-world Amsterdam. nothing but drugs and prostitutes and everybody commuting on bicycles.

in time they will get it. but Russia and China will have to be dragged into the future kicking and screaming.

speaking of Netherlands - when are you watching “Tirza” ?


Business continues as usual…or so they say.

Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis
Western globohomo + Eastern authority = Worldwide globohomo authority

Thesis + Antithesis = Synthesis
Weakening western currency + unified Eastern currency = worldwide currency

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