What is the Right Size for a TV?

many have tried to tackle this subject but here is the truth …

TV size is like dick size but with an extra zero.

a 40" TV is like a 4" cock
a 60" TV is like a 6" cock
a 80" TV is like a 8" cock
a 100" TV is like a 10" cock

what’s the right size ? the answer is there is no right size but bigger is better.

nobody ever complained their dick is too big or their TV is too big.

can a 40" TV “do the job” ? well can a 4" dick “do the job” ? it depends what you mean by “do the job” … can it get a girl pregnant ? probably. is there even a single woman who would not rather have something bigger ? NO.

a bigger TV has bigger impact. there is no such thing as “too big” when it comes to TVs same as there is no such thing as a dick that is “too big” …

YOUR ENTIRE PERSON CAME OUT OF A VAGINA - do you really think there can be a dick so big that it won’t fit back in there ?

i don’t know anybody who uses a projection screen smaller than 100 inches, which basically means that anything that is smaller than 100 inches is almost certainly not too big since people who are in position to choose the size they want ( the ones using projectors ) never choose anything smaller than 100 inches.

now what about let’s say a 65" OLED vs 75" LCD vs 100" projection screen ? well that would be like a 6" cock that is rock hard for hours versus a 8" cock that is somewhat hard most of the time versus 10" cock that occasionally gets hard before prematurely ejaculating after 30 seconds.

i think LCD is the sweet spot. interestingly enough most others either go for perfect blacks of OLED at the expense of size or for projection screen size at the expense of blacks. human animals have defective brains like that. people with 100 IQ like to use the word “think” or “thinking” but they haven’t got the slightest clue what it means.

basically there are people who say deep blacks in the image is all that matters and there are people who say screen size is all that matters. with a 100 IQ you don’t get to dabble in things like nuance, compromise or balance. a person with 100 IQ is a dog for all intents and purposes - he either licks your hand or bites you. anything in between would be too confusing for IT.

again, my perspective as the member of the top 1% by IQ is that LCD with full array backlight is the sweet spot.

pros of FALD LCD:

  • virtually no limit to brightness
  • long lifespan with no risk of burn in
  • reasonably priced in 4K resolutions
  • 8K resolution available

cons of FALD LCD:

  • blacks occasionally lifted
  • practical sizes top out at 85 - 98 inches

every type of screen has cons and pros i just feel like FALD LCD strikes a good balance whereas OLED and Projection are one trick ponies …

people love one trick ponies because they ( people ) are DUMB ANIMALS

people either want a sports car 1 inch off the ground or a rock crawler with 35" knobby tires and 20 inches of ground clearance

they either want a gas guzzling V8 or a fully electric

they either want a man or a woman

their “brains” truly haven’t evolved beyond animals to any appreciable extent …

for those of us in the top 1% we just have to pretend like we are the same as the animals around us while secretly working to exterminate them …

i have attempted to communicate with mid-wits in my time on this planet but it has been scientifically established that there is a limit to how wide IQ gap can be before communication becomes impossible

mid-wits think we are evil … they simply cannot imagine how painful it is trying to talk to them.

the movie “idiocracy” pretends to be sci-fi about the future in which everybody is retarded and the pain of a person with normal average intelligence ( who has time travelled to the future ) dealing with these retards. in reality of course “idiocracy” is about the pain intelligent people feel dealing with normal people on earth TODAY. if you want to understand how we ( intellectual elites ) see you - watch “idiocracy” and remember what you thought about those retards from the future.


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