What is Morality?

Morality is a tool of Sadistic Control Freaks

typically used to justify torturing people to death

the road to hell is paved with good intentions

sometimes genuine sometimes not

it really doesn’t matter

Define what you mean by morality.

Seems you are saying, “In the name of the greater good, we shall…”

Porn should be illegal.

that’s “morality”

morality is when you tell other people how to live.

to say that “stealing is wrong” isn’t morality because you can just say “i’m not going to give you anything” instead of “it is wrong for you to steal from me”

you’re not telling somebody how to live by not giving up your possessions when they try to steal them, so to say “stealing is wrong” isn’t morality.

but when you tell two people they can’t have sex because they aren’t married etc. that’s “morality”

morality defines victimless crimes. things that are “wrong” not because somebody is harmed but because you are a sadistic control freak and arbitrarily define what others will not be allowed to do.

If you have a state it is going to tell you some things are bad.
Any pact with people will have what is allowed and what is tolerated, and what is verboten.

How can you avoid morality?
Or am I not following?

and why have a state ?

That’s how people are…hierarchies form and there is someone at the top.

You living in isolation on Epstein island…you can do what you want
but to cooperate with others there will be rules.

morality is based on concepts of purity and fairness

both are sadistic concepts designed to rationalize why nobody should be allowed to enjoy life

oh you want to enjoy sex ? sorry, that’s not pure !

oh you want to have something nice ? sorry it’s not fair - somebody else doesn’t have this nice thing !

morality is never about creating anything or helping anybody it’s always about punishing any attempts to enjoy life.

all religions and all governance are based on guilt. strip away any pride people have and replace it with guilt and they will obey you. morality is a tool of that enslavement, but also just for pure sadism.

think Circumcision for example. mutilating the genitals of Children to make them pure. that’s morality in a nutshell.

republicans so worried about Pedophiles as if they care about children. where was their concern when we were shelling children in Iraq with depleted Uranium ? or using Napalm and Agent Orange on them in Vietnam ? or when they are kept in Solitary Confinement by Israelis in Palestine ?

no this has nothing to do with protecting children. it’s about “purity” … about “morality” …

if republicans cared about children - would they feed their children junk food ? would they send their children to fight for Israel ?

whether it is pedophiles or trannies or porn the real motivation is always the same - prevent people from being able to enjoy life. Morality is simply sadism.

People driven by sadism and envy never admit their motivations. They use morality as cover. Didn’t you watch Equilibrium ?

conservatives are Sadists who believe that any kind of Joy in life is must be punished by death. Straight from Equilibrium. No difference at all.

my father is a Sadist but he never taught me morality because he thought it would blow his cover by being too obviously sadistic.

Ok so explain why women must be stoned to death if they have sex before marriage ? why this is necessary for people to live in a society. Or why it is necessary to mutilate the genitals of children to make them pure. Or hang gays and throw them off the roof tops. Or simply execute people for worshipping the wrong god. Explain please why these things are necessary and how without morality we would all perish.

SPOILER: it’s just sadism.

nothing more.

It isn’t necessary…to me.
But those societies view it as necessary.
The point is every society has its taboos.
There is no escaping that.

what if i viewed it as necessary to tie you to a stake and burn you alive.

what would you say to that ?

plenty of societies viewed child sacrifices as necessary - why not Marlon sacrifices ? can you explain how that would be different ?

also please name a single society which collapsed because they failed to punish victimless crimes or failed to sacrifice children …

it isn’t exactly news to me that people are dumb, retarded animals and have superstitions. perhaps they are the ones who should be hanged and thrown off the roofs not those who they have superstitions against …

this whole “greater good” thing … haven’t we learned enough about it from “just 2 weeks to stop the spread” and “we’re all in this together” ?

it’s all shit. morality is shit. it’s nothing but a combination of retarded superstition, cultism and sadism.

What would you want society to look like?

Answer that, and there is your morality.

Sadism manifests in human behaviour…all forms of it.
Not just morality.

Note: I am not in this “greater good” parade.
It is a cover for evil. For straight up wickedness.
And yes, the Covid nonsense of wearing masks got me in problems as I wouldn’t wear it unless I had no choice.

(Off-topic: I thought all you Jews stuck together. That story with them threatening you over paying for messing your car up is…unreal).

Let’s go further.

God makes you king of the world…
and you find a bunch of sadists willing to enact your edicts…
Not gonna use 'em?

i want humanity extinct. i’m an antinatalist. there is no potential society in which i would rather be born than not born at all.

they didn’t know i’m a Jew. and by their standards i’m probably a bad Jew anyway.

their behavior was completely typical of Jews in NYC and elsewhere.

Damn…you make the elite look like they aren’t trying…
They want to cull the herd, and you want empty fields.

People have disappointed you that much?
You would press the reset button on all of us?

we’re kind of back to the is-ought problem …

i’m not god so it’s probably not my place to press the button …

but if i were to eradicate life i wouldn’t stop with humans but eradicate all life completely …

Aldous Huxley ( author of Brave New World ) said that Earth was probably another planet’s hell …

so that’s the opinion of basically the most visionary philosopher that ever lived …

that said he did not envision ending humanity let alone life so that’s good news for you !

the movie “Antichrist” by Lars Von Trier summarizes how i feel …

but i do not suggest you watch it or for that matter any of his movies which are all excellent …

his stuff is just too dark … it’s right on the limit of what i can handle myself so it’s way past what normal humans should be able to take …

only exception to this would be “Nymphomaniac” which is more pornographic and not as depressing as his other movies …

if you like “Nymphomaniac” ( it’s basically a 5 hours long porno ) you can try his more serious movies after that.



What did they do to you?

the movie explains everything

I’ll watch the other movies you recommended…Lobster and Aniara before…taking that on (if I can).

do the Lobster. it’s pretty safe to watch and it has deep meaning under the absurdist facade.