What is happening to the Economy?

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I used to think the story that they are destroying the economy deliberately was crazy but now I think it’s incontrovertible.

Lockdowns, bioweapons (both the disease and the death jab), closed ports, blocked shipping, euthanasia of livestock, attacking energy production, banning ICE cars, bombings at meatpacking plants/power stations/fertilizer plants/etc …

At some point I just had to accept the evidence of my senses and realize this is being done on purpose

The really surreal thing is that nobody else, even “dissidents”[*] in many cases, seems to notice or care…

[*] - I think you were right when you said that Americans are so brainwashed they cannot see outside the Matrix. As immigrants from the old Soviet Union and related areas we can see what they can’t (albeit I was born here to Polish dissidents who fled Communist Poland and with this background I was apart enough from American society that I never fully embraced it). I know Americans who are dissidents up to a point but they never go the full way – for example they still support Trump, or public schooling, or watch broadcast media, etc.

PS Is it just me or does Epstein bear a strong resemblance to Anthony Bourdain (another elite-connected guy who mysteriously died from hanging)?

Yeah yeah I know they’re both Jews but I mean they looked VERY similar, like they were cousins or something.

Oftentimes these elites are related in ways that aren’t clear to the public – the “Bloodlines of the Illuminati” thing is true to a certain extent.

Bourdain was a close friend of several elites and was obviously an intelligence asset, like Epstein … What better way to spy than to have a “travelling chef” show as a cover.

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Maybe you have something here…I am not American.
I have visited, I have relatives there but never migrated…

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Just rinse and repeat the 2021 reasons…who’s keeping track?

the worst thing that can happen is Government putting a cap on prices. this will result in all shelves going empty forever.

they have done this in NYC for gas prices during hurricane Sandy resulting in no gas for 2 weeks. but Hurricane was temporary and eventually gas came back … it would have come back in 3 days instead of 2 weeks if prices were allowed to temporarily rise but it eventually came back.

on other hand if they keep printing money but cap the prices for food for example - we will literally all starve to death.

they did that before too of course - Stalin did deliberately starve millions to death.

saddest part about it is that people will cheer it all the way through to their last breath. they are that dumb.

The cities would explode with violence.
You think people will just sit down and starve?

they would give Nigs some soylent rations.

there was no violence as Stalin starved basically all of Ukraine to death.

he just confiscated all the grain and sold it off to Europe and people starved to death.

what Putin is doing in Ukraine now is sort of continuation of that.

Russia always had an issue with Ukraine.

i originally fell for the Conservative propaganda that this is about Putin defending himself from NATO … i mean certainly that’s part of it … but also it’s just good old Genocide which Stalin started against Ukrainians and Putin is continuing.

why ? i dunno - why don’t you ask Stalin ? i’m not the one doing it !

maybe ask Dugin - he apparently called for annexation of Ukraine for decades.