What is City Planning?

City planning is an emerging science of making life miserable for people who own cars.

The two main tools in a City Planner’s toolbox are:

1 - eliminating car parking

2 - preventing cars from being able to move at speed cars are designed for

the logic is simple - if you can’t drive faster than a bicycle can ride and you can’t park anywhere then you will give up your car, which is THE ONLY GOAL of city planning.

city planners for the most part try babble off progressive buzzwords like equity, sustainability, community blah blah blah …

but it’s only a matter of time before a Freudian slip betrays them and they reveal what they’re really after - which is banning cars …

before cars can be banned of course most people have to give them up voluntarily. in a democratic society it is hard to ban something everybody loves. so the goal of city planners is then to make people hate cars, and the way they do this is by inflicting pain on car drivers / owners in any way possible …

famously Chris Christie ( then NJ governor ) once attacked his political enemy by closing down George Washington bridge to create massive traffic - it came out that there was no reason for the closure aside from just being an attack …

this ultimately probably cost Christie the presidential election because it exposed him as vindictive cunt - after all, who would vote for a politician that deliberately creates traffic jams ?

and yet … they all do !

because that’s what city planning is all about. it’s all about creating misery for drivers.


what he “proposed” at the WEF are WEF’s own stated goals.

( you vill own nothing and you vill be happy )

and specifically when it comes to car ownership ( this is WEF article from SIX years ago ):

the way it works is most everybody is a WEF puppet and they do and say whatever WEF tells them to but part of the deal is that they have to act like those are all their own ideas.

they can’t say " oh WEF has instructed me to say this "

only Biden actually says it that way because he has dementia. Biden literally will give a press conference and say shit like " oh i am not allowed to talk about this i will get in trouble " seemingly not aware that he is supposed to be playing the role of a democratically elected president of USA, commander in chief and the most powerful man in the world LOL

can you imagine believing that Biden is actually in charge of anything ?

Klaus Schwab may not personally be “in charge” either … he isn’t so much a CEO of New World Order as he is chairman of the board.