What is an Audiophile?

a typical audiophile is a rich old Jew who is deaf but constantly yapping about his “golden ears”

through a lifetime of scheming and using his connection he has amassed a lot of money and now wants to be respected and admired

but what do people actually admire ? they admire beauty, intelligence, virtue, heroism … basically all of the traits Audiophile doesn’t possess.

not to worry - the Audiophile has an ace up his sleeve - he will be admired for having taste in art !

of course if you’re a rich old Jew having taste in art simply means buying expensive shit.

it is the same whether you are collecting paintings or buying loudspeakers and other audio equipment.

Audiophiles are thus basically art collectors but instead of collecting paintings they do it with audio equipment.

These people generally are both deaf and have zero interest in music - they simply want to be admired for how much money they have but perhaps they don’t have quite enough money to buy $1 million paintings but they do have money for $20,000 speakers and amplifiers.

if you’re one of these people you are still welcome to join my forum if you want to learn, just don’t expect to get a pat on the back when you talk about how expensive your silver cables are.

and i want to be very clear - high performance audio IS expensive. my problem with audiophiles isn’t that they spend obscene amounts of money on audio equipment. it’s that they aren’t doing it because they want better performance - but simply because they want everybody to know how much they spent.

it’s similar to how some people will buy expensive cars and put them in storage and never drive them at all. this is the rule rather than exception for cars over one million dollars in price.

Or how guys will spend half a million dollars on a collection of time pieces but it’s not like it’s because they need to know what time it is so bad.

This is also how / why Audiophiles buy speakers, amplifiers etc.

Of course none of these people will ever admit to their reasons.

It’s not only Audiophiles that pretend they aren’t deaf and use their speakers to listen to music. Also the octogenarians buying Bugattis probably pretend to race them on the track when in reality they have a Chauffeur. And the guys with 20 Rolexes pretend to use them to tell time when they just look at the time on their iPhone anyway.

Anyway … as i said, if you’re one of these people you are still welcome to join, but only if you’re serious about learning. Do not bother if you just want everybody to know how rich you are.

There is nothing wrong with flaunting your wealth either, but you better bring more than that to the table. You should either bring some knowledge or desire to learn. Ideally both.