What is an "Adult"?

i don’t consider myself an adult.

can you be an adult if you have no intention of having children ?

can you be an adult under communism when you have children but the state is raising them and providing for them ?

i think to be a child is to have others responsible for your welfare and to be an adult means that you are responsible for somebody else’s welfare.

it seems then that i was never a child and will never be an adult. because nobody ever cared about me and i will never have anybody to care about myself.

but forget me, will ANYBODY ever be an adult again, or will adulthood become a privilege for the elites, like flying private jets ?

C’mon…you are an adult.
You are responsible for your welfare.

You were a child.
Your parents were responsible for your welfare.
(Even if they screwed up).

The Elite see themselves as the ultimate adults - responsible for everyone’s welfare.

But as time passes, and more laws fall on our shoulders, and indoctrination grows and infests us, and as the economy worsens, there will be fewer and fewer adults.

Perhaps that is why the Marvel movies are so popular.
You see Tony Stark living it up making a supercomputer to govern the world, Captain America breaking the laws of a dozen countries to save his friend etc., etc.

Here are adults. They have power. Unlike the audience.

that’s a good point.

especially in a country where the president gets notes that spell out where he will sit and what he will say.