What exactly are vaccines ? can you explain to a non-scientist?

in lay man terms “vaccines” are experimental MRNA gene therapy mass depopulation bioweapon …

does that answer your question ?

  1. Autoimmune side effects: already resulted in sudden death from cardiac arrest, strokes, etc in many cases + chronic conditions such as myocarditis

  2. Some evidence that it degrades your immune system over the longer term.

  3. Forgive me for stating the obvious, but does not protect against COVID, in fact it makes you more susceptible to new mutations (judging from much worse infection rates in places with oecumenical vaccination like Scotland, Denmark, and Israel)

i thought @marlon was you LOL

anyway yes Dr. Malone was the only reason i registered on GETTR in the first place …

i knew GETTR could never touch GAB for discussion of politics but also i knew high-profile people like Dr. Malone would never join GAB because they would immediately be called Nazis if they did …

GETTR is basically for people who already know too much to be allowed to speak but aren’t ready yet to give up on Society completely. they still hold out hope that something can be done by working within the system even though the system has already thrown them under the bus for nothing more than daring to state the facts.

i suppose there are degrees to being cancelled.

  • being banned from Twitter and all other mainstream platforms like Malone and Trump are is a relatively low level of cancel.

  • when Visa refuses to process your payments ( like they do for people like GAB’s CEO and his wife ) that’s a moderate level of cancel

  • when you have to live in exile like Bobby Fischer that’s the next level up

  • and finally there is the JFK / Epstein / McAffee level of TOTAL CANCEL

can’t really blame guys like Malone for not wanting to climb that ladder …

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I was thinking about Alex Jones too and how you mentioned his ridiculous over-the-top con artist personality, now this is true, but if you think what happened to conspiracy guys who went too far in the past they all died “mysteriously”. Like just one example is Bill Cooper, he was like a Jones of the old days with millions of followers but more level-headed, he mentioned 9/11 on his radio show the summer before it happened (he had worked in military intelligence and probably found out about it from some contacts) and then in the late fall his home was raided and he was killed.

Jones is only medium-cancelled right now and still has a grift operation going from InfoWars and doesn’t want to end up like Cooper (and the others you mentioned).

I don’t blame Malone at all. I used to get angry about this stuff but then I realized we should probably be happy we have this space to talk and that the regime doesn’t just ship us all off to the Ministry of Love.

heh, i didn’t know that !

yeah Alan Watt ( not to be confused with Alan Watts ) explained how it works on his radio shows … ( see link to his site below )


according to Alan Watt if you’re a guy who knows how to run your mouth like Alex Jones or David Icke or whatever they approach you and tell you that you have to talk about Aliens or Reptilians and give you a list of all sort of nonsense that you MUST tell people is real …

basically they know people have the urge to talk about conspiracies - if they simply banned discussing conspiracies that would only increase this urge. instead they SUBVERT this discussion by promoting conspiracies themselves - FALSE ones, like about Aliens, Reptilians, Flat Earth and so on.

as Lenin said " the best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves " … this will ALWAYS be the case.

so if we look at a guy like Alex Jones - he is a genuinely gifted guy, very smart, very well spoken - worked very hard for very long - probably feels like he deserves what he has. why should he Epstein himself for the benefit of the cattle masses who frankly don’t deserve anything ?

on the other hand why should i listen to him when i know his job is to lie to me ?

yes i learned a lot from him. i also learned a lot on Twitter as well. that doesn’t change the fact that Twitter is a propaganda arm of the Deep State.

Alex Jones once said that “hollywood is run by Arabs” … almost all of AJ’s advertisers are Jews. I don’t think AJ has ever even uttered the J word at all. He may or may not have mentioned the “dancing Israelis” but he certainly never explained how 911 benefits Israel.

Likewise Julian Assange instructed his team not to release any damning information about Israel.

Why should i worship these false prophets who all serve the very master they pretend to lead a revolution against ?

getting angry is dumb. they WANT you to get angry so they can channel your anger as they see fit. fear, anger and other emotions play into the hands of manipulators. emotions basically just diminish what is already the most scarce resource - intelligence. their control is based on their superior intelligence versus the masses and their manipulation of emotions only widens this gap.

the most obvious example is democrats and republicans hating each other. they clash on the streets taking turns to block the same roads, burn down their own neighborhoods, honk and so on … while the Elites laugh all the way to Jerusalem and / or Monaco.

Anyway going back to Alex Jones … you can actually learn a lot from him as long as you keep in mind he is an agent of the World Jewry. Just like you could learn a lot by going to a Synagogue or reading the Talmud. To me the most important thing you can learn from AJ has nothing to do with conspiracies - but instead his great insights into psychology.

AJ’s comments about the weak minded nature of people are priceless - lots of insight there. AJ can be very useful if you know how to use him and keep in mind who he is. Basically you can learn from any intelligent person if you know to read between the lines and not take things at face value.

If you can keep in mind that it’s not the Aliens, not the Reptilians, not the Satanists or Freemasons or Illuminati … but basically Jews …

well even then you have to be careful because guys like AJ and David Icke are instructed to promote all sorts of false conspiracies, not just the ones i listed … they will also promote crap like how Covid is realy 5G radiation or Nanobots or whatever …

you have to be very, very careful listening to these guys …

as i said i do find you can pick up some insights into psychology of cattle from AJ … relatively harder to extract any value from David Icke even though he will occasionally drop some truth bombs but it’s all very heavily plastered in false conspiracies he is instructed to spread …

of course these guys always go back to how they correctly predicted this or that - yeah that’s not very hard when you’re an agent of the Deep State ! what they won’t tell you is how many lies they deliberately told you in that same span of time …

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do you also remember how we all died from Covid PANDEMIC ?

and if that wasn’t bad enough now we are all going to die a 2nd death from the Climate CATASTROPHE !

Nobody could have seen this coming !


i apologize to those who are not going to understand anything, but this site is for people with a high level of intelligence …

shit …

A side effect of “long covid”!
What will they say two years from now? Super-long covid?

You sure about that? Roe vs. Wade overturned?
It has been leaked they intend to do it.
Perhaps leaked to gauge public opinion, or to let out the rage early.
We’ll see if it does happen.

As for infertility, many women (and men) will be happy about that.

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something fishy is going on

not sure what