What are Conspiracy Theories?

i make a distinction between Conspiracy Theory and Conspiracy Fact

for example MRNA “vaccines” being a mass depopulation bioweapon is more fact than theory so if you want to talk about it you go to “health” section

that 911 was done by Mossad and CIA is a plain fact without even a trace of a theory to it so you would discuss that under “governance” section

on other hand Aliens, Reptilians and so on are merely theories ( laughable ones at that ) - you discuss them in this section

you also discuss ass clowns like Alex Jones and David Icke in this section too even though they were right more often than CNN, MSNBC and FOX news combined - but that’s such a low bar as to be completely irrelevant

we of course MUST discuss people like Alex Jones and David Icke and we will !

on other hand there is nothing to discuss about Fox and MSNBC - if you watch TV you are a retard.