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Decided to make this thread separate from “Nonwhites Like it hot” because in this thread i want to focus on the element of sustainability - namely being able to survive once natural gas heat is banned, which they already announced they are going to do in California from 2030.

Without gas heat people will be literally freezing to death like Europeans this winter.

Annual Average Temperature Map:

Climate Moisture Index ( North America ):

Climate moisture index calculates the ratio of available precipitation versus vegetation demand for precipitation based on temperature … that is to say plants need more precipitation in hot weather than cold … this is something you may want to consider given that in California they ban people from using water to run sprinklers or for that matter flush toilets …

you probably want to live in an area where mean annual temperature is about 65F and Climate Moisture Index is in the green.

this puts us squarely in New Orleans but we all know humans can’t live in that fuckhole in part because it is inhabited by subhuman apes and in part because it’s literally below sea level, making it worse than Florida which is at least technically above sea level even if its by about 6 feet …

if on other hand we look at Houston Texas it is definitely something to consider …

Interactive Plant Hardiness Map

US Forest Coverage Map

Tree Species Diversity Map

Hurricane Risk Map

it’s fucking crazy how Hurricane map, Tree map and Black People map are the same map …

if you like Trees you must also like Black People and Hurricanes basically

Interactive Wetlands Map

as you can see Houston is a swamp, and so is entire Florida

Well…in keeping with the forced sustainability kick and the need for warmth…I present the Soylent Green solution:

well as i said before i think this is more about getting people to think sustainably than anything else.

it’s a completely idiotic idea in that my house for example has 200 amp service at 240V that’s 50 kilowatts or 70 horsepower.

you would need literally 70 horses on a treadmill to make that much power.

you would have to fill the entire house with people on bicycles just to power the Air Conditioning system and then it would fail anyway due to all the heat and humidity generated by these people exercising.

Exactly…but I expect these ideas to be promulgated.
Of course, it isn’t practical…and neither are electric cars going 0 to 60 in four seconds.

But people actually bought Elon’s “solar tiles” so what won’t they believe.

Solar Tiles are actually a great idea.

It simply isn’t Elon’s idea.

There are many companies making them.

Eventually they will be standard in all homes.

Elon didn’t invent electric cars, self driving cars, solar panels, satellite internet or brain implants.

If there is one thing he invented it’s maybe the supercharger network.

They don’t work, bro.
There were endless complaints.
I haven’t followed up on it lately…are they functional now?

i didn’t say they worked.

i said it was a great idea.


difference between coldest and warmest temperature in a year

Cowboy hats for you in the future then?

currently the best idea i came up with is Atlanta …

Austin too small and expensive …

Houston is a swamp prone to flooding and Hurricanes …

Dallas has no trees and packs houses like Sardines …

Atlanta is looking great ( so far ) …

it’s completely black on 3 sides but it’s 90% white near lake Lanier which is where i would want to live anyway … and best of all apparently blacks are afraid to go to lake Lanier because they can’t swim and it’s a reservoir on top of a historic black village where white supremacists lynched a few blacks and then expelled everybody else and now blacks think the lake is Haunted, plus they’re afraid of drowning …

their logic is 700 people drowned in that lake, which is true, but that’s over 50 years with 10 million visitors per year …


Tornadoes and Hurricanes:

Extreme Heat and Cold:



Earthquakes and Volcanoes:

deep ground temperature:

this is important for ground source heat pumps which is the future of home heating …

so it’s about 52 degrees here in New Jersey but about 61 degrees in Atlanta based on this map.

pretty sure i posted this before but can’t find it at the moment …

i prefer 75F indoor temperature … the globalists are now trying to gaslight us into believing 60F is comfortable indoor temperature … you can probably see from the map why they would say that …

what i realized though is average passive indoor temperature tends to be higher than average outdoor temperature / deep soil / ground temperature …

was so far unable to determine by how much … but it seems about 10 degrees …

fuck it i need a new thread for this …