Wakolda / The German Doctor ( 2013 )

4.5 stars

i think if you don’t click on the IMDB link and watch the movie without reading what it is about you will enjoy it a lot more. the one-line description on IMDB is a huge fucking spoiler that gives away half the movie. my advice is - do NOT click on IMDB link or read what it is about - just watch it.

Amazon Prime Video has this movie FOR FREE which is how i watched it ( with English Subtitles )

half the movie is in Spanish and half is in German … it was actually cool because i understand both Spanish and German a little bit so with English subtitles it was perfect for me.

i will include IMDB link of course, but don’t click on it LOL

i’m serious ! i think you will enjoy the movie a lot more if you don’t know what it is about ! if you go to IMDB and read what it is about you will know 80% of the movie before watching it. don’t do it !

just watch the movie on Amazon Prime. it’s free with prime.

seriously you will ruin the movie for yourself if you click on the link below and find out what it is about before watching it …

the way it is shot is you’re not supposed to know what it is about and find out in the process of watching it. you’re only meant to find out what you’re watching about halfway through the movie, not before watching !

i am only including IMDB link to avoid confusion as to what movie we’re talking about here, not so that you click on it !

do not click ! LOL ( i’m serious )

anyway this movie is based on a true story and the characters are surprisingly human and not cartoonish as you would expect from such a movie

my only criticisms of this movie are:

1 - i didn’t get a boner
2 - i didn’t cry

for that reason i can’t give it 5 stars. a 5 star movie should do at least one of the two OR it should be some kind of major red pill fest, but this movie isn’t any of those things. so by that logic it isn’t a 5 star movie, but it’s a good movie and it’s supposed to be a true story.

because it is based on a real story it is maybe a bit more tame than what you expect form hollywood garbage. there is no sex, just some kissing. what little violence there is - is off screen. and the only nudity is a woman breast feeding newly born infants. action is also extremely tame - @marlon will surely be disappointed by that :frowning:

the original title of the movie was “Wakolda” which is the name of the 12 year old girl … but if you think this movie is another “Lolita” type movie you will be disappointed - it is a different type of movie.

anyway, yes i recommend it.

PS: it was directed by a woman (Lucía Puenzo) pictured below: