was using ExpressVPN but it was annoying so i switched to Mullvad

Mullvad was even more annoying so today i switched to PIA ( Private Internet Access )

so far so good. installation was super smooth. speed seems good. it’s a bit on the pricey side though if you go month by month but long term plans are quite cheap. i am going month by month for now because i switch VPNs so often.

i want to stress that i only just installed it 5 minutes ago, so this isn’t a review or recommendation.

i was trying to watch porn and Mullvad kicked the bucket, so i needed a new VPN.

fucking idiot mullvad stopped working because i didn’t update the software - that’s fine i thought, i will update the software and it will be fine. except to update the software i need to go to their site but i have no internet access. so i try to turn it off so i can have internet access so i can download the working software version - but it won’t turn off ! ! ! i try uninstalling but it won’t uninstall ! ! ! finally on 2nd uninstall attempt it worked and i got working internet back but needless to say i didn’t get a new version of Mullvad but got PIA instead.

but yeah i will be rolling with this PIA until it tries to fuck with me like Mullvad did and ExpressVPN did before that.

though Mullvad is additionally annoying because it doesn’t auto-renew. and everything is just extra painful with Mullvad. Mullvad won’t even e-mail you your login and password - you need to write them down manually ( or take a screen shot ). i understand they’re trying to be extra secure but i’m not downloading child porn so i don’t need that level of security.

anyway i’m just happy i won’t have to deal with Mullvad again. it’s a major pain in the ass. ironically Private Internet Access abbreviates PIA ( pain in the ass ) but it was the smoothest and fastest installation of VPN for me so far.