Viewing List for Marlon!

our friend @marlon has his own viewing list but that won’t stop me from writing one for him anyway …

he is of course free to ignore it as it’s just a suggestion …

i will be updating the list as time goes by and bumping the thread …

here goes:

wag the dog ( 1997 ) // hollywood style propaganda in politics ( comedy / action / drama / politics )

they live ( 1988 ) // allegory for Jews running everything ( action / drama )

Eyes Wide Shut ( 1999 ) // Kubrick’s last film about a satanist pedophile cult starring Cruise and Kidman - some think he was killed for this film, though clearly Cruise and Kidman were not …

Stations of the Cross ( 2014 ) // please Jesus by throwing away your life ( German / drama / teen )

Thirst ( 2009 ) // Vampire Love Story ( Korean / Comedy / Drama )

The Square (2017) // Modern Art Museum Executive battles on many fronts …

Nymphomaniac Vol 1 and 2 ( 2013 ) // Sex addiction, Relationships, Life and Death ( drama / sex )

The War Zone ( 1999 ) // Child Abuse ( British / drama / boobies )

The Million Dollar Hotel (2000) // love story between a retard and a hooker …

The Ballad of Jack and Rose (2005) // overprotective father ruins his daughter …

Anna Karenina ( 2012 ) // forbidden love ( drama / Imperial Russia / Tolstoy )

if you already seen some of these you can go ahead and post your analysis …

Tirza ( 2010 ) - achievement unlocked

I agree…2 nights to watch 95 minutes…it was an achievement.

Also note that the star has unfocused eyes - one eye going this way and the other eye doing something else…too much acting I presume.

which star ? i haven’t noticed.

anyway i’m off to bed.

my Air Conditioner kicked the bucket so now i must sleep at night because it will be too hot during the day …

The man…Gus something something.

you have a point there …

Something for you…a film I watched years ago.
But it came to my mind and I thought of you.
Let’s say it features a bad dad.

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The film was too long…but it showed the elites love screwing women and kids…not necessarily in that order. The masked sex scenes are only there to hide the pedo stuff and how easily scandals of any sort are made to go away…oh so quietly.

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all Kubrick films are LOL

I’ve only watched three of them - Eyes, Shining and 2001.
I thought The Shining used its time well.
The other two…a few judicious snips would have helped.

yeah i take it back

actually “Dr Strangelove” is not long … but it’s about Nuclear war with Soviet Union so it’s kind of irrelevant today i think …

more movies @marlon should consider watching:

Pretty Baby ( 1978 )

The Experiment ( 2010 )