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Okay…I’m finally back…after a week of hard work…

Affliction ( 1997 ) - Nick Nolte and James Coburn - another bad father and son relationship…and some insanity…

Me Before You ( 2016 ) - Emelia Clarke is strong in this one…if you like her, you’ll find her delightful in this.

Frailty ( 2001 ) - perception…father & sons &…an axe called Otis

Mother ( 2009 ) - How far should you go to save your child?

For anime, you could watch …

Akira ( 1988 ) …a classic in the genre…blood and evolution…but they always go hand in hand, do they not?

Paprika ( 2006 ) is the film Nolan got his Inception idea from…I think it is better than Inception - which isn’t hard! But this 90 min film has the basic idea of entering dreams…and does the dreams melding with reality better. Short version: if you want to see where Inception was born…watch this.

Off-topic…Nolan’s greatest successes are his adaptations - Interstellar copies 2001, Inception is inspired by Paprika, Insomnia is an English remake of the superior Norwegian film Insomnia. In fact, Nolan hasn’t aged well for me…

More anime!
Perfect Blue ( 1997 ) - horror, madness, a little nudity…becoming someone else.
A little history… Aronofsky bought the rights to replicate a scene for Requiem for a Dream, and used it to help make Black Swan.

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Marlon lives ! he he he

anyway, i deleted the other thread, so this is now the official and only one.

saw Akira and didn’t like it. then again, i haven’t watched anything the whole week because i’m to some extent out of ideas for what to watch. so at some point i will have to make use of this list here even if i may have doubts about it, but i don’t really have a choice.

i know i need to watch “Clockwork Orange” at some point because it’s about sadism, but i still haven’t mustered the courage to actually do it.

thanks for the list, i will study it later.

i actually liked Insomnia, though it was a while ago. I didn’t know it was Nolan. i think you may have told me it was Nolan but i just can’t believe it anyway and so will forget again.

what i meant is this:

( Movielens Personalized Predictions ):

Affiction - 3.85 ( good )
Me Before You - 3.0 ( passable )
Frailty - 3.65 ( decent )
Mother - 3.87 ( good )
Paprika - 3.58 ( decent )
Perfect Blue - 3.91 ( good )

i don’t really watch anything below 3.7 so from that perspective Affliction, Mother and Perfect Blue pass …

i already had Mother pinned to wish list on MovieLens but interestingly i had both Affliction and Perfect Blue crossed out ( in the recycle bin basically ). I now switched them to Pinned on wish list.

my best guess is i originally put them in recycle bin based on the trailers, but i re-watched the trailers and they aren’t so bad.

also have to note that i tend not to like Anime no matter what Movielens predicts, so combined with the fact i thought Inception was horrible i don’t really care where it came from so probably won’t watch “Paprika” … and also since i hate sentimental love stories probably won’t watch “Me Before You” either … Emilia Clarke makes great memes but i’m not super excited to watch any movies with her.

so my initial analysis suggests:

will probably watch soon: Mother, Affliction, Perfect Blue
maybe someday: Frailty
probably never: Me Before You, Paprika
already watched: Akira

Me Before You is fans of Emilia so no fuss there.

Nolan’s Insomnia is not as good as the original…watch the original one and you’ll see.

Paprika is visually stimulating…ah…hmmm…you weren’t a fan of Inception so I can’t fight that.

I already knew you weren’t an anime fan so I was reluctant to mention those. I’m surprise you’ve already seen Akira.

But fear not…the women look like women and the men look like men in these anime films.

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before i started using MovieLens i was going by lists of various cult classics and so on, and Akira was in every list.

my problem with “Demon Slayer” wasn’t so much that men ( well, 15 year old boys ) looked like women, but that they didn’t have any women to begin with …

it was a movie about 15 year old boys who love their dead mommy … whereas i thought i was going to watch a movie where 15 year old girls get raped by demons …

i think that’s an over-generalization …

i liked the graphics / animation in “Alita - Battle Angel” and “Demon Slayer” but both had a weak plot …

on other hand “Ghost in the Shell” ( 1995 ) was good film, but the sex robot was not as pretty as most characters in “Demon Slayer” out of which half were demons and half boys and none women …

“Princess Mononoke” was a hot character, but doesn’t get any action …

“Spirited Away” is a masterpiece … aimed at teaching children proper values ( FUCK THAT ! ! ! )

now if somebody could take the autism of Princess Mononoke, combine it with animation quality from Alita or Demon Slayer, with the rich symbolism and variety of memorable characters from Spirited Away and the Techno-Nihilism of Ghost in the shell …

that would actually be too much for one movie, but you get my drift …

i’m not against anime. i just think others rate it too highly. i constantly see Anime rated at almost 10 out of 10 but it’s nothing special when i watch it. it’s not that i hate it its that others love it too much so i have to apply a de-rating factor ( minus one star or so ) to the ratings i see.