V for Vendetta [ 2006 ]

I watched this years ago so…going purely on memory.

V: failed gov’t super-soldier who seeks revenge on the gov’t.
Evey: represents the common man.
Gov’t (and its agents): exercise nigh-complete control of the everyman.

Those are the three main characters.

Now in one sense, the movie hails the common man as V gets the ball rolling, they rise up and they rebel under his direction. And it is very stylish visually, and lovely dialogue since the Matrix anthropoids were ghost-directing it.

But to tell the truth, thinking about it years later, this is a really depressing film. Evey is clay in the hands of the gov’t and clay in the hands of V.
V acts as a conductor, making the gov’t and Evey (the common man) dance to his tune.

I named three main characters: V (failed super-soldier), .gov (including its agents) and Evey (mass man). One of these three is fictional…so there is no mass uprising coming, no one sending neat little masks so that you can anonymously and comfortably stare down .gov. No can do.

Alan Moore wrote the novel on which it is based, and looked at Thatcher’s gov’t as the basis for the government presented. He though it would ban globohomo instead, western gov’ts want to ban heterosexuality.

The movie’s rallying cry for rveolution is interesting:
“Remember, remember the 5th of November, gunpowder, treason and plot”

This is to remember Guy Fawkes’ plot against the English gov’t of King James in 1605. Yet there is evidence to believe it was a falsenflag.


If you take that it into account, it flips the film.
The big showdown with masks then turns into the January 6 Capitol Hill stunt…V unwittingly or wittingly…like Guy Fawkes, betrays his supporters to the gov’t.

After the triumphant mask scene would come the arrests and the crackdowns.



don’t know anything about that but could be.

yep … well, in the movie “V” personally kills every member of the ruling elite, but even so whatever is left of the hydra will probably be better organized than the resistance which doesn’t seem to have any sort of organization at all …

in real life of course Blompf not only didn’t kill anybody - he didn’t even arrest Hillary, or anybody at all - instead he himself is about to be arrested by the very people whom he put in power. so yeah Blompf is the closest we’re going to get to V and it’s not close at all and even V didn’t really do anything except settle personal scores and inspire people - he didn’t create any sort of power structure that could replace the one he did some cosmetic damage to.

but I liked the movie for its depiction of government as monsters, of people as their enablers and of media as being completely controlled …

but of course the character of V is typical hollywood superhero bullshit …

and even V isn’t out to change the world - he is simply looking for revenge …

ultimately the people just get to watch the fireworks - exactly as with January 6th, when people walked into the capitol and were like - now what ? LOL

your harsh criticism is 100% justified but i still like the movie overall. as with the Matrix it is of course not entirely realistic but it comes in contact with reality at more points than vast majority of superhero action movies ever will …

“Snowpiercer” pretty much spelled everything out as it is but i don’t think it is realistic to expect movies to do this in general … instead if the movie makes you think and stimulates your imagination that’s probably all we can ask for. “V” does that and that’s why i think it’s a good movie.

No…don’t get it wrong…I enjoyed the film.
I heartily recommend it.
Great acting…good adaptation of the comic book.
And I stress the word adaptation, since the setting is…americanized.
No doubt Bush was on the mind of the film makers.

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