Urbanist position on Private Jets explained

the average car holds 100 lbs of fuel. the average private jet holds 50,000 lbs of fuel, or 500 times more than a car.

the average car runs for about 10 days on that tank of fuel. my plug in hybrid runs for a month on one tank. i get 70 mpg and about 1,000 miles to a tank which is enough for month of driving.

the private jet on the other hand will burn through the whole fuel tank in a single flight from US to Europe, in just a few hours. in other words i would have to drive my plug in hybrid for FIFTY YEARS to consume as much fuel as a private jet consumes in a few hours. in other words in a single flight a private jet consumes more fuel than a car in its entire life time - even if the car is a gas guzzler. and if the car is a plug in hybrid then in a single flight the private jet consumes YOUR ENTIRE LIFETIME ( not the car’s ) worth of fuel.

feel free to google the numbers and double check for yourself. i ran the numbers many times and confirmed with others. knock yourself out.


have you seen planes before take off with their wings sagging so low they’re almost touching the ground ? that’s because the wings hold most of the fuel. the plane itself is just an empty aluminum beer can, but the wings are basically flat fuel tanks.

the more fuel the plane carries the less efficient it is due to the extra weight so the amount of fuel in the tanks is just for one flight, unlike in a car where the amount of fuel in the tank isn’t for a single trip but for many days or even weeks of driving. so roughly half of the weight of the aircraft is fuel, and that fuel is used up in a single flight.

you would think Urbanists with their hearts bleeding for the environment would be railing against private jets …

Unfortunately all Urbanists directly or indirectly work for the WEF …

about 700 private jets converge on any given WEF conference, using up ( for the round trip ) as much as my plug in hybrid would need 50,000 years to consume. or conversely enough fuel to power 50,000 cars like mine for a year.

as a result you will never, EVER in your motherfucking life EVER hear an Urbanist speak A SINGLE WORD against Private Jets.

and don’t give me the shit like " why should they speak of Private Jets they deal with roads not the sky " well because i confronted pretty much every one of them and demanded that they state their position on private jets. i asked them to say that they disapprove of private jets the same way they disapprove of pickup trucks and every single one of them refused.

go ahead and try it yourself. pick any big shot Urbanist ( not these low level Furry Trans Kids who have no idea what they’re doing in the movement ) and ask them however politely you want to disavow private jet use.

it will never happen. they will never say one negative word about private jets. ever.

Urbanists are nothing more than WEF goons posing as housing and transportation “experts” in the same way as WHO goons were posing as epidemiology experts during the “pandemic” …

also, isn’t it a weird coincidence how both the “pandemic” and “urbanism” both lead to basically the same type of lockdowns ? except they are now called “open streets” or “congestion pricing” or whatever they will call it tomorrow.

as i teach my disciples nomenclature comes and goes and so do the pretexts but agenda stays the same.

in the end Klaus Schwab and WEF get what they want. that much is certain. only thing not certain is what excuse / pretext will be used / what will be the next manufactured fake crisis. but the “solution” to whatever the next “crisis” will be is already well known.

your “footprint” will keep getting squeezed until they are ready to eliminate you completely and replace with AI.

you will travel less, live in smaller dwellings, eat less meat and so on … you will have less and less and less … and always for some good cause or to address some catastrophe like “Covid” or “Climate Change” or whatever … and anybody who tries to resist this will be labeled a Domestic Terrorist, called an Uneducated Bigot, prevented from being able to get a job or receive health care and so on …

until everybody complies and marches together to the slaughterhouse like the perfect cattle you are.

here we go:


does this remind you of anything ?

remember how during the plandemic they would arrive to conferences without masks, hug each other, then just before going on stage put on a mask … and then 2 seconds take it off on camera to speak into a Microphone …

they think you are stupid

and they are right

here is another one:

i like how he’s wearing a mask as well.

what absolute comedy.

why don’t they do this on Airports for Private Jets ?