Urbanism is the new Feminism

we Jews invented feminism and successfully used it to destroy the Family and now a century later we bring you our latest innovation - Urbanism !

a hundred years ago our fellow Kike called Edward Bernays ( a nephew of Sigmund Freud )

has successfully convinced retarded Shiksas that cigarettes were “torches of freedom” and got women to Smoke in defiance of the stereotype that Smoking is not feminine.

in doings so Bernays ultimately gave millions of women lung cancer, but it was a small price to pay for equality.

fast forward a hundred years and women now match Men also in alcoholism - an achievement even Bernays couldn’t dream of.

Feminism was of course an incredible success and combined with diversity is close to ending the western civilization once and for all. once we got White Boys to cuck and give women the right to vote it was game over for them. they should have known women have no brains and will simply vote for whatever we Jews tell them to vote for, which is of course going to be for unrestricted 3rd world mass immigration.

It may be true that almost all of the rapes of white women are at the hands of non-whites and immigrants but that would only make a difference to female voting if women had brains. of course if women had brains they would also understand that smoking gives you cancer rather than equality.

Anyway fast forward to present - we of course still use our bread and butter zombie retard class ( women ) to push our new poison err. “blessing” of Urbanism, but to keep up with the times we are also now diversifying with support from Students and Furries

thank you Biden for student loan forgiveness ! now these idiots err. “students” can spend even more time being indoctrinated by their Jewish professors with very important ( to us ) “knowledge” ( brainwashing )

Whereas with feminism we told women that they are oppressed by men, with Urbanism we tell all mentally handicapped groups ( women, students, furries etc. ) that they are oppressed by cars.

( to be continued … )

so just how oppressed were women by patriarchy, really ?

how oppressive was chivalry ?

well Knights would go to crusades to try to earn the good will of a woman and in some cases would have to cut off their finger to prove that they really loved her and so on.

if they were successful and the woman accepted them she could then continue to do nothing just sitting at home trying on different dresses as the Knight would continue to fight in her name …

we of course scrubbed all references to this from the curriculum and now children are taught that Vikings were Black and so on …

but anyway you didn’t really think we would stop with saving women did you ? no no Goy, now it is time to save YOU ! because this time it is YOU who is oppressed ! by cars !

now if you talked to your parents they probably would tell you that cars are awesome and that they were dreaming of having a car when they were your age … well, that’s why your parents are RACIST ! ! !

why are you talking to those Boomers anyway ? they probably voted for Trump !

we were too busy educating them about Women and Niggers err … People of Color and we didn’t have time to “educate” them about cars. so don’t talk to them about that. we will teach you directly.

Cars are bad mkay ? You are oppressed mkay ? Cars were invented by evil corporations mkay ? We Jews are the good guys of history mkay ? we totally didn’t Holodomor Ukrainians, we didn’t Hiroshima and Nagasaki the Japs and didn’t Dresden the Germans … and we most assuredly aren’t genociding the Palestinians - where are you getting those ideas from goy, are you some kind of a Nazi ?

look if we could convince women that Working full time, Drinking and Smoking was “liberating” them from the “oppression” of staying at home and doing nothing except playing with the kids then we can convince you Furries that pedaling like a dog is liberating you from cruising on the highway blasting music.

if we could convince women that being called “the fair sex” was not pedestalizing them then we can convince drivers that ability to go anywhere anytime isn’t freedom.

in the end you idiots will believe whatever we tell you because that’s how it always worked and how it always will work. just as women learned to work so will white men learn to pedal the bicycle.

and eat the bugs.