Unable to leave a negative review on Google Shopping for ALLHDD.com

my order with ALLHDD.com is still listed as “open” a month after i got them to promise me TWICE ( in writing / chat transcript ) that they will cancel it by end of day

i try to go to Google Shopping ( where it is listed as a TOP STORE ) to leave a store review but i can’t !

you can only review a store after they send you an invitation to review them ! ! !

but obviously since they’re scamming me they will never send me an invitation to review them !

this is how they have a 4.9 rating on Google Shopping even though i have spent probably 10 hours over the course of a week to try to get my order cancelled and a month later it is still open

they never shipped the order because they never had the item but they also will not cancel it

and i can’t leave a negative review on Google !

it’s amazing that Google is this fucking worthless ! ! !

my advice is - forget google shopping. only buy from Amazon.

Google Shopping has always been filled with scams. It’s amazing that they still haven’t managed to weed them out. I get obvious scam sites with prices that are too good to be true as the first results even when I search for stuff today. I guess they don’t have time to make their search engine work well when they are so invested in rigging it to manufacture a left wing political consensus.

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Google always had this sort of scatterbrain where they start a lot of projects but don’t really put in the effort to make them work …

their approach is throw shit at the wall and hope it sticks …

they don’t believe in a focused effort to make something great - they believe in trying as many things as possible …

it’s a valid strategy in a sense that if you try 100 things your chances of succeeding even with half assed effort are higher than if you put all your eggs in one basket …

but it does dilute the brand where they have a few great products but also a lot of failed or half assed products …

by contrast apple makes sure every product they make is as solid as they can make it, so as a result people don’t even research when buying apple - they just buy anything apple makes the day it comes out.

remember google glass ? google fiber ? dead as a doornail.

it’s a double edged sword - on one hand it is good that Google is always looking ahead and trying new things - on other hand since most their products go nowhere it’s hard not to be skeptical of them.

i don’t use Apple of course. i use Samsung for mobile, Dell for laptops and DIY for desktops.