Typical Boomer Behavior


haha, i’m reading the comments - they’re all missing the point by a mile.

Boomers gonna Boom. There is nothing you can do about it. They are programmed to act this way.

In fact the very reason they move to Florida is to die there. Boomers have no reason to exist and their body knows this. The boomer itself doesn’t know because it’s retarded and only “knows” what TV tells him, but his body knows it’s time to die.

Boomer ( in its usual stupor ): ah what a nice morning !
His body: Time to feed the Alligators !
Boomer: Where is my dog ?

If it was me calling 911 i would be like " please help ! i am about to die from laughing too hard ! "

when we are children we are afraid of everything because we are stupid but we also have to survive, so our solution is to always be afraid of everything - of things like a tiny bug etc.

when we are adults we control our fears because we are wiser, we know some ladybug isn’t going to kill us, and also we know that death is inevitable anyway.

and when you’re a boomer you’re back to being stupid, only this time there is no longer any evolutionary imperative to survive. quite the opposite - a surviving boomer is a drain on his tribe. the job of a boomer is to die to make room for the younger generation.

so when a child sees a ladybug the child be like " oh no it’s going to kill me ! " and runs away.

but when a boomer sees a bear or an alligator it stands there like a total retard until it is eaten alive.

as Robert Greene teaches no matter how absurd somebody’s behavior you can never change it by appealing to their senses. if they had any sense they wouldn’t be acing this way to begin with. they act a certain way because it’s a reflection of what they are, which is immutable, and thus their behavior is also immutable.

what you have to do instead is observe the patterns and learn to predict their next move based on these patterns.