Topics Banned from Discussion

audiophiles are retards and i have no time for their shit. i’m just going to ban their opinions and if they don’t like it they can go fuck themselves.

on this site …

you can’t argue that passive crossovers are superior to DSP.

you can’t argue that vacuum tubes are superior to solid state.

you can’t argue that transmission line speakers sound better than sealed or vented boxes.

you can’t argue that silver cables sound better than copper.

you can’t argue that ALNICO magnets sound better than ferrite.

you can’t argue that you hear things nobody can hear in double blind tests

you can’t argue that toroid transformers are better than SMPS.

you can’t argue that vinyl is better than digital audio.

it isn’t so much that all those things are even false, it’s just that i have no time for that shit.

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I agree that most audiophiles are full of shit and have to much time and $ to waste. Most difference in sound perception is bias because of trumpet up products and expectation that most are always chasing. D mentioned that alot of audiophiles are too busy criticing equipment and not really just enjoying the music. Who cares about inperseptable sound quality. I care to some extent because I listen alot and dable in speaker rebuilds but don’t obsee too much. It’s just a fun hobby I enjoy. D caps on Polk 35s didn’t help any. Michael

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Just audiophiles?!
Beyond a certain point…the arguing and beating others into submission to show who knows more or spends more or has the right opinion takes precedence over the hobby itself.

Group dynamics take precedence over what the group is/was interested in - which is why you need dissenting opinions to see if you are still on track (or maybe you like the “King of the Hill” track better).

add to this the fact that some forums are pimped by manufacturers and other “sponsors” who decide what opinions are OK and not OK

furthermore most forums ( to various degrees ) ban any sort of negativity, so no matter how dumb what somebody is building is everybody has to pretend that it isn’t dumb

they want everybody building something whether it makes any sense or not rather than people trying to figure out what actually makes sense only to discover that very few things actually make sense to DIY …

reality is that DIY is a communist scam straight out of Mao Zedong’s cultural revolution … it makes sense only under a very limited set of circumstances but discussion of what exactly those circumstances are is essentially forbidden on DIY forums - instead you are required to pretend that DIY is always the answer.

same as how on a Vegan forum Vegan diet is ALWAYS the answer to ALL problems and same for Carnivore diet on Carnivore forum and so on …

and finally moderators are either morons themselves or they side with morons over intelligent people because they see intelligent people as trouble makers and morons as their cash cows …

combined this makes most of these forums essentially unusable for any sort of intelligent discussion and in fact intelligent people rarely post … there are absolute buffoons with 10,000 posts and super intelligent people with maybe 20 posts … because the way these forums are set up they basically reward the buffoons and punish the intelligent …