Tirza (2010)

The longest 95 viewing minutes of my life. The longest.
Very hard to watch.
Shocked it only got 6.4 on IMDB…

Brilliant acting throughout.
Keeps the theme the death of the family going strong.
An adult film…makes so many other “serious” films look like lighthearted fare.

Now I know why Namibia, Botswana etc. get so many middle-aged tourists.

What is the film about?
A man abandoned by life and family…
A man too close to his daughter…
Guilt…bucketloads, pools, streams, rivers that all the medicine in the world cannot wash away…

Let’s get right to the point…the incest and pedo implications make it hard to watch. The incest happens but the pedo doesn’t.

The film pretty much states that he screwed his daughter…the scene when they look at each other…
while she is simply taking it emotionlessly from Choukri
(Is that an Indian chicken dinner? Choukri?)
…and his ensuing rage scream jealousy.

Seems she is trying out a regular relationship to get the same high that she did from Daddy but it didn’t work. He couldn’t take it and snapped.

Of course, this film made zero dollars. I’m sure of it.
The elite love their incest and paedophilia.

Let’s look at it another way…Jorgen is the superfluous Western man…financial elites swindle him, he is pushed out of work by smooth-talking immigrants…surrounded by bossy sexually aggressive yet loveless women at home…except for his sun queen Tirza.

His wife doesn’t excite him any more…she lost interest in a regular plain middle class man, and seethes with contempt. This contempt kills his drive for her and he goes for younger and more submissive fare (the cleaning lady, Tirza’s classmate).

The scene with the older daughter and the renter shows just how powerless he is. All he can do is threaten.
The wife leaves, the older daughter leaves, but the sweet young tender Sun Queen stays.

Western man…lose control of your women…and this is your fate…cuckoldry, child prostitutes and death in a foreign land.

excellent analysis overall

my interpretation is he didn’t but that it made no difference … because at one point Tirza tells him that she’s his wife now and at another point she catches him with her classmate and is shocked and when she asks him why he did it he can’t answer … and the reason is of course fucking Tirza’s classmate is the closest he could get to fucking Tirza herself. yet in other scenes he says that sex is overrated and that his beautiful daughters are worth more than all the orgasms in the world. in other words he is both sexually interested in Tirza and simultaneously he isn’t really all about sex.

him beating the german renter with a lamp and dragging older daughter ibi kicking and screaming was basically foreshadowing what was going to happen to Choukri and Tirza … except his wife haven’t left him yet and so he wasn’t as close to his older daughter who was also lucky enough to leave him in time.

his wife then explicitly tells him that he ruined his family by being too close to his daughters … she doesn’t accuse him of sexually abusing them because he didn’t do that … instead he suffocated his older daughter with his jealousy and went even further with his younger daughter doing everything with her that a man would do with his wife except sex.

them playing together is one example of obviously romantic behavior but he also mentions to his wife that he and Tirza go out to taste wine together and the wife jokes “how romantic” … he also tells the wife “you’re just jealous because me and Tirza are happy together”

i once dated a girl that told me that the first time she had an orgasm was when her father was spanking her. she said her father realized what was happening and never spanked her again. indeed when i spanked her i could tell she wasn’t faking her pleasure and it wasn’t because she was into me but because she was into her father. her parents were divorced and she lived with her mother but she visited her father regularly even though he was at least 40 years older than her. i would pick her up at her father’s place half the time. oh yeah - she was also a prostitute - and she never had a real boyfriend - just casual sex. in my case i didn’t even sleep with her though i had her permission to do it but only if i wore a condom and i didn’t want to, so we were mostly friends and i would occasionally get a hand job and a blowjob once.

heh, now that i think of it i think she told me her mother stabbed her in the leg once or something like that … and she also was hospitalized with mental health problems as well … she had a strange relationship with her brother as well where she would discuss his body and penis in front of both me and him … she was joking about it but it didn’t feel to me like an appropriate subject to joke about …

the point being daddy issues can really mess girls up and actual sex isn’t necessary for this to happen.

of course in the movie they slightly over-dramatized it with an actual double murder but that’s just because movies need a plot and that means something has to happen. but while these types of murders are probably very rare the kind of dysfunction that surrounded it is almost identical to what i have seen with my own eyes.

this is why i said in another thread that cultures which marry young girls off at the age of like 7 or 8 have actually got it right. and in fact supposedly studies show those girls actually end up happier in the long run. in the short term western girls that are into sex, drugs and parties are happier than girls that are sold into marriage and forced to wear burkas … but in the long term those burka girls have a family and the party girls have … cats ( my prostitute friend had cats as well, even when she was still young ).

i honestly don’t see any other solution than PHYSICAL REMOVAL of daughters from their father and placing them with their future husband before they reach puberty.


daddy issues can really mess girls up and actual sex isn’t necessary for this to happen…she catches him with her classmate and is shocked and when she asks him why he did it he can’t answer … and the reason is of course fucking Tirza’s classmate is the closest he could get to fucking Tirza herself.

Makes you think of Trump’s comments about his daughter.

But that rage…that’s a jealous lover’s rage.
Reminds me of Lolita when Irons goes cuckoo, shooting the greasy guy.

definitely strong parallels - i didn’t want to mention it in my “review” because it would give away too much.

or Biden showering with his …

ultimately the proof is in the pudding. if the kid comes out allright then the parent should be forgiven. but if the kid ends up suiciding or otherwise unable to lead a normal happy life then whatever the parent did was inappropriate …

people try to reduce everything to binary terms but reality is more fluid … it’s not all black and white …

by the way Elon Musk doesn’t talk to his father because his father is or was openly in a relationship with his own stepdaughter …

in other words this kind of shit happens all the time …

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the other major theme i’m picking up in this film is that Jorgen is constantly looking for external threats but the real threat is himself …

external threats exist of course but the way laws and society work is they limit the amount of damage others can do to us …

the real damage comes from our own actions or that of our parents …

or as ( i believe ) Muhammad Ali ( or some other boxer ) said ( paraphrasing ) " it’s the blow you don’t see coming that puts you to sleep " …

external threats we recognize, we brace ourselves, they may wobble us but ultimately we survive them …

internal threats we somehow manage to not see even when they are completely obvious … and they “put us to sleep” …

the way the movie is set up Jorgen keeps drinking and telling everybody his side of the story, but then he also has flashbacks that tell what really happened … the contrast between the two is Jorgen’s delusion …

at a critical point after another flashback he says " yes it’s me, i am the eating disorder " … finally accepting responsibility and saying " i have to pay " …

the movie is essentially saying that love creates a blind spot which can lead to horrible things …

in fact this mirrors a famous political quote:

“Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience.”

essentially love disables our conscience … the end justifies the means … sacrifices for “greater good” …

on the other hand maybe there is no message at all. why should there be ? we can’t assume a film has a message any more we can assume life has meaning.

as i previously said a good film is one that makes you think. it asks questions. it doesn’t provide answers.

we take these questions and reflect on our own life experiences, that way anything we come up with is authentic because it’s based on OUR life experience and OUR analysis, not that of writer or director.

i reject anything that spoon feeds me conclusions. this is why i do not read books and do not watch “documentaries” …

or as Stephan Molyneux said " i don’t like to define myself by my conclusions " … it’s not about conclusions, it’s about the willingness to ask hard questions.

He loves himself most of all…he recreates his image in the children…or at least tries to. All parents do this but we can go too far…we can kill the child’s spirit by trying to replace it with our own.
We should use what we have learned and pass it on.
We have to let go and accept the child for what he is.

There is a saying, that parents should provide children with roots and wings. He gave them roots but no wings,

“My sun queen”…Who then is the sun king?

He can’t remake the wife so he has no interest in her.

His natural desire for a submissive mate was smothered and grew malformed and monstrous, an angry parasitic vine.

If he were able to be with a young girl from early…not his jaded wife…he could have bonded properly with her.

On a more personal note, it made me think back to my pedestalizing of women in my blue pill days. Now I think back…man…I was a real dumbass.

my EX accused me of this. or rather pointed it out because she didn’t care either way. she said “you don’t love me you love yourself loving me” … well sure but … is that really wrong ? as far as i am concerned the point of love is to bring out the best in me, to give me purpose … but apparently that’s a bad thing. i should somehow pretend like my life isn’t about me. if you love somebody you want to take care of them not watch somebody else do a better job of it than you could. my EX would probably say that’s not real love and i would argue that if it isn’t then real love doesn’t exist.

never heard that one. realistically though parents have kids for selfish reasons and if that reason is to simply create somebody in your own image then it’s honestly the least bad of the various reasons that come to mind. back when i used to want to have kids i definitely would have tried to mold them in my own image … now that i realize this isn’t what’s best for them i also realize that i am not interested in what’s best for some strangers ( my kids NOT made in my image ). and therefore i’m simply not interested in having kids period.

yeah he didn’t think this one through …

i’m not sure marriage is a good thing but if we assume that it is then we should recognize that it’s not something that just automatically works and that right conditions have to be in place.

we as a society are currently trying to destroy marriage by undermining all those necessary conditions that allow people to bond.

i wish instead of deliberately and systematically destroying people’s ability to bond ( in order to destroy marriage ) we simply banned marriage and allowed people to continue to love each other.

but there is no political will to ban marriage so instead it has to be done in an underhanded fashion that is going to cause far more suffering because we will literally have to destroy everyone’s lives just to prevent them from getting married and raising carbon footprints.

if we simply had 1 child policy like China this would have been ideal. it would have increased the value of people instead of destroying it.

yeah but if you don’t “pedestalize” women what is the point of having them anyway ? what is the point of getting something if you don’t think it has value ?

when i understood women my reaction wasn’t to use this knowledge to get more of them but to use this knowledge to not waste any more of my time on them.

i had hit and miss results with women when i didn’t understand them. when i understood them i just quit.

i realized that porn has all the positives of women with none of the negatives.

the positives of women are the warm and fuzzy fantasy in your mind that is unrelated to reality … and the physical release. good porn gives you both of those. without any of the downsides like getting murdered by other jealous guys, of having to pay child support, of going through breakups, or even just wasting time and money on going out, vacations and other things women think are “fun” …

none of what women consider “fun” is fun to me. i don’t enjoy spending time with women outside of bed. i don’t like going out. i don’t like travel. i don’t like shopping. fuck them.

people on GAB would say the point of women is to make babies … they of course also say you should home school your kids … great … waste all your time on your kids only to have them hate you for the rest of their lives for turning them into freaks unable to function in society …

both women and children only made sense to me up to about mid-20s or so when i started to understand things …

as far as i am concerned life is about child prostitutes if you’re rich and powerful ( or if you’re willing to travel to 3rd world ) and about porn if you’re not …

i have considered traveling to 3rd world for sex tourism but unfortunately i realized that i have very high standards … i am not interested in malnourished, retarded ugly Philippinas … i like healthy, intelligent, athletic white girls … they like me too but their parents are most likely like Jorgen and i would rather not find out … not to mention i’m not part of the socioeconomic class that’s above the law …

i wonder how old the lifeguard chicks are in my pool … i was 16 when i was a lifeguard. the way the system is set up by the time girls become legal they have already been ruined. most of them lose virginity around 14 or so. the system is designed to make everybody a criminal - this is how tyranny works, not just with respect to age of consent but speed limits and everything else.

no girls wait until they’re 18 to “do it” just like nobody actually drives 65 mph on an empty interstate. the system likes to turn everybody into criminals so that we’re all at their mercy and all our “rights” count for nothing because if we’re not in prison it’s only because somebody is doing us a favor. this isn’t how “liberty” was supposed to work.

next life when i’m Bill Gates i’m going to Epstein Island but in this life PornHub is going to have to do …

Not saying its bad; but like a river it can overflow its boundaries.

realistically though parents have kids for selfish reasons and if that reason is to simply create somebody in your own image then it’s honestly the least bad of the various reasons that come to mind.

Of course. But there are points where the kids are just…different…and you have to work with that or much drama, hate etc. ensues. There is love that nurtures and love that smothers.

…simply ban marriage and allow people to continue to love each other.

instead it has to be done in an underhanded fashion that is going to cause far more suffering because we will literally have to destroy everyone’s lives just to prevent them from getting married and raising carbon footprints.

if we simply had 1 child policy like China this would have been ideal. it would have increased the value of people instead of destroying it.

Naaw…the West is a mommy tyranny…like Big Brother in 1984 they want you to have options yet no choices.
Here! 1000 women to marry…but there are single moms, 300 pounders, 300 notches, abused, abandoned etc…
The East is a daddy tyranny…one child policy, don’t do this, do that etc.

The East and West will meet.
There will be one tyranny, one tranny mommy-daddy tyranny to rule us all.
You’ll have nothing…mortgages, debts, bugs, and any one of 72 genders of your choice.
And we’ll be a big happy family…Isn’t that great!

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That’s why they used to promote early marriage.
A man is not going to marry past a certain age…it doesn’t make sense.
As for the pedestal, being with a woman is the surest way to stop idolising them.

the system is designed to make everybody a criminal


The Spartans had a year (or a couple months, don’t recall) where they took seven year old boys to train them to be men. A part of the training was to forage for food. They would go to the market, and steal fruits etc. If they were caught, the vendor was allowed to publicly thrash the boy - even though he knew what was happening. Message: don’t get caught.

We have a worse system - its not for a brief period but for life…it isn’t impartial - see Epstein Island…and they lie to you about obedience to the system.

as far as i am concerned life is about child prostitutes

Nine is too young for me…but Tirza is a great ad for child prostitutes…
The film is based on a book. I wonder just how much research in Namibia the book author did.

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i don’t have a problem with the vision Elites have ( own nothing, eat bugs etc ) …

my problem is that they constantly lie about everything and that their system rewards morons who believe all these lies and punishes people who have figured out the truth …

my Jewish math teacher in Ukraine when asked about cheating always said that cheating is perfectly fine so long as you don’t get caught.

i preferred that to to the bullshit i was told in US namely " you’re only cheating yourself " LOL

all systems exist for the benefit of those who run them.

yeah i was joking about “child” prostitutes … most of these politicians and billionaires are probably fucking 12-15 year old girls or so on Epstein Island but there are of course some sick fucks who do 9 year old boys etc …

have no idea what is happening in Namibia and don’t care - i’m not going there or to Thailand - and neither are our leaders.

if some Boomers go there to fuck 9 year olds that’s their problem.

more wifey material ( image from gab )

how old are these girls ? probably about 9 …

i am just going to repeat myself …

as i previously said this would be the age at which you buy the girls from their father to be your wife … but you don’t have sex until they hit puberty.

you purchase your wife at the youngest age at which the quality of the specimen can be ascertained and then you simply keep her away from other men and her father for a few years …

as soon as she hits puberty ( okay maybe a little later, say 14 ) you put her to work pumping out kids for you …

if conservatives weren’t worthless senile poopy pants retards they would recognize i’m right.

no sex before marriage is a nice idea but the only way to ensure this is to marry the girl off before she hits puberty, which means it has to be an arranged marriage as she wouldn’t be attracted to men at the time of marriage …

repeating myself again i read that women in arranged marriages are happier in the long term …

why should women be allowed to choose their husband ? children don’t get to choose their parents. children love their parents because the parents take care of them. if the parents don’t take care of them then children must be removed from that family. wives should be the same. they should be married off as children and learn to love their husband for taking care of them. it the husband doesn’t take care of them there should be mechanism to protect them as well.

women lose 90% of their eggs by age 30, and in today’s society they are expected to delay marriage till about 35 …

of course children don’t die as much as they used to so women only need to make about 3 kids rather than maybe 8 as in the past so there is no great imperative to start making babies at age 12 or 13 but also waiting until 35 is playing russian roulette …

I would say wait till they around 11 to buy them but you are right.

Things were done this way. The modern way is a disaster.

There is a passage in Genesis where Jacob buys his wife, but has no money, so he works for seven years to get her.
He clearly spotted her around this age…could not have been older.
He also buys her younger sister, and has to work another 7 years to get …so that is 14 plus whatever age he saw her at.

It is the submissiveness that makes the union work.

the younger you buy your wife the less traumatic it will be for her.

remember that story about 10 year old getting an abortion after getting raped by her mother’s boyfriend ?

if you buy your wife at 11 she may already have some experience with men, even if it is only looking at some boy and thinking he is cute, and then she will already be comparing you to that boy …

you have to buy her BEFORE she is capable of finding some boy cute let alone getting pregnant …

if you buy your wife at 11 you’re already tearing her away from her fantasies about who she thought she would date etc …

you have to get her BEFORE she starts having fantasies so she doesn’t know what she’s missing …

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