Things everyone is required to believe and profess even though we all know they are bullshit

belielfs everyone is required to profess - what we actually know to be true

everybody is equal - nobody is equal to anybody

diversity is our strength - nonwhites ruin everything

we are facing a climate change catastrophe, if we don’t sacrifice everything immediately the planet is doomed - we can’t control climate, climate change isn’t happening, and if it did it wouldn’t matter because climate has historically fluctuated by orders of magnitude greater than anything we’re measuring and somehow the planet is just fine after billions of years of such changes.

patriarchy oppresses women - patriarchy pedestalizes women

parents love and protect their children - parents exploit and abuse their children

minors can’t consent to sex - we were all minors once and know exactly what it’s like to be one - you want sex all the time - yet when you actually get the only thing you want magically you have been raped.

cars suck, cars were invented by capitalist corporations, cycling to work is great, cycling is the height of progress - cars are awesome, mass transit was invented by communist dictators and is how they commute in North Korea, cycling to work is cruel and unusual punishment you get on your way to the Hard Labor camp.

vegan diet is healthy - parents routinely go to prison because they feed their children a vegan diet that ends up killing the children.

meat is unhealthy - countries with highest meat consumption have longest life expectancy

bugs are better than meat - when you eat a bug you aren’t just consuming bug meat but also its exoskeleton ( chitin - an allergen ) and the contents of its intestines ( literal shit )

teachers are the most valuable members of our society and are grossly underappreciated - teachers are the lowest of the low and should be spat upon

education is very important - “education is a system of imposed ignorance” - Chomsky

jews are the ultimate victims - jews are the ultimate predators

Hitler attacked the Jews, gassing 6 million - the Jews attacked Germany, resulting in 60 million deaths, less than 1% of whom were Jews

cholesterol is a poison, if you eat it you will die - cholesterol is a life giving substance manufactured by your liver. your dietary cholesterol intake has no effect on your blood cholesterol levels.

testosterone is a toxin - testosterone is responsible for strength, kindness and compassion.

you can be healthy at any size - your waist size is the number one determining factor for how long you will live an how healthy or unhealthy you will be

Africans built Europe - Africans didn’t build Europe ( where they didn’t exist ), they didn’t build America ( where they contributed nothing of value ) and they most assuredly didn’t build Africa or any other Black Continent, Island, Nation or anything because Niggers only know how to destroy.

women deserve equal pay - women are unable to do ANYTHING on the same level as men. women can’t even cook at the same level as men. all the top chefs are men.

soldiers are honorable - soldiers are dumb animals and tools of the system who all end up killing themselves unable to live with what they have done

doctors are respectable - the job of doctors is to breed cancer, diabetes, heart disease and to get people hooked on drugs.

women remain valuable as they get older - the value of a woman beings to decline starting at age 15-20, is down to half by 25-35 and to zero by 40-60.

age of consent protects girls - age of consent protects older women from competition, protects fathers from being jealous of other men fucking their daughters and allows Israel to control American politics by blackmailing powerful people with evidence of sex with minors. no population group is hurt by age of consent more than the group it ostensibly protects, but luckily they can’t vote and have no power to challenge their “protection”

excellent list !

I agree everything is in reverse of what’s being purported as “truth” to us.