The Vaxx and Israel

Apparently Israel got the same vaxx as everyone else…though they had the good sense not to go for double, triple, quadruple treatments.

i skimmed through the article - what makes you think the data about vaccine safety was gathered in Israel itself as opposed to using data from other countries and simply assuming that Israeli vaccine is the same ?

also i’m pretty sure Israel was leading the world in boosters - putting people on the 4th shot before anybody else. again - what makes you think otherwise ?

Not sure if it was here or elsewhere…but I remember reading that Israel wouldn’t vax their population with the same stuff everyone else was getting.

that was probably just me speculating that Israel will use a different vaccine formula, that is more like a placebo.

for example in the west i believe small children were getting the same dose as large adults. if they simply used lower dose in Israel that would already improve their survival probably.

but i didn’t see any hard information either way.