The Thoughts of Ertz__part 2

SS = social status.

Those things all known life, including of course humans, NEED to perpetuate life:

  1. Resources (food, money, shelter, etc.)
  2. Security/Safety (from predation, the environment, other members of the same species)
  3. Reproduction/mates
    These three things are universals. In socially organized species like us they can perhaps condensed into “power”, which may be simplifiable as SS.
    Therefore, all laws, ideologies, philosophies and religions seem to only be about regulating/governing the distribution of resources and sex and personal security, by enforcing or giving pretexts for the respective distribution scheme.

Another idea of mine is that “vampirism” exists – “life” can be taken from others and used for expanding one’s own life:

A) Capital income/interests/dividends/profits – this is other people’s work products, a representation of their life-time, life-energy and health-time. Through capital income, the really rich people can access life energy/life time/ health time of legions of many poorer people through money, which is transferred, and therefore, in a way, their life time/life energy/health-time, too: I mean this in a very concrete, non-esoteric way – for example, a single person could never build and own and operate a huge mansion/palace/skyscraper, but through the magic of money it becomes easily possible.

B) Outright replacing failing organs with healthy ones of poorer/low-SS people through organ transplantation – this can be facilitated through money/power/SS – for example, the big business in China of harvesting prisoners or those condemned to death sentences for their organs – they are kept alive to store bodies/organs in working manner until an high-SS/-power human is in need to expand his own life through butchering other people.

C) The extraordinarily powerful health effects of high SS explained in the link above can be seen as vampirism, too, because in way those of high SS have pushed down others into lower SS and therefore kind of transfer the life- and health-span benefits of high SS from those beneath them to themselves.
I think that the purpose of life, in practical terms (ignoring the fairy-tale, made-up stuff of philosophies and religions) is very straightforward:
To kill or enslave (exploit, like in “enlightened self-interest) other people for maximal personal gain.
This is what we are actually, really, doing in life.

that’s what we’re doing yes.

that doesn’t mean it’s the purpose.

there is no purpose.


pretty obvious …

your boy is a commie.

also he needs to make up his mind - does he believe in growth or in zero sum ?

i don’t agree that it is “easy” to come into a possession of a gigantic mansion or factory thanks to money.

you need to dedicate your entire life to it. no not by “working” but by always putting personal gain above everything else.

for example Kamala Harris had to suck a lot of dick to get to where she is now. would your boy ERTZ be willing to do it ? no, he just says that it is “easy” … that’s bullshit.

we have a built in self-destruct mechanism just like those mice.

feeling self important may be the closest humans have to a youth elixir and vice versa.

people at the top to some extent are there because they felt entitled to it. if you feel your place is at the top you may or may not actually get to the top but if you don’t feel your place is at the top you 100% will not get there.

so most at the top feel like they belong there and this feeling is what gives them long life.

people at the bottom feel worthless and this feeling kills them.

that’s in addition to quality of nutrition, sex, health care and so on.

but i think i think for long life its mainly happiness, feeling of self-worth, nutrition and exercise.

these organ transplants are a very minor factor. rich people don’t live 20 years more than poor people because of organ transplants. human body isn’t like a car. it doesn’t typically have individual parts failing - when it fails it usually fails as a whole. for example heart attacks usually happen to people who also have strokes - you can transplant a heart but you can’t transplant the brain and still be yourself.

Remember…you see through a lens darkly…
the eliminate-all -human-life lens

Probably…I suspect he is in Europe, working in academia.
Can’t prove it…but I always thought so.

always putting personal gain above everything else.

Yes. This is how I have seen people succeed.

Oddly enough…when I followed movies more closely, I read a number of performers, notably Jennifer Lopez and Chris Pratt, who said such things long before they became mega-successful.

we all start with a need to believe. we hold on to it as long as we can. you’re still holding on. i only lasted about 30 years.

it’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

sort of how the Jews believe that they are god’s chosen people.

looking at their track record it would be hard to argue that they’re not … but the belief came first and success followed.

without believing that you are destined to win you’re not going to fight.

nothing odd about that.