The Thoughts of ERtz_ part 1

If useful, I will post more of his thoughts.

ERTZ March 21, 2018 at 19:44

I think you do not understand what politics is; it is not “for the population” or “the nation” etc. – it is only for furthering the interests of the upper class, the ruling class of any country. Everything else is just a pretext. Like farmers, the ruling class cares for their subjects like farmers do for their cattle – they try to maximize their output, “meat and milk” production, that is, ideas, money, industries, innovation, work output etc.
If the cattle stock gets too old, or needs to be expanded for gaining more income, a farmer will introduce new and more cattle to improve his stock to improve his income.

Your ideas of “nation”, “population”, “Germans” etc. seem sentimental to me, nothing of that, as I understand it, is a real policy goal, but only output maximization from the “cattle”, the population, to further power and income for the ruling class.

Let me re-post some of what I commented in the article “leninism-and-bioleninism”:

“I will end this long comment with my understanding how the economy works in terms of politics:
(I’ll explain what the refugee phenomenon in Europe is really about, too.)
Envy – and greed – by European, especially German, upper classes, compared with what they see their US counterparts enjoy: A sizable low-IQ, mostly Negroid underclass.

Because, for the upper class, Negroes function as what I termed “profit pumps”, or “profit guarantees”:
The only class that really produces surplus is the middle class (MC) – skilled workers, above that doctors, engineers, small businessmen etc.
I repeat, for this is important: The middle class is the only class producing meaningful amounts of surplus wealth.

The upper class (UC) wants that money from them, naturally.
Middle class is too smart to simply being tricked to give their work’s profits to the UC;
and this cannot be changed, because the MC must be kept rather smart, because the nature
of their work as a profit source needs to keep them smart.

How did the UC solve this problem?
MC has a weakness – they lack capital,they are not really, independently rich – they fear unemployment, illness and falling down the social ladder because of that.
Therefore, they agree to pay high taxes – for a social welfare system, because of their deep-seated
fear that they would need it one day themselves.
Their tax money, therefore, goes to the lower classes (LC) – White Trash and Negroes, in the USA.

But does their money END there? Not at all – LC people immediately spend it – specifically for stuff the MC would never spend it for (as they are too smart, saving, conscientious for that), like huge-margin/profit goods like branded sports shoes (Negroes actually kill each other for those and crave them – MC parents would scold their kids for buying things like shoes for 500$ that last few months before being worn/ugly and cost 3$ to make, the difference being profits for the UC owners of industry).

So how can the UC route the money flow from the MC to themselves?
By growing the immediate-gratification, money-squandering LC, ideally Negroes (as those have lowest IQs and act like easily impressionable – by advertising – kids even as adults and therefore can be perfectly controlled through media and advertising, which is not so easily possible with the MC).

Thanks to the welfare system, the more LC people live in a society, the more money is forced from the MC to flow to the UC (by proxy of LC).
This is also the reason the UC enforces “anti-racism” rules – as any questioning of importing more LC people the welfare tax-based system would immediately endanger UC’s vast profits from the work of the MC!
This is also the reason for the UC pushing “racism” ,“equality” and “social justice” and all those “leftist” concepts – the higher MC is taxed for the welfare system, the more the LC consumes of the MC’s money, and the more profits are forced to flow to the UC!

Therefore, I think it appropriate to think of the welfare system not longer merely as just that –
it actually has been modified into a weapon to enslave the MC by the UC.
And this is what happens in Europe – the native population is too MC, too conscientious, they tend to save too much and squander not enough of their income and savings for consumer trash, therefore limiting UC’s profits.

This is especially relevant in connection with the rise of China, as more and more wealth of Western societies flows out towards there because more and more products and services are made and based in China – moving profits and wealth also there; to limit the threat to themselves, Europeans UC’s now mass-import a future LC, their own versions of US Negroes so to speak, to enforce and secure future profit flows from the productive MC to the UC.

This would allow the European UC to keep their wealth, or even increase it, even in a future where average European wealth would decrease due to Chinese competition and an aging population.
Demography is a weapon, tool, profit and status foundation for ruling.”

well he’s trying to think - that’s honestly commendable. in my estimate less than 1% of people even TRY to think.

i don’t really agree with this analysis but i do agree that lower classes are a weapon used by upper classes against the middle class.

i’m going to take advantage of setting sun to watch some movies. i will make some more comments later ( perhaps tomorrow ) but it’s really kind of difficult territory so it will be speculation at best.

your boy misses the key point about GREAT RESET in that it really is a reset

it’s a massive shift from GROWTH to AUSTERITY

just like Teenagers experience a growth spurt and then when they are 18 or so the body locks the growth down and we remain the same size until old age …

this is kind of capping of growth is essential to survival. without it what you have is cancer, which is of course what freedom is.


you were led to believe that it was “god given” but i don’t know if you missed the memo but the god doesn’t actually exist … at least not the god of “the buhble” … which is just a book that worships a Jew named Jesus as god whereas Jews worship themselves collectivity as god’s chosen people …

regardless. freedom is over and it’s a good thing. it had to end for humanity to survive. you know it from that mouse experiment as just one example.

your boy ERTZ here seems to have missed the memo about this new development.

he is still thinking in terms of the old growth model which is now obsolete. we are now in the austerity model for pretty much the rest of eternity or at least until humans are replaced by AI.

and even if we were to look at what ERTZ is saying in terms of the growth model his analysis is still questionable. this idea that economy is driven by the consumer is more or less the broken window fallacy

The Broken Window Fallacy Definition.

this is how Jews justify endless wars and money printing but that doesn’t mean they believe this lie themselves.

so i can’t say i really agree with his analysis but as i said it’s always good to see people try to make sense out of this world instead of simply turning on their TV and then telling their boomer friends in the gym locker room what they saw on TV.

as i said in the other thread i believe the purpose of importing negroes is to rebalance the pyramid by giving it a wider base and a slimmer waist to make it look more like the Eiffel tower.

quite possible they even want to bridge the gap between humans and animals to create a complete continuum from single celled organisms all the way to Jews. Alex Jones has been talking about them trying to create human-animal hybrids. It is possibly true.

The entire delusion about god, soul blah blah blah is based on this idea that humans are all equal and distinct from animals. The elites do not want to see the divide between humans and animals. They want to see the divide between God’s chosen and Goyim. So if they can eliminate the divide between humans and animals - they will !

the IQ or some Africans is already in the same range as of Chimpanzees - so the goal is within reach. moar immigration !

but you’re welcome ( and even encouraged ) to continue trying to falsify my theory as i don’t know everything ( didn’t even know about that mouse experiment ) and could be wrong.

Well, this was written before the pestilence.

we are now in the austerity model for pretty much the rest of eternity


i believe the purpose of importing negroes is to rebalance the pyramid by giving it a wider base and a slimmer waist to make it look more like the Eiffel tower.

Why? And why “a complete continuum”.
Are they that confident in AI and their cadre of supporters to keep things going?

i heard Alan Watt talking about the coming Austerity as far back as about 2010 but it was then quite mild and global warming driven - they were banning incandescent light bulbs back then and people thought that was bad LOL … now we are in the process of normalizing food shortages …

well that’s how i would do it myself - maybe i am projecting.

i don’t like how negroes feel they are entitled to things that animals aren’t entitled to even though they contribute nothing and are a huge drain on society. their only argument is that they are “human” …

but what is “human” exactly ?

globalists hate humans and love animals. just as they’re now saying there is only one race the human race probably 100 years from now they will come up with some other kind of rhetoric where it’s all one gaia or something .

the continuum is already there. they only need to make people accept it. just like the continuum between races and genders was always there but people chose not to see it.

as for keeping it going - the bigger challenge now is to stop it.

it’s like how incels worry all the time about how to get girls, while tall, rich, handsome and endowed men are more worried about how to get rid of women.

we are economic incels - we are worried about how to get economy going so that we can have jobs. “they” are worried only about how to kill the economy.

you remember when AOC said we should pay people to stay home and not work ? that bitch is dumb but her handlers are not.

Perhaps UBI + gov’t housing + netflix + bugs = ZPG or NPG

Economic incels…good phrase…got to escape that inceldom.

worse than UBI

UBI means if you don’t have a job you still get paid

what AOC said is for people who DO have jobs to pay them not to work

it’s like the “shortages” right now - they are all engineered

they are forcing pipelines closed, banning imports, setting facilities on fire etc …

the idea was capitalism raises living standard then communism locks it in at a desired level. Lenin jumped the gun and went Communist 50 years too early locking in a standard of living that was barely above that of concentration camp. America overshot the target reaching a standard of living about 10 times higher than the target, which we now have to roll back by any means necessary - whether it is by burning food supplies, paying people not to work etc …

Decades of suffering, then?!!

went on Amazon to buy whey protein today. the 10 pound bag i paid $92 for in January is now $143. how many people had their income go up 50% since January ? i lived through hyperinflation in Ukraine - people lost everything.

i actually used to think Americans were smarter than us and that’s why shit like that doesn’t happen in America. actually it was simply not the right time yet to pull the plug.

And people believe this is all Putin’s fault! :weary:

i don’t watch TV or talk to people and honestly don’t give a shit what they believe.

they are rats and cockroaches their job is to get exterminated not offer their opinions on anything.

what we’re looking at is like great depression but with the twist that it will never end

instead we are going to end

Yet…you hesitated to press the big red button last time I asked. :slightly_smiling_face:

And I am not looking forward to the coming plot twist of never-ending inflation and a stagnant economy - the Soylent Green economy.

At least OnlyFans girls will be making a mint (or some of them).

i’m not pressing the button because i don’t care

it’s also why i don’t talk to them

i just try to be as far from them as i can at all times