The Thing ( 1982 )

2.5 stars

this is is a case study in how much better movies have gotten in the last 40 years

i imagine that 40 years ago it was pretty awesome and the effects must have been impressive and scary …

but old movies that relied on special effects and shock factor were never going to age well …

i generally believe for whatever reason old things are over-rated whether it is due to boomerism ( a mild form of dementia ) or some kind of misguided snobbery …

for me “The Thing” was predictable, not scary, boring and pointless.

in general i find old movies to be bad except ones that predicted the future to some extent such as “Soylent Green” for example …

old movies that deal with timeless subjects ( such as sexuality ) can be OK as long they rely on a good script rather than on acting etc … because back then nobody knew how to act

on other hand old movies that relied on innovation in special effects ( such as “The Thing” ) have value only for art students as a reference point to judge how awfully bad movies used to be …

some reviewers claim “The Thing” is “psychological” etc … i’m sorry but i just didn’t feel it. The concept had potential but the execution is so bad ( typical of the times ) that it simply doesn’t work.

movielens predicted 4 stars for me because i gave 5 stars to “They Live” which from algorithmic perspective is almost the same … but “They Live” is about the Jews whereas “The Thing” is about some Alien thing … maybe there is some hidden meaning to “The Thing” as well ? Maybe the Alien is a metaphor for something ?

anyway, the movie just felt tired and boring to me.

I watched this movie as a young one…it was good at the time.
I didn’t feel the need to watch it again.
But it was very influential.
There are X-Files episodes that used the concept, other films, I think a Korean movie called Parasite etc.
So that is the reason for the hype.

i watched a Korean movie named parasite but it wasn’t about aliens


I got the name wrong…definitely not this…

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