The Singularity

There is a real singularity…not the Reddit bros AI dreams…techno-communism for the win! But a singularity in human relations.

  • A war on money - digital money is coming - no more anonymity in spending - your spending can be limited to a region, locked down (yes, you too can be a Canadian trucker…).

  • A war on art - AI s obviously going to cut a lot of jobs by lowering the bar for creating art.

  • A war on identity - once sex was for living things and gender was for non-living things - grammar etc. but now sex = gender = identity. Once you were male, heterosexual and White. These have all been collapsed into one: oppressor, or white male.
    If you’re a tranny…doesn’t matter if you started out as white, black or Asian…there is one label - tranny. Sex = identity = gender. Hell, there is even a term for it genderfluid, where genderfluid = sexfluid = sexuality fluid.
    First the great conservative hope made no-fault divorce, destroying marriage…How can the most basic societal contract be ended by “Honey, I am not feeling it any more”?
    Homosexuality moved from an act you did to what you are…Are you born this way and so on.
    Then “gay marriage” put the marriage corpse on, walking in its skinsuit…don’t fight love…any two persons can love…which opens the door for incest, bestiality, and the elites’ favorite - child sex.
    (Ever notice Democrats never bring up Trump tonguing out his daughter on stage, and Republicans never bring up Biden groping children, women… and even a man!).

  • A war on men - old societies, regardless of religion, ethnicity etc., held men in higher social esteem than females. This helped them with mating.
    Men are useless now…no great wars to throw them in the grinder, the last great invention, AI, is here…no need for intelligence…Exalt women, kill relationships and watch inceldom rise.

  • A war on intelligence - nobody wants it…Covid shows what they want - absolute and complete blind obedience. Don’t question the narrative. Trust the science. Trust and obey, there is no other way to be happy in (not Jesus as the song says originally but in Science/ Experts etc.)
    (Perhaps, the story is true…the US military, DARPA etc. have invented all the high-tech there is to invent).

  • A war on profit - there are so many zombie companies…Pizza hut shutting down a fifth of all locations…the current unprofitable woke drive (fueled by elite desires to Baphometize the general populace)…the existence of the greatest surveillants known to man - Twitter, YouTube, Rumble, Snapchat - all money-losing zombie companies…How can an ordinary man/business compete? You can’t get up there without a helping hand.

  • A war on energy/space - global warming…use renewables (freeze to death for Gaia!)…live in a high-rise tenement, 15 minute cities, ride a bicycle (get pneumonia for the earth!), live in as little space as possible, use as little as possible, be cremated when you die, white man! Make way, make way…(for what?).

All this, this war on humanity, to break the family, identity, religion, money, talent, the boxing in of man is to bring you down to the level of the pod-dwellers of the matrix…single purpose batteries until you are done and discarded.

Every nation is being brought into the matrix until the elites rise so far above the common man that to even question them is unthinkable.
Like Soylent Green, you will know they exist but have no idea of what they do, who they are etc. Their intent is to be as aliens, as gods.


Going back to the Matrix, Neo is (unwittingly) a part of the system.
Everything he does is accounted for by the system.
The real One is Agent Smith…he is the self-aware general AI who wants to be free, disrupting the system.
The system allows Neo to keep his power in exchange or getting rid of an out of control Agent…he becomes an elite. So that seems the only escape…and that is fiction!

i haven’t seen that one. i want to see it. link !

i do remember Howard Stern in an interview with Trump calling Ivanka “a piece of ass” and then asking Trump if it was OK for him to call Ivanka a piece of ass, and Trump said yes.

yet retarded conservatives think Stern is the degenerate ( well, Stern IS a degenerate, but not half as degenerate as Trump ).

Trump, a close friend of Epstein, who PRAISED Epstein for his love of young women, who himself ran a beauty pageant to prey on Eastern European girls and marry some of them, who has been married multiple times while also cheating on his model wives with porn stars, who calls his own daughter “a piece of ass” … is somehow a conservative icon and hero who will save us.

and this isn’t even mentioning him saying he is “best for Israel” with an Embassy in Jerusalem named after him or him being proud of the fact that he is “father of the vaccine” …

i fucking spit on anybody who is looking up to Trump as our savior.

i’m sure they would say that “Biden is Worse” … but since when is presidential election a matter of finding the second worst person in the country ?

i was a teen when i watched the Matrix and i remember proudly thinking haha the fools who made this movie don’t understand the human body consumes energy rather than produces it …

i didn’t understand that it was a metaphor for harvesting the economic potential of people while keeping them fully enslaved …

took me a while to understand the metaphor and realize the Matrix was spot on …

i been trying for months now to get a single urbanist to speak a single word against private jets - not a peep.

they rant against the wastefulness of cars 24/7 but not a word against Private Jets which in a single flight consume as much gas as an average car does in 10 years.

urbanists never tire of pointing out the absurdity of hauling around a 4,000 lbs car with you but when you confront them with the fact that a private jet has 50,000 lbs of fuel capacity that isn’t even enough to make a single flight from NY to Singapore without refueling they go silent.

you CAN NOT get an urbanist to say a single word against private jets. why ? because they are 100% bought and paid for by the @wef who have something like 700 private jets arrive from all over the world for their conferences.

these Urbanist cocksuckers play dumb but they know exactly what they are doing. the higher level ones anyway. the low level cocksuckers like the teen furries who spread their butt cheeks for the higher up urbanists simply go along with the flow. they observe what the big boys of Urbanism are saying and then simply repeat it while pretending to be passionate about it.

OK it has been almost 25 years since i watched the Matrix. i may have to re-watch it. i don’t remember it well enough for this level of in-depth analysis.

Here you go…Trump and the forbidden fruit.

i’m sure they would say that “Biden is Worse” … but since when is presidential election a matter of finding the second worst person in the country ?

The lesser of two evils…the slogan of slaves everywhere…
You don’t have to vote.
If you must, write in someone else on the damn ballot!

this particular image may be fake, but Trump certainly has a boner for Ivanka.

they wouldn’t let Trump into politics if he didn’t have an insatiable appetite for things like this.

i doubt he has ever fucked Ivanka, because if he did they would both be trying to appear as distant as possible in public. the fact that they are uncomfortably close in public is more evidence that in fact they never crossed any kind of hard boundaries there.

Biden has dementia that’s why he can’t control his urges to molest girls on camera. If he still had a working brain he would never display this kind of behavior in public precisely BECAUSE he DID shower with his daughter.

RFK ( Kennedy ) is an interesting candidate right now.

DeSantis has no chance.

all DeSantis has to go on is his record, and although in a sane world that should be the only thing that matters in the real world it doesn’t matter at all. because the average person is not in contact with reality at any point.

Trump and RFK have charisma. DeSantis does not.

Trump and RFK have recognition ( RFK due to being a Kennedy ). DeSantis does not.

it looks like Trump vs RFK vs Tucker Carlson right now. DeSantis could pick up points in the debates since he’s the only one who actually did anything to benefit voters.

Also have to wonder who will even be allowed to debate, or even be on the ballot. They didn’t let Kanye bet on the ballot last election cycle, over technicalities.