The Shape of Things ( 2003 )

3.5 stars

if “snowpiercer” is the anti-revolution film then “the shape of things” is anti-makeover film

it starts out as a fairy tale romantic comedy then turns into a makeover movie then a drama and finally almost psychological horror in the end

the problem with this movie is two fold

1 - execution feels amateurish

2 - it can’t decide whether it’s a makeover romantic comedy or “lobster” / “american psycho” type semi-horror social satire.

the million dollar question as always is - should @marlon watch it ? the answer is i don’t know. i appreciate what they were trying to do with this film but i’m not sure they quite pulled it off.

it just feels weak …

i watched it because of young Rachel Weisz ( 12 years before “Lobster” ) and in some ways the movie was a letdown ( no nudity ) yet in others it exceeded my expectations ( the brutal twist ending ! )

i would say this movie is fairly safe to watch with your family though it’s intended more for younger people like college age.

most of the movie is fairly light viewing except at the end where it pulls a Jekyll & Hyde and suddenly gets super dark like thunder on a sunny day …

midway through the movie i started to get a feeling i knew how it was going to end and i only kept watching to confirm that i guessed right … well, i wasn’t even close LOL

i just wish it was better done …