The REAL political compass

the real political compass would have two axes - intelligence and autism

unintelligent non-autistic - normies
unintelligent autistic - GAB
intelligent non-autistic - elites
intelligent autistic - me

Why no forms of gov’t?

society is downstream from human nature, technology and resources.

this is why conservatives are so stupid - they think they can maintain society in its past form as those 3 foundations are all slipping …

they are buffoons, ass clowns - absolute joke - all of them, including everybody on GAB ( except me obviously LOL )

what those fucking rejects refuse to understand is that everything happens for a reason. they choose to simply ignore all the reasons and demand that things go back to the way they were.

they literally think that bitching and moaning and protesting and voting and whatever else these cretins do is somehow going to make physical reality and things like cause and effect to go away …

a wrong form of government will eventually correct itself … because it is not fundamental

what is fundamental ? human nature and resources.

technology is replacing human nature.

things which are not fundamental will eventually bend to things which are fundamental.

conservative is a retarded animal not interested in understanding what is fundamental and interested only in demanding that downstream effects of fundamental things magically go away because they offend their imaginary friend they call Jesus …



resource situation is changing due to industrialization and overpopulation

human nature situation is changing due to replacement of whites with subhumans

technology is changing because that’s what technology does

conservatives don’t understand any of this - they simply want to worship their Jeebus

they just want to live the way their momma taught them how to live


they have exiled themselves to a far corner of the internet ( GAB ) where they make plans about what they will do “after we win” … they don’t make any plans on HOW they are going to win of course, because they are RETARDED

it doesn’t matter what somebody’s political ideology is.


i don’t have a political ideology. nobody with a brain does. ideologies are for people without brains PERIOD.

same for religion, morality etc. those are all SUBSTITUTES for a brain for people who don’t have one.

what is analytical intelligence ( what i have ) and there is emotional intelligence ( what women have )

analytical intelligence is what allows one to manipulate objects. emotional intelligence is what allows one to manipulate people.

those who have both are ELITES. those who have neither are INCELS.

those who have emotional intelligence only are WORKER BEES. their main skill is kissing their boss’ ass if they are a man or sucking his cock if they are a woman.

those who have analytical intelligence only ( me ) are slowly going insane alone because everybody is both too stupid and too fake for us to talk to.

of course i just made up all the terms used here, but the terms do not matter.

i consider autism to be lack of emotional intelligence. sometimes it is accompanied with lack of analytical intelligence and sometimes with over-developed analytical intelligence. the former being when the entire brain is underdeveloped and the latter when the analytical parts of the brain simply usurped the emotional ones.

when i say “parts of the brain” i don’t literally mean parts of the brain. the brain is distributed like bit torrent or blockchain.

regardless - the compass is supposed to tell who you are. you are your type of intelligence, not the party you vote for.

nazis and communists are in the same spot on my compass as they should be - RETARDS.

their only difference is communists are Internationalist Jews and Nazis are nationalist Anti-Semites but that’s literally their only distinction. when it comes to the actual way they would organize society THEY ARE THE SAME.

communists used to be pro family. now they are anti-family. why ? because they are an ACTIVE party which is adapting to changing conditions. NAZIs are a DEAD party so they’re stuck in Hitler’s time. Their ideology couldn’t move on because their head was cut off.

Actually this concept is developed in the movie “Tron Legacy” ( 2010 - his debut ) directed by Joseph Kosinsky, who also directed “Oblivion” ( 2013 ) and “Top Gun - Maverick” ( 2022 )

Christ Cucks were cusks from the start because Jews invented their religion to be the slave companion to Judaism … they are also stuck in the past like the Nazis and for the same reason … Jesus is as dead as Hitler … you only can go so far with a leader who has been dead for decades / millenia …

Jews on other hand … worship themselves. Which makes them unstoppable.

Communism is a replacement for Christianity. Both Communism and Christianity were invented by Jews to enslave the rest of humanity but Christianity is DEAD while Communism is modern and active.

the real axes of a compass would be

Jews - Goyim
Smart - Dumb
Sociopathic - Autistic

i know this compass now doesn’t fit into a plane … well there is such a thing as multi-variable calculus … a class i had the misfortune of taking at the University …

but i’m sure if you tried teaching it to a Christ Cuck Conservatard they would declare it “satanic invention of the Jews” or something …

Thinking on these political compass posts…digesting…

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