The Philosophy of Ertz_part 4

Ertz on human competition

Again: The true meaning/purpose of life is to kill other humans.
All politics/laws/religions/philosophies are just weapons (in the sense laid out above) to attain this goal over others, by making them docile, submissive, making them to take down arms and become conquered and killed/enslaved.

ERTZ January 26, 2018 at 08:16

Consider “love”: This is merely a selection mechanism to exterminate inferior life. Those who are not/less loved receive less support and reproduction chances, killing them outright or partially/slowly.

Consider “friendship”: This is merely an evolved instinct to find useful allies to further one’s own survival. This can be seen more clearly by recognizing who is not being sought as a friend: Poor, weak, dumb and ugly people, also old ones (not even old people want to be friends with old people – they are a bad social investment for allies, because they will die soon, therefore be of very limited usefulness to ourselves as future allies, also probably needing much more assistance themselves soon than they will be able to give). There are no friendships between people of different social classes, different levels of beauty (in women), and different levels of IQ – one side would envy, the other side feel pity or be disgusted; therefore no such friendships exist.

– humans, especially their emotions, instincts and based-on behaviour are actually like machines, with fixed sets of “algorithms” that govern their motivations and actions.

All character traits (Big5) and IQ (also health and beauty) are genetically determined and highly heritable.
Life success is a function of those heritable traits.
If they are allowed choose mates freely, humans with superior genes mate with other humans who also carry superior genes.
Given free sexual (mate) selection, all meritocracies (democracies and everything else) are, then, actually feudal systems based on genetic quality!

Over time, high-quality genes should move up in the social classes:
Genes for high IQ/health/beauty/willpower/etc. should enrich themselves in the upper class, while
low-quality genes should get enriched in the lower class. Over time, this process should(?) lead to the creation of a new (sub?) species of human – a homo superior from the upper class, and a homo inferior from the lower classes (dumb, fat, impulsive, low-health mere consumers).

for the most part all true except that our goal is not to “kill” others but merely push them out of the gene pool or at least push them to the fringes of the gene pool into the junk gene subhuman class.

saw my fat “friend” ( he talks to everybody ) at the gym picking up a gorgeous girl there and basically burst out laughing … he looked at me in shock … but it’s just so absurd to see a guy that looks 4 / 10 picking up a girl that looks 8 / 10 … i didn’t cock block or anything - he asked to use the equipment i was using to teach the girl and i let him because i’m morally opposed to cock blocking but it was just ridiculous. i wasn’t laughing at him anyway - i was laughing at the girl for talking to him.

Robert Greene writes in his books that people can only be friends with others like them, so that is maybe where ERTZ got that from … but this isn’t a particularly well hidden secret either. When i see girls who are friends not only are they the same level of beauty but they even have the same body shape 90% of the time. Hot women come in different shapes and they won’t simply be friends with other hot women - they will only be friends with other hot women of the same shape, not to mention same age … and of course same education and income level etc.

if you read Brave New World ( or watch the movies based on it ) the main hero was a mistake … he was supposed to be “Alpha Plus” but there was a glitch and he came out average height instead of tall and because of that he had a chip on his shoulder and never quite fit in.

the same theme is repeated in Snowpiercer where the protagonist is told at the end that “everybody is in their place except you”

without getting into private details it’s basically what happened to me as well … not that i come from nobility or anything but that i am profoundly misaligned in basically every way imaginable … both internally and socially …

but aside from freaks like me meritocracy and feudalism are the same thing …

rich men marry beautiful women. strong / powerful men rape beautiful women. overtime the genes for strength, power, success and beauty begin to cluster together creating an upper class of tall, intelligent and beautiful people … and a lower class of short, fat, stupid and ugly people.

in the past when biology was not well understood some of this was socially enforced by various laws but eventually elites realized the pitfalls of inbreeding and benefits of refreshing their bloodlines and they got into the habit of marrying into those of similar status but from other countries … but that got to the point where the entire ruling elite started to become one family as well and they then had to start bringing in commoners like princess Diana or even Meghan Markle to keep their blood fresh …

essentially they realized that the upper classes arose naturally and will remain naturally without any need to enforce the divide by forbidding those of upper class to marry those of lower class …

a prince might choose a commoner girl but he isn’t going to choose one that is average … there is no need to enforce anything … his instinct will guide him … even if she dupes him as Meghan Markle did that ultimately just proves her worthy of his seed … and even if she can’t stop cheating and has to be killed like Princess Diana still no issue - she left quality offspring …

i rarely find myself attracted to lower class girls unless they are exotic, latinas or fresh off the boat immigrants from eastern europe. if we talk western women for the most part beautiful women come from upper middle class families and higher. It is not a coincidence that rich women like Paris Hilton or Ivanka Trump are good looking - it’s a direct consequence of how good genes cluster together and so do junk genes.

and even though we think of somebody like Paris Hilton as stupid she is only stupid because she never had to think - she was set for life before she was even born. she never had to solve problems. if she was instead lets say abandoned somewhere as a baby and adopted by some lower class family she would have easily outcompeted all her peers and risen to at least upper middle class before she was 30 because she was genetically destined to. On the other hand because she is already in her rightful place she doesn’t actually have to do anything and can just party all the time.

You are right…never thought of it.
They often look related
or…they alter their appearance to look like the others for better or worse.
And it’s not conscious!

In a group of fat girls, the skinny one is pressured to get fat.
In a group of fit girls, the fat one goes with them to the gym, and so on.

“Exotic” = white features on a non-white.

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Elite mind control: make the truth taboo.

ERTZ January 26, 2018 at 08:16

I wonder if the public tabooization of eugenics and IQ and differences in genetic quality and differences in heritable character traits are deliberately enforced by the upper class as ruling class:

Their power as ruling class, ultimately, is derived from their superior genetic quality! To perpetuate this power, the upper class must make sure it stays the superior class in genetic quality (IQ, impulse control, health, conscientiousness, willpower etc.) – and exploits the leftists’ instinct/desire for “equality” and “social justice” for this very end most skillfully…

We are all eugenicists! Or do you want to mate with an ugly, unhealthy, stupid mate? No?
See, therefore you try to exterminate inferior-quality humans – you condemn them to extinction, if female by refusing to bear the children of such men, if male by refusing to pay for and rise children of such women.

Elites push propaganda that is the opposite of truth, this induces outrage and other strong feelings in people, and then they are distracted and fighting and hating each other, forming fractures (divide and conquer), neutralizing themselves.

The basic technique seems to be to find a truth, and then to reverse it;
Ideally, it should be something people have strong feelings for, so a strong moral or otherwise emotional
outrage is produced.

-racism (the lie that you are evil if you have racist feelings)
-sexism (the lie that women and men are not inherently different and are to be treated so)
-feminism (the lie that women are as smart and strong as men)
-wage gap (that women are unfairly underpaid)
-social justice (that it is somehow wrong that people are of different quality and therefore value)
-infidelity (the lie that infidelity is evil, while in reality most people fantasize about cheating with hot sex)
-hebephilia (the lie that men are evil for sexually desiring young, fertile females, not old ones)
-equality (the lie that we should be and want to be equal – the truth is that we all desire to be better than others)
-homosexuality (the lie that it is evil to hate gays – the truth is that most men are extremely disgusted and hateful by gay displays)
-hate (the lie that hate is evil, why all people feel hate for many things, and this being a powerful, healthy motivator)
-blank slate (the lie that beauty, strength and intelligence are not hereditary, not genetic, and personal value and success is only a function of one’s environment or upbringing)

The basic technique is always the same:
Find a truth, reverse it, publicize the resulting lie, have those who hope to gain something by the lie and those who react offended by the obvious lie fight each other, often helping the people hoping for the lie to be true with funding or increased media coverage.
This scheme is going on in some way or another for over 100 years; just look up old newspapers in the library.
Such a simple technique, and the public is rendered helpless against it; the emotional reflexes to this technique guarantee public attention and outrage, resulting in attention diversion and attention control, increased media sales, political influence and making huge parts of the people marionettes.

this has been studied. obesity and fitness are both contagious. scientific fact.

this has been studied. obesity and fitness are both contagious. scientific fact.

So we need massive public shaming campaigns then! :grinning:
America is strange.
The ad for 24 hour fitness next to the ad for McDonalds.
I suppose its all consumption in the end.

Exotic means fresh blood in a non-goblin.

something like that but not quite.

he’s thinking Liberalism a lie and Conservatism truth

my position is Liberalism = New Lie. Conservatism = Old Lie.

power comes from deception so those in power constantly peddle lies and build systems to maintain these lies such as “education” system and various “news” outlets etc.

the latest lie is “science” … but this lie is merely a replacement for RELIGION which was the old lie.

Fauci is simply the new Pope.

no worries though - the new priest class is every bit the pedophiles as the old priest class was.

it’s funny how they both accuse each other of being pedophiles, liars, manipulators etc …


Interesting…I would add conservatism’s new position is liberalism’s old position…
Trump said he was a moderate Democrat in the 80s and ran as a republican…the US is moving left and its picking up speed.

Then…a new face for communism is what’s next .

right. two lies. both from the same ruling elite. but as the lies change the “far left” is always what’s coming while “far right” is always what is already dead. that’s why they’re called “progressives” and “reactionaries”

these words don’t mean good and evil … or even feminine and masculine. they simply mean future and past.

future and past are both shit and both are a lie.

they would never set up a lie vs truth battle - too dangerous.

lie vs lie is safe.

So what happens when equity (communism) is here?
What will they say then?
Or is equity an ever-shifting target?
“Not one left behind!” kind of thing.

Off-topic question:

Thinking of buying a mini-PC: less space on the desk…worthwhile?

no just get a laptop.

i’m running a 75" 8K Z9J screen and full-size DJ speakers off a laptop.

you can always use a laptop as a desktop but not vice versa.

you can always hook up external monitor, sound system, mouse etc to a laptop but you can’t put a desktop in your suitcase.

only get a desktop if you do heavy graphics / compute or you need more than a couple terabytes of storage …

i use dell precision mobile workstations. you can spec them higher than 99% of desktops and still fit in a suitcase. great warranty too. three years of next day at home repair. you call them the guy comes and fixes it.

only thing you can’t do with it is use it in bed. it has vents on the bottom so it can only be used on a hard flat surface like a desk. it’s not really meant for girls though. for the target customer ( engineers, designers etc ) it does what it is supposed to do.

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i don’t think the progress is ever going to reach some magic goal and stop.

i can’t see that far into the future though. even the elites i think aren’t planning more than 50 - 100 years ahead.

i have to clarify, when i said “you can always hook up a screen etc to laptop” i meant to a good laptop not just any laptop.

you have to check that it has the right specs …

my advice is try to get a laptop that has HDMI 2.1 output … this is the latest standard that will allow you to hook up the latest TVs at full resolution / refresh rate.

my laptop doesn’t have it - it outputs 4K and the TV upscales to 8K. the picture would have been sharper if it was natively 8K.

i have to clarify, when i said “you can always hook up a screen etc to laptop” i meant to a good laptop not just any laptop.

Thanks. I will do a bit more research before troubling you again.

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