The Philosophy of Ertz_part 3

ERTZ March 16, 2018 at 23:59

I’m highly interested in the social technologies dealing with the fact that the basic, fundamental social reality is pure conflict for resources and reproduction (maybe simplifiable further into power- someone once said “Everything is about sex, and sex is about power”).

The ideal slave would be one that is not realizing, perhaps made so to not even be able to realize that he is a slave.

Democracies seem to do this by installing as a pretext the “dictatorship of the majority” – “We the people” is presented as the reason why things are as they are, and because “the people” (at least the majority of them) wants it so everything is legitimized.

Still, master-slave relationships, in practice, of course persist; but it seems to me that at least in Democracies the slaves enjoy a global and historic maximum of high living standards, at least partially from a more equal distribution and spread of income.

Real ruling, of course, does not work by majority rule; this is obviously only the pretext.
Those with superior cognitive ability can rather reliably make the great majority think and feel as they see fit, it works with political voting just as well as with currency voting (consumption) – and by using the same exact techniques from advertisement and propaganda.

A great underlying principle why this Democracy simulation works for the rulers seems to be that the great majority that is being “opinion-managed” cannot ever come to realize the full extent of this manipulation, because vanity and desire for having a high self-worth seems to prevent them from conceding that they are so inferior compared with the cognitive superior rulers that they are much like marionettes for them; after all, they “decide themselves” – but that their thinking and feeling, even their knowledge, their very ideas of good and evil, are very pretty much guided, must be rejected by them, at least when they want to keep up the illusion that they are “free”.

Otherwise, they would be like little children (or, comparably, cognitively retarded people) that can be made into pretty much doing whatever their rulers want, and the realization of their inferiority would be so terrible that this thought is prevented by self-tabooization. Like people suffering from Down’s syndrome, the realization that one would be cognitively very inferior is so unpleasurable that it is ignored, repressed, or rationalized away somehow.

One could say, the reason for why Western-style democracies function rather well is the human nature of desiring the pleasurable state of overconfidence, especially cognitive one – Dunning-Kruger as basis for a whole political system! The illusion of political freedom from the illusion of cognitive freedom. Just like almost all people think advertisement will not work on them, almost all people think their ideas and feelings are their own.

Even more on democracy:

ERTZ March 20, 2018 at 17:16

… I still currently think that Western democracies function damn well:
Do not mistake superficially visible chaos, unruliness and the like for being a sign of a bad system: Parents who want their peace take the children out for play with other children (soccer or something like that), to distract them, to get them away from harassing their parents, and to make them tired, so that they will be just hungry and sleepy when they come home again.

Democracies as well have many side shows, circuses, playgrounds for when the people are not working, to make them hungry and tired.

To rule effectively without being able to change brain mechanisms on a deep level, you must give people what they want – pleasure – and rule, exploit and neutralize them through that (including the threat to take the pleasure away).

Without overfeeding, overentertainment, overplaying, overindulgence – all the pleasure from the screens and food and drugs and entertainment and gossip and toys – democracies would need a much harder rule, and look much more like police state dictatorships than the colorful children’s playground they resemble now.

The leash works somewhat, but it is inefficient.
The carrot on a stick works very well and is efficient.
Both somehow applied together seem optimal.

You can save a lot on evil-looking prison camps and militarization of society if you can make most people into children again. Look at the US, and look what happens to Europe.
Obese peopleballs that are increasingly unfit to even walk, needing little electric carts to move themselves around, which is mostly from one place of pleasure to another.
What they know and deem important they receive through entertainment, including edutainment. As obese and crippled their bodies are, so are their minds – their attention spans have been so much reduced that they could not gain insights that are not presented by blinking ad-like presentations in a maximum of 30 seconds even if they wanted to.

Their insides resemble their outsides; they have been crippled, physically and psychologically, and they will think and feel and like and hate and vote according to the invisible orders from people they not even know exist.

If they had been reduced into this state by external pain pressure – by breaking their bones, by starving them, by making them dumb by drugs forced on them – this would have been “evil”, and most importantly, it would have felt like coercion, and would have induced defiance.
But the exact same result was achieved by crippling through pleasure; ubiquitous, cheap pleasures. Who could restrict himself from seeking ever more comfort and pleasure?
Very few can.

In any political system you must control, subdue, cripple possible opposition.
Shoot them, imprison them, torture them. All inefficient, costly, looking not nice, arousing defiance. Therefore, inherently unstable.
Better give them what they want, and so much of it that it buries them, that it destroys them, removes them as possible opposition, as possible threat. It can’t be bad if it feels good, can’t it?

this used to be the case.

now we have porn.

that’s common knowledge.

the whole democracy crap is actually a big topic … if you believe it i was in the gym a few weeks ago and a 35 year old guy was explaining to a teen that democracy is shit in the locker room and although i rarely talk in the real world i decided to give him a helping hand and explained that “9 out of 10 people enjoy a gang rape” is all you need to know about “democracy”

of course that’s actually the IDEAL of democracy. when the majority voted to execute Socrates that was the ideal democracy - similar to the gang rape scenario. instead today the word “democracy” actually means the opposite of that. “saving democracy” now actually means preventing people from being able to vote, because they might vote “wrong” and this will be bad for democracy. kinda like “stunning and brave” now means “fat and ugly” and so on … everything will soon mean the opposite of what it used to mean …

in a capitalist democracy the poor have it pretty good. i mean most of them are dying from diabetes. however you have to understand democracy is over. the Great Reset ends it. Alan Watt explained way back that we are going into post-democratic phase. of course they are call this “saving democracy” basically we have to destroy democracy in order to save it type of deal … the new democracy will be North Korean style basically.

perhaps but we don’t have a direct democracy. nobody actually asks people what they want. the people didn’t vote for lockdowns, masks, mandatory vax, sending money to Ukraine - none of this shit.

nobody is really capable of comprehending that somebody may be more intelligent than them. it would be like pulling yourself up by the bootstraps. it’s physically impossible. our intelligence can only analyze inanimate objects and other people who are on our level or lower. those above us will always remain a mystery. to the average person essentially ALL politicians will forever be a mystery because even somebody as dumb as AOC is about two levels above the intelligence of an average voter. even the stupidest politicians in history such as Sarah Palin and Rick Perry were a level above an average voter in intelligence. the average voter is a person who is barely able to tie their shoelaces.

when i was young “normal” kids looked down on me for having superhuman intelligence so much so that i actually thought they are proud of being stupid. for a long time i essentially just called people stupid to their face not believing that it is offensive because they gave me every indication that i should be ashamed of intelligence and that they are very proud of complete inability to function. i think i was about 35 or so when i realized that they actually aren’t proud of being stupid and it’s just an act. yeah there is some serious coping going on there. even if you go on Gab it’s all plumbers and farmers and other retards telling each other how they are smarter than software engineers etc and how they knew better than to go to college. i fell for this myself - i didn’t go to graduate school because i didn’t want to be a nerd.

another example is gym memberships. people sign up for 12 months commitments and never come again. gym owners know this and happy to offer you $10 a month membership for 3 years. you are certain you will come every day but you actually never come at all. people live in fantasy world.

Ha! Go read r/deadbedrooms, listen to black pill channels etc.
You have porn; mortals still dream of the one :blonde_woman: :couplekiss_man_woman:.

nobody actually asks people what they want. the people didn’t vote for lockdowns, masks, mandatory vax, sending money to Ukraine - none of this shit.

No one cares what the people want…even they don’t care…they vote and validate and honour the same ones who lied to them and vote for them again!

however you have to understand democracy is over. the Great Reset ends it.

It is already over. Or has been for some time. The same policies are carried out, and implemented in the same way. The only difference is who reads the teleprompter. The formality of voting and the silly season is fun, akin to sports, so they won’t stop the show.

In other countries, one party simply holds power for a very long time…Merkel has ruled for some 16 years now…?

You made a comment about intelligence. You are right that one cannot examine the thinking processes of those who are brighter than you …but the unwillingness to say “You are smarter than I am” is just pride. Nothing more.

no time for that shit. i would be watching porn right now if i didn’t have to answer your questions first. i am hyper now so i have to use that energy to do something productive ( post her ) because once i jerk off i will be basically stoned / drunk.

not just pride. Dunning Kruger too.

i think i read somewhere that cats don’t think of us as humans but rather as big, retarded cats.

They eat us when we die - unlike dogs…
Do they eat fellow cats when they die?

what do you mean eat us ?


Yes. I have read of cats eating the soft tissues of their female owners.
Assuming that cats view us as big retarded cats then, it would be interesting to know if they eat heir own kind as readily as they eat us.
Just curious.

that’s a good point.

i didn’t know that they eat us.

well, i don’t have pets anyway.

pets are an even dumber idea than children IMO.

People want companionship.
Thus, when there are no kids…pets will do.
And pets are far easier to dispose of if things aren’t going according to plan.
They are low-maintenance kids.

i don’t want companionship.

never wanted it.

i used to want a beautiful girl as a sort of a potted plant until i realized they are only beautiful on the outside but so is porn.

the fact that porn has no substance is a good thing. because the substance of real women is shit.

anyway time for porn.

i’m out.