The Lobster (2015)

Why do we pair-bond?
Compatibility, desire, neediness, companionship, children etc.
Does true love - the ostensible reason for pair bonding really exist?

People readily oppress and box each other in…
whether it be formal society or “outsiders”.
To truly be outside is very difficult.
It is said that to not need others to be a god or an animal.
The film takes the animal route from start to end.

Love. Does it exist? Not here. “Successful relationships” (the bleeders fake and real, the hotel manager willing to kill the wife he loves very much etc. will make it through). Their fates are not shown but the societal pressures shown will weld them back together.

Which brings to the stars - Farrell and Weisz . Their love threatens the outsider system. The end of the film is supposedly up to one’s interpretation but if one looks at the relationships the director presents, we can figure out what happens.

Weisz is shortsighted but gets caught by her desire to see. She knew something was wrong but had to get better vision. She, of course, is now near helpless. Farrell stops bringing her the goodies - rabbits - and gets tired of playing games with the helpless blind girl.

She senses this from him, lies about better senses (when she couldn’t hear clearly enough to tell her leader tricked her into murder, and couldn’t feel the tennis ball was not a fruit), and does the “If you love me, blind yourself”.

That ain’t love. Love wants to lift the loved one up. She wants to bring him down…echoes of 1984…she asked the leader, “Why didn’t you blind him?”

The screen goes blank. To trick the viewers. To give us the false dichotomy: 1) He blinds himself 2) He doesn’t blind himself.

He leaves.

The end scene mirrors the first scene of the woman shooting a former partner (now an animal) to end the relationship.
He goes because she demands more than he can give.

for you the movie used absurd societies / cults to explore relationships

for me the movie used relationships to explore absurd societies / cults

the absurd dichotomy between society and outsiders to me exactly parallels the one between liberals and conservatives in America

we have conservatives obsessed with Jesus, Family and Duty and hate sex, drugs, pleasure, immigrants, women, homosexuals and nonwhites.

and you have liberals who are obsessed with sex, drugs and pleasure and hate Jesus, Family, Straight White Men and reject personal responsibility.

only extreme positions are allowed. no nuance. one must pick a cult.

the two cults do nothing but attack each other with no attempts made to look inwards at their own problems. they only focus on the problems of the OTHER cult.

one cult ( the liberals ) is dominant while the other ( conservatives ) are in defensive survival mode but instead of simply offering a less insane alternative to the dominant cult they offer an alternative that is equally insane but opposite.

personally as a Jew raised as a Communist in USSR then as a Liberal in school and college in US and finally as Conservative, Libertarian and Nazi on the internet i can relate to Farrell’s journey from one cult to the other. it is only when you have been on both sides that the absurdity of the situation really hits.

i have also been on multiple sides of most other issues this site is supposed to deal with such as diet, fitness, DIY audio and so on. the same cult dynamics operate in all of them.

the elites exploit these natural cult dynamics to divide and conquer - very effectively.

of course the other angle of the movie that you picked up on is that relationships are both impossible and unavoidable. but for that particular angle there is a better movie, namely:

Being married makes the relationship aspect stand out to me more…the line about children strengthening marriage is so accurate.

I saw both groups as two sides of the same coin.
They were the same under it all. Strict unyielding conformity with an outlet for emotion/sadism by punishing the offenders.

This film could be in the Equilibrium universe…but further along…no need for Libria to numb the people. The control systems have bled the emotion from the people.

i often wonder what is the purpose of all the idiotic restrictions in society ?

everything is banned or restricted for no apparent reason.

  • can’t drive over X mph on a straight road with no other cars
  • waiting for red lights with no other cars for miles
  • no sex with girls under X years age
  • no ecstasy, cocaine, steroids …

and then it just gets worse with religions

  • no alcohol
  • no porn, no masturbation

and on and on …

what is the purpose of all this ?

the naive idiot will actually believe these things actually are there to protect somebody from harm etc.

the less naive view would be that religions derive power from guilt and governments must criminalize everything for the same reason - the more laws there are to break the bigger government you need to enforce them

but then there is also the sinister view that it’s really just out of sadism / jealousy / envy - a way for people to try to prevent each other from trying to enjoy life

that’s what it feels like anyway

every time you want to enjoy something you know you will be punished

if a pretty girl smiles at you but she’s 15 you know you will be punished for living the way nature designed you to live

if an empty stretch of open road opens up and you want to floor the gas you know there is a cocksucker cop hiding somewhere in the bushes waiting to punish you for trying to enjoy life

and instead of trying to remove these sadistic restrictions people only demand that new bans are introduced. all they can think of is ban this ban that. they never think of getting rid of the bans already in place.

the conservatards for example decided it is imperative to ensure age of consent, which is currently at 2X the age of puberty, doesn’t get any lower.

and libtards decided that it is imperative that speed limits which are currently at about 1/4 the speed cars are capable of only keep getting lower.

these motherfuckers never quit trying to ruin everybody’s lives for no reason whatsoever.

if it was up to me the age of consent would be the age of puberty and the speed limit would be the speed rating of the tires fitted on the car. most hit puberty at around 11 and most tires are rated at 113 mph. of course these limits would be completely pointless since cars are already chip limited to the tire rating and children that haven’t reached puberty will not be easy to convince to have sex with you anyway. so really i would just get rid of age of consent and speed limits altogether.

my favorite part of this fucking fraud is that if you run somebody over you just say it was an accident and unless you were speeding or drinking you get off scot free. same if your partner commits suicide. but god forbid you drive slightly faster than allowed or date a little younger than allowed. right there you know it’s not about protecting anybody but simply enforcing compliance and making sure nobody is able to enjoy life without becoming a criminal.

if all the joys in life are illegal that strengthens the allegiance of those on the inside of the system who are exempt from the rules … they will do anything for the privilege of being above the law.

if enjoying life was legal what would be the point of joining the system ? the point of joining the system is so that you can live, whereas those under the system merely exist.

Equilibrium explains that of course. But we really do live in the same type of society already.

A brilliant film…a scorcher…it makes you think of relationships as addiction.

It is a more positive film though; it tells you relationships have good and bad parts and you should make a firm decision as to whether or not the relationship is worth the pain.

In the Lobster, the people are lacking…portrayed as nigh robotic (which is what the rulers want from us - a drugged, dumbed-down, non-questioning populace)…so the relationship dynamics are clearer.

The director uses the flat people and the flat colours to X-ray relationships - individually and in groups.
Groups give an outlet for that urge to look down on the other, to punish the other, to exclude the other, that pair-bonding doesn’t.

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The mask mandates during the pestilence make me wonder.
Some people were so happy to enforce them, to wear them…
Misery loves company.
Most just do as they’re told.
A few resist. A few enforce.

The more rules, the more persons can be found guilty of breaking them.
That gives you more opportunities to enforce your will on them, to exercise power over them…the power you so desperately lack in other areas of your life.

especially true of old people.

they love to screw the young with rules.

heh, turns out the the “Maid” which gave Colin Farrell that lap dance in “The Lobster” was actually played by Director’s wife …

this Director truly is sick …

here is all 3 of them - Director, Wife ( Maid ) and Colin

What the? She wanted that…role, then?
Sick stuff…only in La-La Land.

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i’m not sure you understand women …

all they care about is money and power …

( pictured: Harvey Weinstein ( serial rapist ) and his wife )

The point is, the director let his wife do that!
Harvey’s wife…well, that is to be expected.

he didn’t just let his wife do it to somebody … but to his friend Colin whom he went on to use again 2 years later in “the killing of a sacred deer” …

i want to rid myself of every last drop of conservatism in me so i can be cool like that too …

conservative values are nothing but chains.

Giving out your wife like candy…ah…no…not down for that.

it’s OK you’re a conservative.

personally i will never forgive myself for believing in any conservative values for even 1 second of my life.

not that i would rent my wife out - i just wouldn’t get married in the first place.

i don’t know why these hollywood types get married and then divorced every 3 years - maybe it’s part of their contract.

Would you hand out your woman like that? Not to mention what happened later?

see edited post above but also i just don’t believe in relationships …

not even in “open relationships” …

open relationship still implies that two people have some kind of special thing going on and just do some fucking on the side …

i believe in “friends with benefits” type arrangement - that is you have sex with somebody on semi-regular basis but don’t claim ownership of them and vice versa …

on other hand i don’t believe in “hooking up” - that’s unnecessary level of degeneracy IMO

This I do not understand…I don’t think it is necessary for their image to bother to marry…it’s a mystery.

i believe in “friends with benefits” type arrangement - that is you have sex with somebody on semi-regular basis but don’t claim ownership of them and vice versa …
not that i would rent my wife out - i just wouldn’t get married in the first place.

That I can understand.

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maybe normalizing divorce is part of their job.

i watched an Amazon Studios flick “Chemical Hearts” in which a teenager berates his parents for having a perfect marriage and declares that having fucked up relationships ( like the one he’s in ) is normal and his parents basically need to check their privilege …

this is their message …

Hollywood actors’ jobs don’t end at 5 pm … their entire life is a job …

they are expected to constantly promote the right messages and ideas and so on …

it’s like Meghan Markle ( an actress ) married a Prince just to destroy the Royal Family …

Yeah…I’m forgetting the obvious.
They tell you who to vote for etc. etc.

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as a hollywood star if you adopt enough black babies and turn enough of your white babies trans you can lecture the united nations …

anyway … gonna go watch some porn then off to bed.