The Helmet Issue

one great sin in Urbanist culture is wearing a helmet

this is because a helmet is seen as a defensive measure and by wearing it you acknowledge that cars are the dominant form of transportation on the road and that if you got hurt it was probably your own fault

instead you are expected to not wear a helmet and fucking DIE so that somebody on a private Jet can use your death as a statistic to pass restrictions on cars …

here is a person who was saved by his helmet being forced to apologize for wearing one:

it reminds me how recently Shit-Libs wanted Mr. Beast for curing 1,000 people of Blindness because it was “able-ist” of him …

Rat-Fuck Shit-Libs want you to apologize for Saving Your Own Life or for Curing Other People’s Blindness.

If you ever wondered how genocides happen - this is how.

If you want to live you will have to learn to think for yourself, because it is quite clear that other people do not want what is best for you.