The Handmaiden ( 2016 )

fuck this movie, seriously.

so i watched it for 2 reasons:

1 - it was supposed to be hot
2 - i promised @marlon to watch a korean movie

well … it WAS hot … gave me a boner a few times

and although it was only about 50% Korean ( it’s Amazon studios and part Japanese ) considering it’s almost 3 hours long i would say it counts as a full Korean movie.

in fact the movie was pretty much everything i expected and more but with one gigantic problem …


this movie isn’t just Lesbian. it HATES men. with a vengeance.

of course this is sort of to be expected from an Amazon studios movie but i didn’t realize it was an Amazon studios movie when i started watching.

the last Amazon studios movie i saw was “Suspiria” ( 2018 ) and that one was entirely female. so much so that the only male character in the movie was actually played by a woman.

well “The Handmaiden” hates men more than Suspiria does.

bottom line - this is a GREAT fucking movie so long as you’re a lesbian that absolutely HATES men.

if you are man on the other hand - do NOT watch it.

simple as that.

please note - i have nothing against Lesbian movies. i enjoyed “Blue is the Warmest Color” which is a 90% lesbian erotic movie … i don’t have ANY problem with movies like that …

“The Handmaiden” isn’t just Lesbian … it really, really, REALLY hates men … there is a difference.

it portrays men as soulless parasites whose extermination is to be celebrated and laughed at.


if i was a militant lesbian feminist i would give it 5 stars without hesitation.

but i’m not and i’m going to give it 2 stars on movielens … maybe less.

i still think Korean movies are cool, but this one was clearly corrupted by militant feminists.

in fact i will go and lower my rating for “Suspiria” as well … i thought it was cool that a man was played by a woman because i literally didn’t realize it until i watched the “analysis” video - but now i am realizing the reason they did it is because Amazon Studios simply hates men so much … and i’m not cool with this …

i wish MovieLens had a feature to automatically add all Amazon Studios movies to ignore list … and Netflix originals too …

they’re just so loaded with BS …

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Thank you for taking a hit for the team…I was going to watch it.
I hope to watch bobblehead later today.

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