The Game Elon seems to be playing WRT Politics

it seems Elon is applying one of Robert Greene’s strategies, namely “commit to no one”

Elon has obviously been flirting with Leftists with all of his greenwashing scams …

and now he is flirting with the Groypers by making posting pepes like this one:

Of course this is causing Shit-Libs to melt down but is Elon really a Nazi ?

no he is a sociopath. he has no core beliefs. he is 100% fake and fraud to the core. everything he says is a lie or some sort of manipulation.

what he is doing here is he is trying to appeal to both sides and in doing so establish his independence from them and his own power … ( per Robert Greene )

yes Tesla stock is taking a beating but think of it this way - if Tesla’s value was always contingent on sucking green dick - was it ever valuable ? and was anything really lost ?

by being the champion of both left and right Elon has accomplished the impossible and is the closest to being a living G_d.

Elon Tweeted this today:

seems based right ? and in fact i have come to same conclusion myself - that the amount of truth in the sea of lies is so vanishingly small that you just have to drain the whole swamp and start from scratch.

the problem is that Elon posting this is just dogwhistling. it makes the cool people think that he is one of us, but he isn’t actually revealing anything to the morons.

the average retard that believes every lie will not be helped by this meme in any way because they are unwilling or unable to engage in “critical thought and analysis” …

while those who are capable of doing it … are doing it already.

so Elon is sending out this dogwhistle that he is based … and then he bans Kanye West who was actually spelling things out at a low level that normal people can understand and benefit from …

Elon is pretending to fight the man while he is himself the man …

well at least he isn’t stupid …

Elon’s " hate tweet impressions are way down " is the same as Trump’s " lowest black unemployment ! "

Elon and Donald - Chief Executive Dogwhistler and Dogwhistler In Chief.